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Episode 50

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Amber is having hard time dealing with Bray's absence and by what she had seen on the camera, so she continues whining and yelling at anyone in sight. Jack is nervous about finally finding the antidote, but Dal doesn't share his excitement. Ebony doesn't think that Amber cares much for Bray since she didn't even attempt to rescue him. Ryan apologizes to Salene for ignoring her and spending time with Zandra, but then she starts ignoring him. Jack and Dal realize that the formula they have seen is actually a coordinate for the Eagle mountain. He tries to persuade others to go there, but they have their reservations regarding Jack's hunch. Salene, Ryan and KC work together to bring food back to the Mall. Ebony admits to Bray that she wants revenge on Amber, but her folk aren't ready to go along with her jealousy. Lex finally regains his health. Tai-San reveals to her friends that she had a dream of a mountain and an eagle, which confirms Jack's suspicions.moreless
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