The Truth Behind the Sitcom Scandals

Tuesday 10:00 PM on The Biography Channel Premiered Mar 18, 2008 Between Seasons




Episode Guide


  • Season 1
    • Welcome Back Kotter, The Facts of Life & Roseanne
      Cast members recall their time on Welcome Back Kotter.
      Then, the cast from The Facts of Life reveal behind the scenes secrets.
      Later, various crew and cast members from the hit sitcom Roseanne are interviewed, revealing truths about Roseanne and Tom Arnold's marriage.
    • Gilligan's Island & Diff'rent Strokes
      We get to take a behind the scenes tour of Diff'rent Strokes, and learn of the troubles the show's three young stars experienced in their real lives. Later, cast members from Gilligan's Island speak about their time on the show.
    • Laverne & Shirley and Cheers
      Recalling of the 1970s sitcom Laverne & Shirley, that focuses on rumors of the supposed tension between costars Penny Marshall and Cindy Williams. Later, various cast members look back at the 1980s hit sitcom Cheers.
    • Lost in Space Forever
      Cast members take a look back and reveal secrets behind the scenes and review the success of Lost in Space. Later, Jonathan Harris and Bill Mumy, along with Robot, get back into their original characters and board the Jupiter 2 for a special Lost in Space segment.
    • The Jeffersons & One Day at a Time
      First, cast members from One Day at a Time look back at their times on the show and reveal secrets and drug addictions. Then, we get a look at what lead to the success of the Emmy-Award winning series, The Jeffersons. Later, various cast members from Happy Days reveal the truths behind popular rumors.moreless
    • The Love Boat & MASH
      Cast members from The Love Boat reveal secrets about the series that was thought to sink, but ended up sailing on for ten seasons. Later, Loretta Swit recalls what it was like being the only woman on the all male set of M*A*S*H.