The Tribe - Season 1

Channel Five (ended 2003)


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  • Episode 52
    Episode 52
    Lex wants to battle the tribe that is refusing to let the Mall Rats pass out of town, but Ebony and Bray arrive just in time to have everyone jump into a van and rush through the city border. Half way through, the van is experiencing engine problems. Bray is confused about Amber's coldness towards him. Dal is worried because the entire tribe is waiting for Tai-San to determine where they should go next. Lex talks about how he beat up Top Hat. Bray asks Ebony to tell Amber that they are not an item, but Amber doesn't buy either of their comments. The tribe finally arrives to a facility that is tracking a satellite, but things take a turn for the worse when nothing seems to work. Lex announces that he and Zandra have decided to leave the Mall. Bray attempts to leave but Amber stops him, and Lex helps out in convincing them that they should be together. Finally, a satellite is tracked and it's in Spanish languague. Suddenly, the Mall Rats hear a pre-recorded message from one of the adults, saying that the humanity now lies in their hands.moreless
  • Episode 51
    Episode 51
    The Mall Rats finally decide to embark on a trip to the Eagle Mountain, even though various individuals try to stay. Ebony is irritated when Spike stupidly buys regular water thinking it's the antidote. Lex learns that Top Hat almost raped Zandra. Jack is worried that they might not find anything on Eagle Mountain. Salene and Ryan spend the night together. Bray wants Ebony to leave the Locos behind and escape with him, but she rejects his offer until she's attacked by Spike. The Mall Rats finally leave the Mall, and Trudy leaves a note for Bray explaining where they went. Several problems announce themselves on the way out of town, especially when another tribe refuses to let the Mall Rats leave the town.moreless
  • Episode 50
    Episode 50
    Amber is having hard time dealing with Bray's absence and by what she had seen on the camera, so she continues whining and yelling at anyone in sight. Jack is nervous about finally finding the antidote, but Dal doesn't share his excitement. Ebony doesn't think that Amber cares much for Bray since she didn't even attempt to rescue him. Ryan apologizes to Salene for ignoring her and spending time with Zandra, but then she starts ignoring him. Jack and Dal realize that the formula they have seen is actually a coordinate for the Eagle mountain. He tries to persuade others to go there, but they have their reservations regarding Jack's hunch. Salene, Ryan and KC work together to bring food back to the Mall. Ebony admits to Bray that she wants revenge on Amber, but her folk aren't ready to go along with her jealousy. Lex finally regains his health. Tai-San reveals to her friends that she had a dream of a mountain and an eagle, which confirms Jack's suspicions.moreless
  • Episode 49
    Episode 49
    Ebony wants a chance with Bray, but he continues refusing to have anything to do with her. Lex is almost caught by a couple of kids attacking anyone that has been rapidly aged. Amber wants to go back to the Loco headquarters and save bray, but Dal and Ryan come up with a plan to use a small helicopter and see what's going there by attaching a camera on it. Salene fears she might have the virus, but Tai-San shrugs it off as stress. Lex returns to the Mall but trips over a wire that sets off the alarm. Zandra refuses to take care of him, but ends up doing so anyway. She reluctantly tells him about her pregnancy. Bray is disappointed in Ebony, who tries to give him a back rub. The entire scene is caught on camera, which immediately upsets Amber and prompts Trudy to confess that Bray and Ebony once dated. Jack finally cracks the code on the computer.moreless
  • Episode 48
    Episode 48
    Amber goes off on KC for causing trouble at the Mall as a way to blow off steam from losing Bray. Jack is keen on finding the code for accessing the facility files. Ebony attempts to seduce Bray, but he has no interest in her. Ryan is surprised when Zandra offers her clothes and other stuff in exchange for getting some food for the entire tribe. Amber leaves to search for Bray and finds the Loco headquarters. Dal cheers up KC. KC accidentally guesses the code for the facility files. Patsy is worried when the chicken doesn't seem to lay eggs, but the situation goes from bad to good. The Mall Rats learn how to build their lives yet again. Salene tells Tai-San that her binging days are over. Lex, who seems to have a few hours before his death, intentionally destroys the antidote. Ebony kicks him out of her place.moreless
  • Episode 47
    Episode 47
    The Mall Rats are terrified as fire surrounds them, and they each realize that death is near. The Loco guards are terrified when they see how rapidly Lex has aged and it gives Lex a chance to escape and confront Ebony, who is also stunned at how Lex looks. They make a deal which ensures the Mall Rats being saved in exchange for the antidote. Lex and the Locos come just in time to save everyone from dying, but it leaves everyone worried at why exactly would Ebony save them. Zandra is worried that her baby could be affected by the virus. Lex is frustrated when Zandra wants a divorce. Ebony wants the antidote and she makes sure that she gets it, even though the Mall Rats refuse to give it away. Cloe and Patsy are worried that the Locos might take away their pets, but they manage to save them. Amber manages to snatch the antidote from Ebony's hands, but not for long when Ebony threatens to harm Bray. Ebony leaves the Mall with the antidote, Lex and Bray, leaving the others worried about their safety and their own survival since now they are back to where they were at the very beginning.moreless
