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Season 1 Episode 52

Episode 52

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Lex wants to battle the tribe that is refusing to let the Mall Rats pass out of town, but Ebony and Bray arrive just in time to have everyone jump into a van and rush through the city border. Half way through, the van is experiencing engine problems. Bray is confused about Amber's coldness towards him. Dal is worried because the entire tribe is waiting for Tai-San to determine where they should go next. Lex talks about how he beat up Top Hat. Bray asks Ebony to tell Amber that they are not an item, but Amber doesn't buy either of their comments. The tribe finally arrives to a facility that is tracking a satellite, but things take a turn for the worse when nothing seems to work. Lex announces that he and Zandra have decided to leave the Mall. Bray attempts to leave but Amber stops him, and Lex helps out in convincing them that they should be together. Finally, a satellite is tracked and it's in Spanish languague. Suddenly, the Mall Rats hear a pre-recorded message from one of the adults, saying that the humanity now lies in their hands.moreless
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