The Tribe

Season 1 Episode 1

Episode 1

Aired Unknown Apr 24, 1999 on Channel Five
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The town is reeling from the virus that killed all adults. Trudy awakes from a nightmare and is comforted by Bray. They both embark on a trip into the city. Amber and Dal help out Cloe, a young lost girl, to seek shelter from the Locos, a domineering tribe. Cloe leads them to her friends Salene, Patsy and Paul. Lex attempts to make a deal with the leader of Locos, Zoot, but his negotiations go south and his friends and him are forced to ran away. He gets rid of Glen, who has been annoying him during the negotiations. He then tries to steal food from Amber and her friends, but they escape when the Locos find them. Amber and the rest of the tribe seek shelter in a seemly-abandoned place, where Lex finds them, but is trapped by Jack, a young boy that was living in the place.moreless

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  • A great introduction.

    I was surprised when I wanted the very first episode of this show. It was after I had already seen some episodes from the future, and I regretted no watching it from the beginning seeing as how there were many things that surprised me along the way.

    The introduction of all characters was very good. It was obvious to me that the writers really knew what they were doing when they created the show. Each character had something about them that made them special, and which would have great meaning for the future of the series.

    I loved the cliffhanger at the end with Jack trapping the others, which have just begun to get to know each other, and I loved seeing in what kind of a bad state the city was. It's just the beginning of a wonderful journey...moreless
  • A truly magnifisant show starting up.

    With the beginning of a new era of Teenage entertainment, The Tribe kicked off with a confusing but entertaining pilot, introducing the main origional characters to the show. Trudy was the first ever character to appear in The Tribe followed by Bray. At the start we find out that something has happened to the adults, and then we get thrown into these two kids wearing tribal markings, outrunning a group of crazed kids. This is a good way to start of this show, as it enphasises the chaos and distruction the death of the adults has brought to the world.moreless
  • AMBER tries to get SALENE and the kids to a safe place and find the mall. Lex and company threaten them to give them their food after being rejected by the LOCO\'S. LEX gets rid of his friend, GLEN. Then they follow to the mall, where JACK traps LEX.moreless

    This is the first episode of the series The Tribe. It does good as a first of the series, Zoot\'s appearance in this episode gives you a clear taste of the guy who everyone is frightened of. And everyone running away for gives you a good taste of the fear that is present in the beginning of the show. In this first episode they are confronting the danger closer, but that gives you a chance to get to know the danger. The other seasons might be less about this fear for the tribes outside the mall, the first season is about it a lot, and this first episode shows that off well.moreless

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