  • Episode 46
    Episode 46
    The Mall Rats prepare as the Tribe Circus invades the Mall. A huge battle erupts with various tribes taking control, while KC hides and Cloe and Patsy attempt to help out the rest of their friends. Ebony is disappointed at how Lex had suddenly changed his personality, unaware of the virus that is slowly taking it's effect. The Mall Rats attempt to trap the other tribe, but find their plans constantly thwarted until they eventually have to surrender. Lex attempts to escape from imprisonment. The Tribe Circus turns the Mall Rats into their slaves. Top Hat, the leader of the tribe, attempts to rape Zandra, but KC comes to her rescue. The Tribe Circus is done with the Mall and leaves the Mall Rats trapped and the Mall under fire.moreless
  • Episode 45
    Episode 45
    Lex decides to find and rescue KC, but runs into various obstacles. Zandra tells Ryan that she might be pregnant. The Mall Rats worry that KC might betray them, as they prepare for the worse. Trudy is taken aback after seeing Bray and Amber in bed together. The happy couple shares the news of their relationship with the rest of the tribe. Bray is extremely concerned to find out that KC is being held by the Tribe Circus. Lex asks Ebony for help in protecting the Mall Rats from the Tribe Circus, but she laughs in his face and has him locked up. KC spills the beans on the location of the Mall.moreless
  • Episode 44
    Episode 44
    KC is on a winning streak, but eventually manages to lose everything, so Cloe saves the day by playing roulette. When the cashier refuses to give the pork back to Cloe, KC starts a riot and helps Cloe escape, but finds himself bound and gagged. Lex refuses to take the antidote and decides to go along with Tai-San's technique of survival. Jack is unable to open the facility files. The Mall Rats are stunned by Tai-San's recovery, while Trudy suspects she could have had flu. Lex begins confessing his sins to most of the tribe, leaving Zandra hurt and refusing to care for him anymore. The Tribe Circus wants to find out which tribe KC belongs to. Lex holds a small trial for himself and decides to leave the Mall, as any other traitor would.moreless
  • Episode 43
    Episode 43
    Lex, Amber, Bray and Dal are stuck inside the lab fighting for a way to get out. KC steals Jack's batteries in order to trade them for a chance to gamble. Tai-San's health is taking a turn for the worse, as others fear she might die just like Glen. Dal downloads the computer files while Bray and Lex work together to somehow exit the lab, and eventually they manage to slip out. After crossing the sea, the four tribe members and their dog watch as the facility explodes. Cloe catches KC taking the pig and decides to go with him since she doesn't trust him. Lex, Amber, Bray and Dal return to the Mall with the antidote, but Tai-San refuses to use it and chooses to use her own medicine instead. Lex begins having the same symptoms. Cloe is scared when she realizes KC is using the pork to gamble. Bray finally admits his feelings for Amber, and they kiss.moreless
  • Episode 42
    Episode 42
    Amber, Bray, Dal, Lex and Bob the dog decide to go to Hope Island hoping to find an antidote for rapid aging, but when they arrive at the gate they're faced with the possibility of stepping on a mine. Tai-San has her reservations regarding the usage of science. Zandra is worried when Tai-San begins sneezing and sees it as a sign of dangerous disease. Ryan catches Salene on another binge, so he shares a secret of his own to make her realize that others have it just as bad as she does. Salene is furious to learn that Zandra ordered Ryan not to say anything about Lex framing Bray. Salene confronts Zandra, who is preoccupied with a single gray hair she found. Lex, Dal, Amber and Bray find their way into the laboratory. Bray almost admits his feelings for Amber. The group is frightened when the lab closes with them inside.moreless
  • Episode 41
    Episode 41
    Amber, Bray, KC, Dal and Lex separate into two groups to find out if there's a way to save Glen's life while fighting to save their own. KC scares the Locos who are fearing that they might get the virus. Zandra agrees to go away with Glen if he gets better, but is distressed when Glen begins to get better and the only reason why she agreed to go away was because she thought he was dying. Trudy is impressed with Ryan's calm effect on Brady. Dal finds out that Lex can't read and Lex immediately threatens to beat up Dal if he tells anyone. Trudy gives Zandra advice on how to handle the promise to Glen, but when Zandra finally gets the courage to tell Glen the bad news, he is already dead. The others return without any good news, but when the subject of a pharmaceutical company comes into play, the Mall Rats realize that the answer may lie on the Hope Island.moreless
  • Episode 40
    Episode 40
    The Mall Rats are faced with their greatest fear when they realize Glen has the virus, and they are forced to isolate him from the rest of the tribe. Lex and Patsy have also come in contact with him, so they end up isolated too, as the others cope with the possibility of virus affecting them. Ryan and Salene bring the pig back to the Mall and decide to keep it as a pet. Amber and Bray seem to be coming closer as they discuss gathering more info on the virus. Dal urges Jack to start thinking rationally. Cloe decides that her friendship with Patsy is more important than the virus and she gladly touches her friend. The others join them and release Lex, leading to another moment of unity in the tribe.moreless
