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  • The Tribe is immortal

    The Tribe is immortal.

    Acting performances are not perfect but it has unique storyline and roles .

    KTDA !
  • Fun show

    Fun show to watch. The storyline is good and interests me a lot!
  • A fun reminder of how good television was when I was a child!

    I have a feeling that this is a show you won't appreciate as an adult unless you watched it as a child! I recently bought all 5 seasons of The Tribe on DVD and I still love them, but then again I faithfully watched each episode on a Saturday morning when I was little. I always loved Amber, whom we see in the first episode having to take on the responsibility of guiding a group of misfits in a world with no adults, whilst still coming to terms with her own losses. Throughout the seasons the cast changes (losing some of my favorites among the way) but this helps to create suspense in the show - your favorite character really isn't safe! I understand that this show about children alone in a scary world couldn't continue for much longer - the children were not really children any more - but I think it's a shame they didn't have one more season to wrap up all the story lines that were left hanging after season 5. To anyone considering watching The Tribe for the first time I definitely recommend it, but keep in mind that the acting is not always amazing, and the themes can be juvenile - just appreciate it for what it is!
  • Fun show..

    Fun show to watch. The storyline is good and interests me a lot!

    Although the acting is not as good as I hoped for, the show keeps pulling me back. I am currently at season 2 and LOVE it.

    I will definitely watch the entire show.
  • terrible show very unrealistic

    Little Rascals meet the apocalypse. Rascals are the 1930 kids show. Here's what I see. The pilot opens With a cat in the street That a young girl rescues or uses for teriyaki later on. Her friends pull over to hide From the bad kids coming down the street , bed kids firing weapons in the air with machetes riding military vehicles? No they head honcho of Mad Max wannabes looks closer to artistic riding in an ambulance growling waving hands in the air escorted by kids on skateboards . The show is terrible totally unreal . the post apocalypse World kids between 5 and 14 will want weapons in cool cars . the fact use a city looks so nice if you notice there's not 1 burnouted building no fires that starts . The kids act like they're from special ed . Not one episode of them looking for anybody that could help them. This show makes Gilligan's Island look like a masterpiece.
  • I LOVE this show


    I LOVE this show does any one know where i can watch full episods of it i have been trying to find them ever where but i never seem to have any luck and i really wanna watch them all but i just keepo reaching dead ends any help would be awesome

  • Weird Sci-fi teen drama that focuses on relationships and politics - perfect!

    I watched the show fervently around the age of 12/13. As a young girl, I was fascinated with the concept of a world completely without parents. The romantic relationships were one of the main focuses throughout the series (Who is he with now? She left him? He's cheating on her?!) and it's all very adolescent. But sometimes that can be fun, right? Being from the U.S., another aspect of the show I loved was the cinematography - I think it was filmed in New Zealand. Where I'm from there are lots of cars and commercialism, so seeing rolling green hills was mesmerizing! And I had a big ol' crush on Jay. I even had a shirt with Jay on it, lame. Haha, anyways it's a fun show for young teens. Sometimes the dating got a little too risque with light references to sex. I mean, Jay's younger brother got his girlfriend pregnant. And they looked no younger than 14...kind of creeped me out. I guess what I'm saying is, it's only watchable if you're at the age where you are starting to wonder about the opposite sex. I can understand if big fans of the show watch it as adults, but it'd be more of a nostalgic viewing.
  • If u dont like it suck it up this is an awsome show :)

    Okaaay this is just a little saying to djneural and sponge_bob14 look around ya losers everybosy alses socre is umm.... 9-10 coz this show is the best. Seing it has been runing for over 10 years dosnt that tell u somet just coz u dont like it stop wreking it 4 everybosy alse btw the tribe is an awsome show it is based on all the adults in the world dying leaving kids to fend for themselves it covers many elemants of things that teenagers battle (belliumer, Teen pregnancy) they live in a mall for shelter and as the seasons go on more problems happen like loss of friends. it is really based for teenagers i know it helped me through tough times as a kid. So if u dont like it change the channel coz i lov it and so do most of the world :) xox Tribeobsessed
  • There\'s only one other person I know who watches this and I don\'t know why cause it\'s a great show.

