The Triangle

Syfy (Mini-Series 2005)


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  • There are a whole lot of shows on TV worse than Triangle. Ivan Sergei, DB Woodside and Elize Du Toit star in this Paramount/UPN/Shore View Entertainment effort.

    Triangle begins with Jack (Sergei) and his wife Jensen on their honeymoon in the Bermuda Triangle. Jack wakes one morning to find Jensen gone from their boat, without a trace. Local police Captain Bastille (Woodside) looks into the disappearance. Six months later, Jack is still in the islands, refusing to believe his wife fell overboard and drowned. When a shark is caught and his wife’s camera is found in its belly, Jack’s conviction that something happened to Jensen and that she didn’t just drown is cemented. While searching another island for a clue, Jack saves the life of an islander and when Bailey (Du Toit) gently points out to him that maybe he’s here at the right time to help the islanders, he decides to stay.

    If this show isn’t careful it could become a typical cliché and fast. I found the pilot to be intriguing. Ivan Sergei as Jack Cavanaugh completely pulled me into his anguish at losing his wife on their honeymoon. And let’s be honest, Sergei is pretty easy on the eyes. I wasn’t quite sure what side Morgan Bastille was on, as he did a few things that could be taken a variety of ways, but I want to know more. The island setting was beautiful and the undercurrents of ‘something rotten in paradise’ piques my curiosity. Hopefully, the studio will continue with this series. I would definitely tune in to see if the show could be fresh and fun. And let’s face it, we could use some fun and sun after the shadows of all the police procedurals out there.