  • Episode 39
    Episode 39
    The adult stranger is surprised at how anxious Patsy is to bring him back to the Mall. Lex continues threatening people in order to oust Bray. Trudy is worried about Salene, who tries to eat out of frustration again, but is stopped by Ryan. Patsy and the stranger witness another adult being attacked by the Locos. At the trial, Amber desperately tries to prove that Bray was framed, but nobody wants to own up. Bray decides to leave the Mall because he refuses to live in a place that's so heavily under Lex's influence, but when he attempts to leave Jack decides to tell the truth, only to be stopped by KC. KC admits that he was the one that framed Bray but protects Lex by saying that he had nothing to do with it. The Mall Rats decide to put KC on trial. Everyone is surprised when Patsy returns to the Mall with the adult, who turns out to be Lex's old pal, Glen.moreless
  • Episode 38
    Episode 38
    Jack wakes up the Mall Rats to inform them of seeing an adult on camera, but only Patsy chooses to believe Jack, while others have their reservations. Amber continues sulking over Sasha's departure. Bray suggests using decorating and cleaning to bring in some fun to the Mall Rats and Lex surprisingly agrees, only to reveal to KC that it's a part of his plan to oust Bray from the tribe. Patsy, keen on proving that the adult is real, goes outside to find him. KC plants water bottles in Bray's room to make it seem like Bray was stealing, and Cloe finds them. The Mall Rats refuse to believe that Bray was stealing. Jack asks Ryan to tell the truth about Lex stealing the bottles. Lex convinces Zandra to play with Ryan's mind in order to keep his mouth shut. Amber finally decides to stop sulking in order to hold a trial for Bray. Patsy finally comes face to face with the mysterious adult.moreless
  • Episode 37
    Episode 37
    It's been two weeks since Amber decided to stay with the Mall Rats, and she's having really tough time letting go of her memories of Sasha. Patsy's surprise party cheers everyone up until Patsy remembers the birthdays she used to have with her family. Neither member of the tribe is willing to go along with Amber's roster, and Lex is irritated by Amber's sulking. Lex wants to take over, and KC stands by his side like a loyal dog. Salene is happy that she finally beat bulimia, but the discussions about the virus leads her back to her habits. Ryan promises to be there for her no matter what. Zandra isn't happy about Ryan and Salene's friendship. Bray stands up to take care of the Mall Rats while Amber is resting, which doesn't go well with Lex, who is keen on getting control. Jack is stunned when the newly installed camera shows an adult on the screen.moreless
  • Episode 36
    Episode 36
    Ryan is having trouble understand why is Salene locked up at the docks. Salene explains that she has bulimia, but Ryan still has trouble understanding. He manages to break the wood wall and both of the escape from their imprisonment and eventually escape from Roanne and Dirk. Bray tells Trudy he might leave soon. Amber insists on going back to the Mall to say goodbye to everyone. She's shocked when she finds the Mall in utter chaos. Zandra cooks Henriette, one of the chickens, without asking anyone for permission. Salene and Ryan also return to the Mall. Salene finally admits she has bulimia and the others promise to help her deal with her problems. Amber says goodbye to the others and leave with Sasha, but on their way out, Amber reconsiders and lets Sasha go alone.moreless
  • Episode 35
    Episode 35
    Amber and Sasha decide to spend another day alone at the beach. Ryan wanders through the streets, still reeling over losing Zandra to Lex. Roanne keeps giving Salene food, which finally prompts Salene to open up to Roanne about her problems. Jack wants Dal and KC to make a vehicle that would help him move through the Mall, but their plans go awry. KC helps Lex prepare a meal for the newlyweds. Trudy is upset because she is the only one taking care of the Mall and she's got a baby to take care of. Bray continues moping, while Tai-San teaches Cloe and Patsy spiritual laws. Sasha asks Amber to leave town with him. Ryan arrives at the docks where he's strangely welcomed by Roanne and Dirk. Salene is ready to return to the Mall, but Roanne won't let her leave. Ryan and Salene are in shock when they find themselves in the same room.moreless
  • Episode 34
    Episode 34
    After the wedding celebration, the Mall Rats find themselves separated in groups. Lex and Zandra celebrate their honeymoon. Salene continues searching for food and throwing it up afterwards. Ryan refuses to be at the Mall due to the fact that Zandra got married, so he spends some time with other kids. Amber and Sasha decide to have a great day outdoors together, and they each learn a little bit more about each other. KC and Jack are still reeling from what happened on Lex's bachelor night. Bray mopes around because Amber isn't there. Lex tries to order Ryan to cook food for him, but Ryan isn't there. Trudy and Brady are disrupted by Lex's yelling. Salene asks Roanne for more food and offers to work for her. Roanne comes up with some sort of a plan that could benefit her the best. Trudy asks Bray for help, but Bray is too out of it to listen to her. Cloe is sad over the current situation at the Mall.moreless
  • Episode 33
    Episode 33