    This show has been with me since it first started and it is so underrated like many great shows. In the beginning the actors were not very good but they have improved a lot over the five series so far. The thing I love most about it is thge way it deals with teenage issues and how they overcome them. Pregnancy, Bulimia and bullying issues. It is a post-apocalyptic drama and gives you a good impression of wht the world would be like without adults. It is also a great show for the adults to watch as it shows them some of the things people have to go through when they are teenagers. My favourite series is series three as they are maturing into adults and there are plenty of shocks and surprises. A great show that is seriously underrated but well done to the actors, directors and producers of the show-you\'ve done a fantastic job.
  • this show is sooooooo stupid

    this show is soooo stupid my sister watches this and loves it. the only reason i watch it is because their in new zealand and thats a very stupid reason. the parents die because of-of i don\'t know i think cause they were sick! any way so that give those kids the right to kill and have sex and have kids!!!!! i think ive just found a show thats dumber than instant star!! and just one more thing just because they adults are not their they write all over there face don\'t they still have a brain to know not to do it common sense ppl!!! and i was being nice wit the score
  • stumbled across this show - thought it must be a bad comedy sketch -alas I was wrong

    Was channel surfing when I found the mostrosity called \\\"The Tribe\\\", I was totally shocked. This show is so incredibly bad and utterly ridiculous , it was lierrally painful. Where do you begin?, totally bad actors,(the all literally sound like their reading cards) all wearing stupid facepaint (there was actually some guys with \\\"8 balls\\\" painted on their faces) And all the stupid coustumes and haircuts.
    Are you kidding?

    Is this supoposed to be cool? Or Hip?
    I just dont get it.

    \\\"The Tribe\\\" is simply bad.
    But not \\\"bad\\\" in a good way, but like horrible,
    like \\\"legendary garbage\\\" Pretty much any adjective that means \\\"not good at all\\\" should be applied to this show.

    For several minutes, I watched one painful scene to the next.
    I stared with jaw dropped, mesmerized like a cat in the headlights. I simply could not belive that this was not a joke. The concept that a single dollar was spent in putting this on even cable TV, is simply mind boggling that the writers and producers could be so completely out of touch and off base.

    I will make it a point to avoid the tribe in the future.
  • The Tribe

    A Virus wipes out all the adults in the world leaving all the children to fend for them selves. They break off into separate tribes. The show focuses on the tribe called the Mall Rats.

    Some members of the Mall Rats include:
    - Amber
    - Lex
    - Bray
    - Ty-san
    - Zandra
    - Patsy
    - Cloe
    - Ryan
    - Selene
    - Trudy
    - Dal
    - Jack
    - KC
    - Ebony (after fall of the Loco's)
    - Alice
    - Ellie

    It is an exciting show that follows the re-building of the Earth.

    Some of the tribes are the Mall Rats, Demon Dogs, Locos, and more

    You should watch it. You can catch it on ABC 3, on at least twice a day.
  • Great programme for all ages and people. Starts off a little slow but once your up to about episode 16 you just can't get enough of the show. Watch Full Episodes of The Tribe:

    I realy love this show. I been watching The Tribe since season 1. My favourite character is Ebony(Meryl Cassie). Im African-American and already were braids but ever since I started watching this show I would style my hair the way she does. My sis thinks its a crazy show but I like so.....Keep the dream alive!!

    I've basically been growing up with this show and, after four years, still absolutely love it. The topics dealt with are not downright sci-fi, but the entire situation in which the teenagers are in is intriguing. Along with the usual teen angst, a lot of interesting issues get covered, from how to build a new society to everyday manipulation or how a new cult can be formed.

