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  • 8/21/10
    Gus and another mental patient invent a device to escape from the mental institution. Monsters are now on the loose everywhere and the troop tries to capture them all Which is really hard to do). But, the Troop is shut down and Jake, Hayley, Felix and Mr. Stokley must go back to their normal lives. But, how can they when monsters are taking over the world.moreless
  • 8/14/10
    An Oculypse escapes and wreaks havoc on the students at school when Mr. Stokley fills in for the principal (who is also being evaluated). The dangerous thing about the Oculypse is in stuns people and then leaves behind a disc that explodes and dissolves anything the acid touches.
  • 8/7/09
    Kelsey Grammer guest stars as a Harvard grad student who is also a monster and has just been recaptured. He is very persuasive and tries to persuade The Troop members to let him go. He also turns Jake and Felix against each other.
  • Double Felix
    Episode 23
    Felix decides to make a robotic version of himself, but things go wrong when it turns out to be evil. Meanwhile, Haley begins to act like a nerd when a monster bites her. Which May ruin her chances to win a speech contest. and to make matters worse the Robot Felix enters the contest as well. Robot Felix also tries to ruin all chances Jake has of getting a girl he likes to date him.moreless
  • 7/24/10
    Venom from a Zylork poisons Hayley and Felix, which makes them think that they want to be eaten by a monster. So, Jake tries to stop them and find a cure before they get themselves in trouble.
  • 7/17/10
    When Jake notices he has grown apart from his old friends he decides to have a camp out with them in an old abandoned (and supposedly haunted) hospital. But the monster is real and out to kill and Felix and Hayley must come to the rescue.
  • Itty Bitty Dragon
    Episode 20
    When Jake and Phoebe's parents are away, Phoebe finds a baby dragon, and The Troop tries to return it before its mother finds out that it is missing. However, if they don't get it back in time the monster from the other realm will come over and it will become the end of the world. Also, Felix doesn't believe the dragon scale he has found brings bad luck and he tries to prove it to Hayley.moreless
  • Snarked Up
    Episode 19
    While Hayley and Felix try to capture a Griffon, Jake is pregnent with a baby snark.
  • Vampsters
    Episode 18
    In order to find the lair of a group of monsters, Jake must go undercover. Meanwhile, Hayley helps Mr. Stockly over come his fears and present the morning announcements.
  • 3/13/10
    Two classmates who witnessed a monster fight threaten to expose the Troop's mission. Meanwhile, Felix must figure out how to restore Stockley's memory.
  • I, Monster
    Episode 16
    It turns out that one of the Troop members is a monster. So, they go into lockdown until they can outsmart the monster and find out which member he is.
  • Speed
    Episode 15
    An Eris Fairy is on the loose and it's up to The Troop to catch it. However, in order to do this Jake and Hayley must pretend to be a couple. Meanwhile, Felix works on a plan to trap the Eris Fairy.
  • After Felix's good friend Gus visits, problems arise between him and the Troop. Meanwhile, Haley tries to be more relaxed.
  • Unpleasantville
    Episode 13
    A strange SWARM monster visits the town and causes its residents to act like perfect angels. However, the Troop will not be able to call on Mr. Stockley's help because he is on a silent retreat.
  • The Substitute
    Episode 12
    The Troop must face off against a substitute teacher when they discover that the teacher is actually a monster. Meanwhile, Mr. Stockley faces off with his own problem as he goes to get his wisdom teeth pulled.
  • 12/12/09
    It's Christmas time and the Lakeview Troop have their hands full. First up, Jake and Hayley must work together to collect the new "Ickie Doll" toys that have infected the town. Meanwhile, Felix prepares for his annual webcast and Mr. Stockley has dating troubles.
  • Lost in Translation
    Episode 10
    The Japanese Troop arrives in Lakewood to view how Jake and the gang capture monsters. Once they're there, the two female J-Troop members develop a crush on Felix. In the end, the two Troops must work together to take down a monster.
  • Tentacle Face
    Episode 9
    Jake comes face-to-face with his monster-hunting hero. Meanwhile, a Kaiju monster's tentacle is stuck to Felix's head.
  • The Great Punkin
    Episode 8
    On Halloween night, captured monsters break free when the security system breaks down. It's up to The Troop to re-capture these escaped fiends. Meanwhile, Stockley is frightened by a ghost story.
  • 10/16/09
    When a mousy classmate suddenly gets status and power all at once, Haley becomes very suspicious. Also, Felix's trust in Jake and Jake's instincts are put to the test.
  • Taming of the Cube
    Episode 6
    While fighting a gelatinous cube monster, Haley and Jake accidently switch bodies.
  • 9/25/09
    Jake and Felix must infiltrate Hayley's cheerleader slumber party in order to find out which girl is hosting a bug alien. Also, Stockey is nervous about attending his Troop class reunion.
  • 9/18/09
    Jake learns the value of teamwork. Meanwhile, Hayley finds out that it's not possible to be liked by everyone.
  • Forest Grump
    Episode 3
    A tree monster takes the form of a student in order to kill the student council. Also, Felix is forced into a situation where he must protect a boy that has wronged him in the past.
  • Do the Worm
    Episode 2
    Felix becomes an unlikely hero when he stops a Mongolian death worm from attacking the senior dance.
  • Pilot
    Episode 1
    The Troop must initiate its newest member, Jake, into its secret organization. Jake?s nasty neighbors get turned to stone by a monster.