    Bray is jealous after seeing Amber and Sasha kiss. Zandra won't see Lex before the wedding. Dal and Jack work on fixing the fountain before the wedding. Tai-San prays for a good marriage between Zandra and Lex. Lex and the rest of the guys end up drunk while celebrating the wedding, and even Bray manages to put his problems with Lex aside to celebrate. The boys end up in a small accident, and everyone finds themselves in a terrible state the morning after getting drunk. Salene tries to trade the necklace that she stole from Zandra for food, but Roanne refuses to accept the worthless piece of jewelry. Zandra is crushed when she realizes her necklace has been stolen, but Salene sneaks around and puts it in at an easily visible place so they could find it. The Mall Rats happily celebrate the wedding of Zandra and Lex.moreless
  • Episode 32
    Episode 32
    Roanne lets Salene go but warns her to bring something to trade next time she wants food. Salene hides the food in the sewers when Jack and KC arrive. Trudy is still trying to help Salene, who refuses to admit she has a problem. Sasha and Amber become even close, while Bray orders Sasha to leave the Mall after the wedding. Zandra wishes for good food on her wedding, so Sasha presents and idea to go to the farm and trade. The boys leave to the farm, where they negotiate with farm girls. Sasha decides to leave the Mall after all, but Amber comes in time to stop him. They kiss.moreless
  • Episode 31
    Episode 31
    Bray is bitten by a Demon Dog while stealing food from their garden, but manages to escape. Amber is frustrated when someone continues stealing food. Sasha continues entertaining the Mall Rats and impressing Amber. Bray isn't happy with Sasha and Amber growing closer. KC proves to Jack and Dal that he can also contribute to their project. Amber announces to everyone that they have until dusk to confess who is stealing food. Trudy asks Salene to confess, but Salene begs for another chance. Ryan decides to write the vows for Lex. Sasha convinced Amber to officiate at Zandra's wedding. Salene follows Bray on a hunt for food. When she enters the warehouse and finds food, she's caught by Roanne.moreless
  • Episode 30
    Episode 30
    A day after the gathering, the Mall Rats take some time to rest. Sasha surprises everyone with his happy behavior by playing music and bringing good vibrations to the Mall. The Mall Rats vote on letting Sasha stay with them, while Sasha warns them that he might not stay for long because he isn't ready to settle down. Several chocolates go missing from the food cabinet, but Salene refuses to admit it was her. Trudy forgives Salene for what she had done, but this does not change Salene's throwing up habits. Trudy urges Salene to own up to stealing food. Ryan feels down when he learns Lex knew all along that the money isn't worth anything and he let him believe it was. Zandra and Lex set a date for their wedding. Lex begs Ryan to write his wedding vows. Dal and Jack decide to work on rebuilding the turbine.moreless
  • Episode 29
    Episode 29
    Jack is frustrated because he can't find copper wire to make the wind turbine work. Amber makes a deal with Ebony to ensure Dal's return if Tai-San wins the dance competition, and if she doesn't Ebony gets both Dal and Amber. Patsy confides in Trudy about seeing Salene sick, and Trudy goes to talk to Salene about it, but Salene denies the whole thing. Jack realizes that the ring Zandra is carrying is actually the missing copper wire, but when they attempt to remove it from her finger, it turns out to be stuck. Tai-San shocks everyone by her brilliant dancing skills, but the Locos blackmail the others to make it seem like she had lost. Glen and his bullies destroy Jack's turbine. Bray tries to convince the other tribes to confront the Locos but nobody wants to listen so Lex takes matters in his own hands and a huge riot begins. The Mall Rats use the chance to free Amber, Dal and Sasha and they all safely return to the Mall. Salene finally opens up to Trudy and reveals that she had left her to die on the night Trudy swallowed the sleeping pills.moreless
  • Episode 28
    Episode 28
    Lex attempts to convince anyone that the gathering is a trap, but the others won't believe him. Salene, Trudy, Patsy and Brady stay behind while the others leave for the gathering. Jack refuses to acknowledge the fact that his turbine isn't working. Amber and Bray attempt to negotiate with other tribe leaders, but they are all convinced the Mall Rats are only bluffing. Jack is in a bad mood when he realizes he has to demonstrate how the turbine works. Tai-San manages to get into the dance competition finals. Lex is attacked by Glen, whom Lex had previously thrown to the Locos. KC recognizes Dal as one of the slaves and brings it to Amber's attention. Amber tries to get Ebony to release Dal, but Ebony won't budge. Ryan thinks money might help, but the other tribes laugh in his face. Zandra finds Lex beaten up. Lex warns everyone that they won't make it out of the gathering alive.moreless
  • Episode 27
    Episode 27
    Scared from being traded as slaves, Dal and Sasha attempt to escape from the Nomads. Bray tells Amber that he will go find Ebony to learn more about the gathering. Zandra gives Lex a chance to be with her if he provides an engagement ring. Jack puts a brave face on when Amber asks if his plans are going okay, but he knows things may not be ready in time. Patsy sees Salene stealing food, and later Salene throws up in the sewers after having eaten too much. Lex steals an important part of the alternator to make a ring. Jack and KC are disappointed when the machine turns out to be a bust. Lex is angry at Bray for going behind their back to meet with Ebony. Tai-San decides to apply for the dance competition at the gathering. Zandra is happy when Lex gives her the ring, but tells him there will be no sex before they get married. Ryan is convinced that Lex won't make it so long without having sex. Dal and Sasha try to escape using Sasha's horse, but are captured yet again.moreless