    The Tribe undoubtedly has more heart than budget -but if you can see beyond the occasional goofs and inconsistencies, you might find one of the best kids shows ever made.
  • You'll either love or hate it.

    A brilliant TV series, one that you'll always remember and miss. Funny lines, wacky characters and outrageous colorful as it can be, not to mention the brilliant face paintings and hair due "just been hacked by a combine harvester".
    Zulu knots, braids....and feathers.

    So, there was that virus, and it killed all the adults - and kids are trying to survive - the basics of season one. Fighting, jealousy, friendship and the eternal question how to get pure drinking water and food.

    Season two is more settled at the beginning, but there's enough drama -death of two tribe membbers, two more get kidnapped, and a weird cult emerges.

    Season three is about freedom, finding old friends and trying to get justice. My presonal favourite...after that, the show went downhill quite a bit.

    Season four - bring on technology, cyber space and virtual reality - it got way too technological and unrealistic for me.

    Season five - still the technology, but this season was more human, and the last ten episodes were good again.
  • I first started watching The Tribe at the very start when it appeared on Channel 5. I would advise people of any age to watch this program as it's absolutely brilliant.

    The Tribe is a totally unique program consisting of 5 seasons (and I really hope another sometime soon). It's basically about children and teenagers trying to survive and make the world a better and safer place to live in after the adult race is wiped out by a virus. Thats just the basics though. There is a lot more to it than that.

    The Tribe was mainly aimed at an audience of old children and teenagers and covers many of the situations that they might experience in their lives such as drugs and alcohol, teenage pregnancy, and the basic means of growing up and being an individual as well as much more.

    That may have made it sound very boring and off-putting but believe me, its not. That is all disguised behind a brilliant story-line and many great actors and actresses carrying out the genius plots.
  • I remember finding this on 5 one Saturday morning and becoming hooked. It was amazing.

    I must admit that I still miss The Tribe, it was such a wonderful idea, so very original, it did get silly after a few series but I still loved it. With the drama and the relationships that changed from episode to episode. It was marvellous I would say that when it first aired in April of 1999 I was only 8 at the time, but that show has stayed with me and is probably still one of my favourites. It was addictive and strange and I really wanted to be a Mall Rat (the main tribe). I mean what would happen if all the adults were suddenly killed by a deadly virus? This show was so very imaginative. Granted now I'm not sure if I'd survive being 18 myself and that was the cut off age. The tribe was a journey that sadly was never finished, there was so much that I hoped for with series 6. But as an avid fan I must say that the years that it took us through, the trials and tribulations of each of the characters will stay with me for a long time. The number of people who were killed off is staggering considering this is a kid's show. My favourite characters were Amber and Bray, and of course I especially liked them together, and with the prospect of him being alive in series 6 I was more than excited. The characters were not one dimensional as you may find on some children's TV programmes, they all had something you could relate to, which made the horrible things that each of them went through all the more hard hitting. Almost all- if not all of the characters had a back story that was filled with turmoil. When we get to the final episode I think only 5 of the original characters (from the first episode) are still alive or with them at least; Amber, Lex, Trudy, Salene and Jack. This show was and still is amazing. I would love for someone to carry it on, -sigh- I really really miss it. Honestly it was brilliant, anyway, I loved almost all of the characters, it was stunning. There are no words to describe how wonderful it was...if you hadn't guessed already I loved this show almost too much for words.
  • i love the tribe it is the best show ever one day i was flipping through the channels and it was the tribe i watched it and now im stuck on it every time its the tribe i have to watch it

    i love the tribe it is the best show ever one day i was flipping through the channels and it was the tribe i watched it and now im stuck on it every time its the tribe i have to watch it and if anyone gets in my way i turn into a monster i love it because its so interesting and dramatic every time one of the good guys die i cry my eyes out you defenitley have to watch it cause to me its the number one show in the world you won't now what u r missing until u watch it
  • This was the best show ever! nuff said. the spin-off was crap though- "the new tomorrow"

