The Tribe

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Episode 53

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On Eagle Mountain, the Mall Rats listen as a pre-recorded message explains where the antidote is located. The happiness of the tribe is short-term when the observatory explodes, killing Zandra and Amber in the process. The Mall Rats are forced to deal with the loss of their loved ones, each in their own way. Bray refuses to return to the city and chooses to stay at Amber's grave, but eventually decides to return to the tribe and be the leader. A cult led by a guy named The Guardian decides to go to the city to avenge Zoot's death. The tribe splits into two, one part returning to the Mall and the other searching for the antidote. Jack and Dal find a building burned down by the Demon Dogs, while Bray enters a building that is being watched by Danni, a young Amazon that threatens to shoot Bray. Meanwhile, Lex, Ebony and Tai-San finally locate the antidote.moreless
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