  • Episode 26
    Episode 26
    Dal is horrified when the Nomads refuse to let him leave and he ends up chained up. Sasha attempts to help Dal escape, but also ends up in chains. They are both worried that the Nomads will eat them. Ebony acquires new headquarters for the Locos. Zandra confronts Ryan about keeping Lex's secret. Amber learns that Tai-San and Lex slept together. Ryan stands up for Zandra and asks Lex to explain himself to Zandra. Lex asks Zandra for another chance and then breaks up with Tai-San. Salene continues acting strange. Dal and Sasha learn that the Nomads intend to sell them to another tribe as slaves.moreless
  • Episode 25
    Episode 25
    Lex tries to get Tai-San to teach him about spiritual awakening, but is discouraged when she tells him that the teacher and the pupil can't have sex. A boy named Sasha joins Dal and the Nomads. Trudy returns to the Mall and is questioned by the Mall Rats, but eventually they welcome her back into the tribe. Salene surprised Trudy by giving her Brady back. Amber warns Trudy that she's got only one more shot. Lex lies to Zandra that he was with Tai-San only to seek spiritual awakening. Trudy is surprised by how close Bray and Amber got. Dal confides in Sasha about his feelings for Trudy. Trudy thanks Salene for taking care of Brady, and Salene still feels guilty over what she did, but she won't talk to anyone about it. KC makes more friends within the tribe. Trudy informs the others about the gathering that the Nomads are having, which leaves the Mall Rats curious about what it could bring to them. Zandra is furious when Tai-San reveals that she had sex with Lex twice. Dal attempts to leave the Nomads to go back home, but they stop him and refuse to let him leave.moreless
  • Episode 24
    Episode 24
    Ryan has a weird dream about Zandra. Lex is bothered by Tai-San's attitude the morning after. Trudy and Dal are surprised at how welcoming Troy and Susannah are. With talk of babies, Trudy starts feeling guilty over leaving Brady at the Mall. Zandra starts playing around with Ryan in order to make Lex jealous. Ryan tells Lex that he won't reveal anything about his affair with Tai-San. Jack refuses to work with KC until he tells him a sad story about his past. However, tempers flare when they attempt to continue building Jack's project. Salene refuses to have any contact with Bray. Amber is tired of everyone coming to her with their problems. Dal is worried when Trudy decides to go back to the Mall. Tai-San refuses to have anything to do with Lex anymore. Dal is shocked when the Nomads have a weird reaction to Trudy's departure.moreless
  • Episode 23
    Episode 23
    Lex tells Ryan that he is no longer interested in Zandra. Cloe finds Trudy's note and brings it to the others, who are shocked to learn she has left. They are even more surprised to learn Dal left with her, which drives Amber crazy especially since he didn't leave a note. Ryan warns Lex to change his behavior or he'll have no friends left. Trudy and Dal search through the countryside. Zandra and Ryan bond. Bray confides in Amber that Trudy's departure makes his quite relieved. Lex finds the mysterious boy going through his bags so he brings him to the other Mall Rats. He says his name is KC. They decide to let him join their tribe. Trudy and Dal stumble upon the Nomads who decide to invite them to stay. Tai-San finally decides to sleep with Lex again.moreless
  • Episode 22
    Episode 22
    Trudy confronts Amber for playing God in front of everyone, and Amber strikes back with saying that the Mall Rats could do without having to deal with her problems all the time. Zandra is surprised by Lex's change in behavior, while Lex continues trying to sleep with Tai-San, who enjoys playing games with Lex. Ryan knows why Lex has changed but decides to keep quiet about it. Zandra suspects that Salene left Trudy to die. Bray is discouraged when Trudy refuses to speak to him, and Dal jumps to her defense. Jack grows tired of Dal missing out on their inventions, while Dal is tired with Jack's obsession with technology. Lex brings Tai-San flowers, but Zandra thinks they're for her. Dal and Trudy decide to leave the Mall Rats and Brady behind. Just as they leave, an unknown stranger sees them exiting and enters the sewers.moreless
  • Episode 21
    Episode 21
    Salene goes to Trudy's place to calm down Brady to find Trudy passed out and with sleeping pills on the bed. She takes Brady and leaves without attempting to help her. Bray arrives hours later and desperately tries to awake Trudy. Salene fakes being worried, while the guys manage to bring Trudy back to consciousness. Jack is annoyed when Dal won't work on the battery charger with him. Dal takes over worrying about Trudy, while Amber angrily confronts Bray who then decides to go out. Lex wants to spend another night with Tai-San, but she tells him she doesn't want to and that she'll let him now when she'll want him. Bray returns and tries to go see Trudy but Amber and Dal stop him explaining that he is the last person Trudy needs to see.moreless
  • Episode 20
    Episode 20