    This was the best show ever! must admit i did judge it at first, but i was so glad my cousin's got me into it. i started loving it more than them. It was completly BRILLIANT. sorta wished i was part of the tribe! i loved everybody in the show. even the baddies were ace, and it still had a comic twist about it. And i just absolutely loved when the goodies and the baddies fell in love with each other. i wished they would bring it back on tv. Because i still haven't seen it from the first season. please bring it back! signed desperatly in love with this show.
  • One of those series I will remember even after years...

    Looking back into my childhood, it was really long, long ago when I saw it and in local Tv they didn't even show all the seasons.. but the memory I have about it.. It still is here and I feel that it has affected me - maybe it was the first serie I used to watch regular? Or the story? Anyway, it has something to get kids to watch it.

    I most say that the characters - they were so different, so complicate, not black-and-white... And the way that everyone had someone to sympathize with. I think that is the magic behind it.

    Why now, I think 10 years later, I just remembered it? I was watching Jericho and on one point I felt - hey.. I have almost seen something like that.. It was "The Tribe"...

    So.. if you have little sense of childish still in you, you are not fast to charge and you have time - this is something what is worth to watch...
  • Its a brilliant show completely about kids. The mall rats are great always looking to help people and make a better life for everyone.

    We stumbled onto the show and we got stuck into it straight away, you never know whats going to happen next and it is really wicked. I'd love to be part of the mall rats. Its really sad that all the adults were accidentally killed but its amazing that the kids can take care of themselves. The mall rats accidentally just came together but they are a cool group of people, there are some really good charactors. Don't we all just hate the guardian with a firery passion, also zoot and some of the technos. We all think they should make some more series of The Tribe and all the mall rats found all the missing members.
  • A virus created by the adults to extend their lives has backfired and wiped out the entire adult population,now only the kids are left and they must look after themselves.They form groups called tribes,and are constantly ruled over by ever-changing badies

    This would have to be one of the best shows ever made! This is certainly a must see for all kids and adults of any age, it faces real life issues and issues that may infact actually occur in the future. It makes you appreaciate how lucky we actually are. Although some of the actors are not as talented as the people you on mainstream television, and storylines go a little far occasionaly, you never the less manage to get over these stumbles and learn to really feel for the characters. If you are a fan sci-fi\'s or dramas you will love this show in good time and be yearning for the next episode every night. I also reccomend this (specifically the first season)to parents with kids who are spoilt to the core and still think they\'ve got it tuff.
  • For some reason I can't get enough of this show!

    The tribe, I stumbled upon it one day and thought what the heck is this crap? After watching an episode I still thought it was rather cheezy, but found that I wanted to know what happened next.. So I tuned in the next week, and the week after that, and pretty soon I was hooked. It's an awesome idea. Set in a post-apocalyptic world, a mysterious epidemic wipes out all the adults. Now the children are left to run the world... What kid didn't dream about a world without adults? but we aren't talking about kids who end up playing videogames all day and eat all the free junk food and ice cream. Once you get past the colorful and goofy make up, the themes of this show are a bit more adult. We're talking kids who are starving (post apocalyptic remember), kids murdering kids, kids having sex and getting pregnant, kids forming scary cults, gangs, and tribes... I can't help but love it!
  • the only show that i watched in my troubled youth

    no matter what every saturday/sunday i would sit in my room and religiously watch this show. I loved the make-up the clothing. the acting but was a little wooden but addictive. I'm glad i found it when i did. I'm glad we can now buy them on DVD. It was gritty, colourful and everyone who watched it wondered if that was what it would be like if there were no adults. Probably not but it made great Childrens TV. But it also appealed to the teenage audience
  • The dream is truly alive in this cutting edge, futuristic teen drama.

