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Episode Guide

  • Ice Hassels
    Episode 14

    Ice Hassels is the thirteenth episode in the second season of The Troop from Nickelodeon. Cadence wants to become a member of the Lakewood troop. When members of that troop are attacked by an ice monster, Cadence gets the chance to prove how valuable she would be to the Lakewood troop.

  • 1/1/11

    Road Trip (AKA The Kiss) is the ninth episode in the second season of The Troop from Nickelodeon. Jake and Hayley are in the middle of driver's ed training with Mr. Stockley when they get a distress call from another Troop. Meanwhile, Kirby is competing against Mazie for Green Czar.

  • 8/13/11
    A Flying Swamp Monster that feeds on electrical energy has come to Lakewood and is not only terrorizing the city but is also threatening Prom from happening.
  • Eris Returns
    Episode 11

    Eris Returns is the eighth episode in the second season of Nickelodeon's The Troop. Cecilia, an Eris Fairy, returns and mistakes Etienne for Felix. Soon Cecilia and Etienne become a couple. Cecilia's ex-boyfriend, Tod, is jealous of the couple and vows to win her back. Meanwhile, Jake makes a confession to Hayley.

  • A Sniff Too Far
    Episode 10

    After several attacks on the school from a Flaying Pincer Mole, the Troop is forced to track the monster to its lair. Unfortunately for them, the only way to find where the mole is hiding is to team up with the Sniffer, a particularly difficult monster. Noah Munck guest stars as the Sniffer.

  • Doom Hound
    Episode 9

    In this episode, Etienne has blown up the school science fair. He decides to use this to win Cadence's attention, thinking that she will be impressed with his abilities. He starts to act like a tough guy around her, but it turns out she may be looking for something more authentic.

  • 4/23/11

    The Prisoner of Lakewood is an episode of The Troop that features a monster's view on life as a teenaged girl. When a monster takes Hayley Steele's place, it soon realizes that being a monster might be a bit better than being a teenager, especially one as overachieving as Haley. In the meantime, Kirby undergoes training to become a solid member of The Troop.

  • Start Me Up
    Episode 7

    Kirby enters the science fair and so does his rival from hos old troop who uses a monster for her project which is a robot that attacks the school. Meanwhile, Jake and Hayley battle for concert tickets.

  • 7/30/11
    In the previous episode Jake broke open the portal to bring Candace to the Monster World. But, this releases Monsters into the real world. Now, Jake must go into the real world to retrieve the troop grid.
  • Oh Brother
    Episode 5
    Kirby's replacement is not what the Troop had in mind. Meanwhile, Candace and Hayley have a fight over telling Candace her secret and Candace's brother comes to visit.
  • Mirrors
    Episode 4
    Candace is attacked by a monster that sucks people into mirrors. So Hayley and Kirby must stop it before it attacks anyone else. Meanwhile, Jake tries to get his comic approved by Stanley Lee
  • 4/28/03
    Felix has been promoted to International HQ and Kirby Bancroft-Cadworth III (Matt Shively) has replaced him. Now the new Troop must figure out how monsters are using a popular video game to eat people.
  • The Monster Within
    Episode 2
    Everyone thinks Felix is a crime stopper. Meanwhile, Candace and Hayley start to become friends.
  • The Triangle
    Episode 1
    The troop has its long awaited return and it is full of surprises!!! Jake decides to ask out Hayley but has a tough time especially since she is dealing with the new girl, who is a bad chick. Meanwhile, Felix tours a special school.