    The Mall Rats await for the attack of the Locos, while Bray finally speaks to Ebony about Zoot's death. Ebony decides to go along with Bray's plan to leave the Mall Rats alone in exchange for a talisman that Zoot used to wear. Bray sets off the alarm while returning to the Mall, causing the Mall Rats to go into attack mode. Bray explains that he cut a deal with Ebony and that they are safe for the time being. Zandra refuses to forgive Lex. Bray panics when Salene tells him she loves him. Trudy accuses Salene of stealing Brady, only to learn that Bray is watching over her. Tai-San flirts with Lex and ends up joining him in bed. Trudy realizes she can't go on living anymore and steals some pills from Dal's bag. She returns to her room and takes some.moreless
  • Episode 19
    Episode 19
    Ebony escapes from the Mall before the tribe can imprison her again. Lex is found locked inside the cage, but refuses to explain how Ebony locked him up. Zandra wants to know if Lex slept with Ebony, but Lex denies it. The Mall Rats prepare themselves for a possible attack from the Locos. Patsy is still worried about Paul's disappearance. Trudy confides in Amber about being unable to handle the possibility of Bray falling in love with Salene. Amber takes out her anger on Salene, who is convinced that Trudy is only using her baby to get Bray. As the tribe prepares for the attack, Bray sneaks out and sees Ebony with her gang. Ebony catches up with Bray.moreless
  • Episode 18
    Episode 18
    The Mall Rats make sure that the Locos can't find the Mall, while Ebony hides upstairs, but is soon located by Bob the dog and imprisoned by others. Zandra feels terrible after the wedding in canceled, but Tai-San reassures her that everything will be fine. Ebony makes sure that everyone is intimidated by her, but Lex is the only one who doesn't. Bray refuses to reveal where Zoot is. Trudy apologizes to Bray for being jealous, but is hurt when she witnesses another kiss between him and Salene. Lex prevents Ryan from letting Ebony out when Ebony challenges him, but soon Lex falls to Ebony's charms and they have sex inside the cage. Ebony manages to escape.moreless
  • Episode 17
    Episode 17
    Ebony wants info on Zoot's whereabouts from Bray, but the only thing he says is that he won't be coming back. Lex is convinced that he'll have the ability to dump Zandra whenever he wants, while Zandra happily prepares for the wedding. Trudy continues fighting with almost anyone in sight. When the alarm goes off, Tai-San remains calm while the others rush to see the intruder. Jack fixes the alarm after it turns out to be a glitch in the system. Paul disappears before the ceremony. Zandra seeks advice on sex from Trudy, but it only leads into another brawl between Trudy and Salene. Tai-San ends up giving advice. Ebony lets go of Bray, who doesn't suspect that it was Ebony who cut the rope. He returns to the Mall unaware that Ebony was following him. Everyone catches Bray up on the wedding and just as they are about to proceed, Ebony walks in and Zandra starts yelling in shock. Ebony runs upstairs as others rush to find her.moreless
  • Episode 16
    Episode 16
    Trudy slaps Salene after she sees her kissing Bray. Bray leaves the Mall momentarily to get some peace and quiet. Zandra is finally ready to take the next step with Lex. Amber and Tai-San agree on starting a school for Patsy, Paul and Cloe, but they're all having difficulty with discipline. Jack and Dal find Trudy in a weird mood. Salene goes off on Amber. Lex tries to rape Zandra after she won't sleep with him and Ryan jumps to help Zandra. Zandra later admits it wasn't Lex's fault because she was leading him on. Tai-San suggests that maybe Zandra and Lex should get married and Zandra pitches the idea to Lex. Lex refuses until Ryan reminds him that it won't be a real wedding. Ryan asks Zandra to be his girlfriend but she lets him down easy. Bray wakes up and finds himself being chased by the Locos. They manage to catch him and tie him up. Ebony confronts Bray about Zoot's whereabouts.moreless
  • Episode 15
    Episode 15
    Cloe runs away after seeing two Locos, but one of them notices her and goes after her. A mysterious girl named Tai-San helps Cloe out. Dal is annoyed when Jack continues bragging about how they purified the water, and he reminds Jack that they need to find a way to obtain more water to purify, so Bray and Ryan volunteer to go get some water. Salene insists on going with them even though Amber objects. Trudy is angry when she learns that Salene went along too. Bray is annoyed by both Salene and Trudy for jumping to conclusions. He calms down Trudy. Cloe and Tai-San arrive at the Mall, which everyone being worried about the new girl. Tai-San fits in immediately, with only Lex left worried about her. She suggests naming the tribe, and Lex comes up with Mall Rats. They end up doing a ceremony that brings them together as a tribe. Later, the Mall Rats throw a party for Cloe's return. Jack and Dal work on installing an alarm system that will warns them if anyone arrives in the sewers, and Bob the dog accidentally sets it off. At the party, Bray assures Salene that he doesn't want to be with Trudy. They kiss, and Trudy sees them.moreless
  • Episode 14
    Episode 14
    Patsy and Paul are upset about Cloe's absence, while Cloe wonders the forest alone. Bray agrees to spend the night in Trudy's room but far away from her bed. The following morning, a group organized by Lex goes to find Cloe while Jack and Dal continue working on filtrating the water. Bray suggests going to the woods to search for Cloe, but Lex wants to go in the opposite way, which just happens to be the wrong way. Cloe watches as Ebony and the rest of the Locos try to find Zoot. Salene is upset after learning where Bray spent the night, and Zandra explains that all men are the same. Lex and the others return from the search empty handed and refuse to continue looking. Zandra is furious when she witnesses Lex giving Salene a backrub. Jack and Dal finally manage to purify the water and everyone is happy about it. The following day, Cloe wakes up in the woods and sees two Locos near her.moreless