    Many teenagers across the globe would be able to releate to The Tribe as it deals with everyday issues teenagers go through, but with no adult imput at all. I grew up watching The Tribe and it will always be a part of my childhood. The character are all viewable and interesting in their own way, with the actors only being young, slight embarrasing acting moments were bound to and expected to occour. I consider Trudy to be the most interesting, diverse and bright character in The Tribe, with everything she has been through througout the series of The Tribe.
  • "the tribe" one of the most clever(and addictive) shows on tv.definetly a true cult classic!!!!

    omg,words do not discribe how much i love this show!!!!all five seasons are brilliant!!!!the cast is amazing,the story lines are addictive,and its just one of those shows you can watch and get completly lost in it.its like nothing else on tv,whitch is very dissapointing since it does not get the credit it deserves.its truely a hidden the mist of all the warn-out cliched shows on tv THE TRIBE is truely an original.and what really makes me mad ,is that season five ended so strongly and there is no sign of a season six!!the show has such heart!each character (despite afew annoying ones)3-dementional ,not since buffy has there been a show where each character is so well-rounded and completly likeable.THE TRIBE is my personal fave and truely a hidden gem!!!!!
  • This programme is for people who want to watch something they don't have to think about!

    This programme is a post apopolectic look at life without adults.
    Here the kids have organised themselves into 'tribes', the main characters being of the Mall Rat tribe.
    For some reason all the kids where lots of face paint and war all the time to establish who is in control of the city.
    Basically the show is easy to watch, the storylines are trivial and somewhat easy to predict. However i like this, it gives you half an hour of escapism.
    Characters to look out for are Amber, Jack and Bray.
  • Zoot is scaring everyone and they think that the world is going down hill and they want to find "Paradise."

    This is the best show in the world. But what upsets me is that the status is on hiatus..on break! I can't stand it! I wish he or she would just make more! Come on they can\'t be still on break for like..3 years or 2 years. Well...atleast to me they can't. Its not on long enough!!! Only one episode a day! (here its only one don't know about yours though) its not enough!!! I need more! its just like soda or candy addiction! Can't get enough of it. Its the best show in the world! ^0^
  • Loving The Tribe!!!

    The Tribe is a post apocolyptic drama which deserves to be recognised for its realistic way of dealing with issues we encounter in everyday life. Set in the future, The Tribe shows children struggling to survive in a world with no adults, they have been killed by a mysterious virus. This draws parallels with the ever changing threats of viruses in our own world. The Tribe depicts these children dealing with life as orphans and how the formation of several tribes is a way of the children learning to depend on each other in order to survive in the new world.
  • Tribe is a cutting edge show with somewhat of a truth behind its scrip. The words from the show’s theme song have a lot of meaning. Is virus waiting somewhere in time to kill off the adults? It is something the thing about especially now with the Avian Fl

    Tribe brings the unknown reality of the future into light it the television show. What do we see in the future if the events of the tribe series come true? Just like the show Dark Angel, Tribe, sets itself in an unknown future that seems all too possible. Thoughts and speculations of worldwide terror threats, flues, and viruses are now only nightmarish dreams, but it the events happen people need to look somewhere for hope and even though Tribe is a television show it does set some hopeful light it the worst should happen.
  • This show is about kids, who survived a virus, what killed all of the adult population.

    The Tribe is an amazing show. It talks about teenagers, who have to confront the world of adults, because all the grown-ups have died because of the virus.
    Unfortunately I haven't seen all the seasons, because in Estonia, where I live, they aired only 2 seasons. And some episodes of the third and fourth season I managed to see on one of the finnish channels.
    The Tribe is my favourite show. I really like the idea of kids living all alone in an adult world, having to deal with many problems. Seasons 1 to 3 are the best, bringing in the technology in season 4 wasn't very good idea, in my opinion.

    The season 1 DVD boxset is my best buy ever and soon I will own the second season on DVD :)
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