The Truth with Jeff Johnson

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Episode Guide

  • 2009
    • Blood on our Streets - Episode 14
      What can our new President do to make a difference in America's violent cities? Also, the growing violence and blood on our streets.
    • The Black House - Episode 13
      The Truth digs deep into life inside the Black House. A destiny fulfilled and the review of a historical election. Put up or shut up.
    • Protecting Your Vote - Episode 12
      The Truth digs deep into the countdown of election '08, the long lines leaving us with election day blues and protecting your vote.
    • Trusting the Count - Episode 11
      The Truth digs deep into dirty politics, trusting the count and what else matters? Also, an exclusive with Newark's Mayor Corey Booker.
    • Coloring the Battleground - Episode 10
      The Truth digs deep into the 3rd and final presidential debate. We'll take a look at coloring the battleground and the unruly audience.
    • Mississippi Showdown - Episode 7
      The Truth digs deep to find out the real deal into this week's Presidential debate, foreign country grammar and who's on bended knee?
    • The Great Recession - Episode 6
      The Truth digs deep into this week's major financial meltdown, the economic crisis and what should be done in Haiti?
    • The Visible Minority - Episode 4
      Gov. Sarah Palin comes out swinging. Who is the visible minority in the race? The Truth digs deep behind the headlines to the real deal.
    • Trouble the Water - Episode 3
      Is it a time for change? Jeff takes a look at "a New" New Orleans. Also, featuring tonight Trouble the Water. The Truth with Jeff Johnson.
  • Season 1