  • Episode 13
    Episode 13
    Lex is frustrated that Amber is blocking his influence on the tribe, and even more disappointed that the guys seem to be taking her side too. Trudy pretends to be fascinated by her baby so Salene would stay away from her and Bray. Jack and Dal work on getting water but need to acquire a wire, so Ryan decides to take some from the piano by destroying half of it. Lex decides to kill the calf since it isn't providing any milk and they can't afford to feed her, but once he has to kill her he doesn't have the guts to do it, so he sets her free and makes up a story about being attacked by the Locos. Cloe finds the calf and runs away with it. Salene is furious at Ryan for destroying the piano. Lex is intrigued when Amber suggests they should split their duties so Amber would take care of the chores, Bray would provide the food and Lex would be in charge of security. Lex finally puts their differences aside and decides to go along with her plan. A storm breaks out and the tribe is happy that they might get water until they learn that the watertank has mud inside. Cloe loses the calf and finds herself alone in the forest in the middle of the storm.moreless
  • Episode 12
    Episode 12
    Everyone is alarmed by the strange voice coming from the sewers. The guys track the down the voice and find Cloe near her calf, begging them not to kill her. The guys realize that the calf would serve good for everyday milk, so Lex decides to keep her alive. Bray refuses to go along with Lex's orders, which irritates Amber. Lex and the rest of the guys are left without any power when the girls refuse to do their chores until everyone is doing them, without any sexist divisions. The boys discover that the water tank has a leak and they learn that they've lost all the water. Still, Lex won't take any water from the stash he stole. Amber gives Trudy advice on how to get her life on track and keep Salene away from Bray. Ryan provides water for the girls to make a pie and the rest of the tribe joins them in a celebration---Trudy has decided to name the baby Brady. Lex refuses to participate.moreless
  • Episode 11
    Episode 11
    A caged Jack blackmails Lex into fixing the trial or he'll tell everyone about Lex stealing water rations. At the trial, Lex does his best to protect Jack, and in the end Jack manages to be voted innocent. Lex brings in a new duty system which mainly consists of women doing all the work and the men just working on their defense strategies. Amber urges the girls to play along, while Salene is confused as to what to do. Bray refuses to go along with the plan until food comes into question. Trudy continues fighting with everyone in sight. When the boys fall asleep, the girls meet and decide to stop doing any work until further. Just as they happily hold hands in unity, a strange frightening voice comes from the sewers.moreless
  • Episode 10
    Episode 10
    Bray and Lex end up in a huge fight over who posted a nasty sign and it forces the tribe to finally choose a leader. Bray refuses to go up against Lex, so Amber decides to step up. Lex immediately starts his dirty campaign. Patsy and Paul continue losing the food to Ryan in poker. Ryan follows Patsy and Jack and finds the secret storage, then reveals it to Lex, who tries to keep it all for himself. Amber asks Dal to fix the election so Lex would win. At the election, Lex actually does win by a strange number of votes. Ryan reveals that Jack had a secret storage of food, so Lex decides to put him on trial.moreless
  • Episode 9
    Episode 9
    Bray confides in Salene about living with Zoot as his brother. Rats in the Mall cause Amber to present a new system in which each tribe member has to take care of a certain activity, but the tribe members try to find a way to work around their schedule. Trudy is jealous of Salene's infatuation with Bray. Bray is confused when Trudy explains that she always loved him (even when she was with Zoot). Dal and Lex run into Demon Dogs while trying to find food. Ryan plays poker with Patsy and Paul and they lose, so they have to take care of his chores. Jack decides to let Patsy and Paul do his chores if they want some of the food he has secretly stashed. Zandra rejects Lex again. Amber refuses to try to bring harmony inside the tribe because everyone seems to not want to get along. Bray spies on the Locos and returns to the Mall to inform Trudy that Ebony is now the leader of that tribe.moreless
  • Episode 8
    Episode 8
    Bray attempts to have Trudy and Zoot meet without anyone noticing, but Paul wakes up and warns other that there is someone at the Mall. Zoot is stunned upon realizing that Trudy gave birth to their baby. Bray wants Zoot to drop the Locos and try to live a normal life with Trudy and their baby, but Zoot isn't ready to make that sacrifice. The others realize that Zoot is inside and it doesn't take long for Lex to attack him. Zoot escapes, so Lex decides to attack Bray. Zoot rushes to Bray's defense and while in a fight with Lex, he drops to his death. The tribe is shocked to learn that the baby Trudy was carrying was Zoot's. Lex refuses to own up to making a big mistake. Amber, Jack, Dal, Bray and Trudy leave to bury Zoot's body and when they find the graveyard occupied by Demon Dogs, they decide to have a burial at sea. They put Zoot on a boat and set fire to it. Amber is surprised when Bray reveals that Zoot's real name was Martin, and that he was Bray's little brother.moreless
  • Episode 7
    Episode 7
    Salene desperately tries to make others help out in daily chores, but they all prefer to slack off. Zandra and Salene fight over taking care of Trudy's baby. Jack tries to teach Patsy and Paul to watch out how much they eat after he catches them trying to take food again. Ryan thinks someone is stealing money from him and he seeks advice from Jack on how to catch the culprit. Trudy finally awakens and thanks everyone that helped her recover. She is having trouble caring for her baby. Patsy, Cloe and Paul talk about how much they miss their parents. Lex threatens Trudy into leaving the Mall. Bray asks Trudy to meet with an unknown man and she reluctantly agrees. At night, with everyone asleep, Bray brings Zoot into the Mall.moreless
  • Episode 6
    Episode 6
    The tribe is once again irritated by Bray's disappearances. Trudy's condition is getting even worse. Dal manages to get past the Locos and enter the hospital, where he retrieves the medicine. He stops for a few minutes when he sees a picture of his family. Salene is surprised when Lex offers to share his water for the needs of the baby, and even Ryan is surprised by Lex's change of mind, only to learn that Lex plans to steal water from the tank. While walking the calf through town, Cloe witnesses Bray talking to Zoot. Bray finds Cloe and blackmails her into keeping quiet about Zoot if she wants her calf to be safe. Dal returns with the antibiotics and time will tell if Trudy will make it. Amber confronts Bray in front of everyone about his disappearances, but Bray refuses to say what his secret is.moreless
  • Episode 5
    Episode 5
    Trudy's condition after giving birth is getting worse every minute. The tribe worries about Bray, who has still not returned. Amber tries to force Lex to rationally use water and food, but he continues taking bigger rations of food, even going so far as to forcing Jack to give him and Ryan more water. Paul and Patsy raid Jack's food cabinet after he refuses to give them sweets and they end up getting sick. When confronted about it, Patsy lies about getting sweets at some other place. Lex harasses Amber. Dal is forced to travel to the dangerous side of town to acquire antibiotics for Trudy. Bray finds a secret warehouse filled with baby items but ends up getting trapped when Demon Dogs return inside. He escapes once they fall asleep and returns to the Mall, where he explains to Salene why he had to get away.moreless
  • Episode 4
    Episode 4
    Lex attempts to kick Trudy and Bray out, even though Trudy started getting contractions. Trudy's water breaks and the rest of the time makes sure that she is comfortable enough to deliver the baby. Amber, Zandra and Salene help take care of Trudy while Bray delivers the baby, a little girl. Lex continues disrespecting Zandra. Dal goes out to get stuff for the baby and ends up finding a basket. Cloe continues feeding the calf and nearly escapes from the Locos. Patsy and Paul continue blackmailing Jack. Ryan and Lex seem to be hiding something from the rest of the tribe. Everyone is suspicious when Bray goes missing again.moreless
  • Episode 3
    Episode 3
    Bray and Trudy are temporarily taken in at the tribe, but the jury is still out on their staying. Zandra tries to make the mall more comfortable by adding a little style to the place. Cloe wanders out of the Mall and chases a calf through the city, the brings it back to the Mall. Jack is irritated by everyone putting him down. Patsy and Paul find Jack with a secret stash of food and agree to keep quiet if he shares some with them. Lex is convinced Amber likes Bray more than just a friend. The tribe gets together to make a decision regarding Bray's and Trudy's future and they're divided in half until Amber decides to kick them out due to a lack of food. Trudy's labour starts just as she's about to leave with Bray.moreless
  • Episode 2
    Episode 2
    The mysterious man continues watching the group. Dal is keen on leaving town, but changes his mind when Jack reveals how much food he has for everyone. Amber tries to make a deal with Lex to join their tribe in order to survive together, and Lex reluctantly accepts it, then heads out with Ryan to find the intruder. While outside, Lex and Ryan witness the Locos burning books. Meanwhile, Bray, who has been watching the tribe for awhile, introduces himself to everyone and plays around with them. Lex is forced to accept Bray into the group, but is livid when Bray disappears the following day. He tries to become the leader of the group. Bray returns back to a disappointed tribe and brings Trudy back, who is revealed to be pregnant.moreless
  • Episode 1
    Episode 1
    The town is reeling from the virus that killed all adults. Trudy awakes from a nightmare and is comforted by Bray. They both embark on a trip into the city. Amber and Dal help out Cloe, a young lost girl, to seek shelter from the Locos, a domineering tribe. Cloe leads them to her friends Salene, Patsy and Paul. Lex attempts to make a deal with the leader of Locos, Zoot, but his negotiations go south and his friends and him are forced to ran away. He gets rid of Glen, who has been annoying him during the negotiations. He then tries to steal food from Amber and her friends, but they escape when the Locos find them. Amber and the rest of the tribe seek shelter in a seemly-abandoned place, where Lex finds them, but is trapped by Jack, a young boy that was living in the place.moreless
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