The Tudors

Season 2 Episode 10

Destiny and Fortune

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jun 01, 2008 on Showtime

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  • Live and Die with Honor

    Anne's execution was unexpected and heart rendering.
  • Destiny and Fortune

    Destiny and Fortune was a perfect and awesome episode and season two finale of The Tudors. I enjoyed watching this episode because most of the story lines of the last two seasons have been wrapped up and the story is on to new beginings. Queen Anne had a lot of dignity in this episode and went to her fate honorably. I found the executioner a great character and interesting in his own ways. Suffolk's son see's his first execution. Every thing is changing and the Seymours are on the rise. I look forward to watching the next season of The Tudors!!!!!!!
  • "Tell me, Boleyn. Was it all worth it?"

    As always, spectacular acting all around. Anne's execution didn't "move" me as much as Thomas More's, but I'm partial to Jeremy Northam, and probably the reasons for which More was even more unjustly executed. That's not to say Natalie Dormer's performance was anything less than moving and sympathetic. I was always back and forth with Anne. I favored her over Katherine for about the first half of season 1. When Anne turned for the worst and sought to destroy the Queen, I no longer sympathized with Boleyn. But these last few episodes, taking into consideration Anne's apparent innocence on all charges (if I understood them correctly), I once again felt for her. I think the scene in which Thomas Boleyn is leaving the castle/tower and looks back and up at his imprisoned daughter almost apathetically completely humanized Anne for me. It brought me back to the realization that she was not the cancer in the King's court, it was her father. Anne was merely the tumor Thomas and George Boleyn had planted there to manipulate howsoever they pleased. It made me sad for her that Henry VIII & Co. either didn't realize it or refused to accept it in the end. Charles (Henry Cavill) had the best line in the episode that summed up practically the whole season, to Thomas Boleyn, "Was it all worth it?" That was exactly the question on my mind when the inquisition started a few episodes back. The elder Boleyn has been my least favorite character since day one. I was sad to know he lived, but relieved to know he was reduced to nearly a lowly peasant.
  • Anne is murdered.

    Absolutely incredible. How many shows do you know that could give you a classic 50 minutes based on a beheading?

    The Tudors is a program that could keep even the least interested kid in history class awake. It really is that good. From the music, to the wardrobe, to the acting, to the writing, just about everything on the show is incredible.

    2009 seems like so long as The Tudors is yet another one of the many programs I look forward to come Spring of that year. But as far as finales go this was an excellent conclusion to a fantastic series.
  • Despite it's historical inaccuracies, it went off quite well.

    In the final episode of this season we see a number of things. We see Natalie Dormer come into her own as an actress, as she flies from one end of the spectrum to the other with ease and poise. The scene where the Princess Elizabeth is called a bastard by the same governess who had loved and cared for her since birth, and who is advised to grow, get a husband, and die of childbirth, and forget who she ever was before. That right there saved this episode from Jonathan Rhys Meyers.

    It's like watching Leonardo DiCaprio in The Man in the Iron Mask, a pitiful, dramatic ponce. Superficial as that role was, we see Jonathan Rhys Meyers act the same role he played in Velvet Goldmine. Thing is the two roles are similar, only King Henry's cocaine was food, and I've heard that they do not plan to have Rhys Meyers gain any weight in order to portray the biggest glutton to sit on that crown. That I see is a silly, soap opera mistake. He'll look as young as the next four wives, yet part of the horror of what followed Anne's execution was the fact that Henry was grossly obese, impotent, yet still so en fuego with ego that he thought it fitting to run after 15 year olds with the same perversity that he did as a younger man.

    Truth ends with this season finale, and I fear the following seasons of the Tudors will fail if changes aren't made. It's simply silly to consider that Jonathan Rhys Meyers cannot alter himself, even a little bit as the advances in make up could do the rest for him, in order to perfectly capture his character. I read an article saying that the producers didn't wish to "ruin Rhys Meyers" with demands that he gain weight for the role. What about what Rene Zellweger going from an 8 to a 14 for Bridget Jones, then dieting into a 6 for Chicago, then back to a 14 for The Edge of Reason? What about Benecio Del Toro putting on 60 pounds for Fear and Loathing? All I'm saying is that when quality is sacrificed for pretty facades the project suffers.

    Sorry for the rant, but this is where I'm left at the end of this episode. Watch it if you are a fan, because it's all down hill from here. This is the LAST good episode of The Tudors.
  • Trading up for a newer model.

    I have to admit I didin't initially watch this series (I was a fraid it would be like HBO's "Rome" which I didn't like) but I watched and it grew on me quickly. This season finale while predictable was superb.

    The depiction of the King, as well as Anne Boleyn and her family were on the mark. King Henry probably could have lived with her being a suspected tramp, if she had only provided a boy. That wasn't happening so out with the old and in with the new, Jane Seymour. I love the way they have already shown impending conflict. Jane wants ELizabeth restored to the line of Succession. We'll see how the new season follows the conflicts of one a bit more vituous tan Queen Anne. There should be more intrigue, treachery, affairs, tragedy and beheadings to keep our interest.

    Stay tuned...
  • End of the series...

    This has to be the BEST episode of the entire series, episode one and two. My gosh... had me on my seat for the entire 51 minutes! I guess because I got all emotionally into it. It is worst when you know how it is going to turn out and there is nothing that you can do, or know that the show will do to change the situation. Oooh, I think that I will go watch it again before appears on Showtime. If you are wondering, Showtime on the Demand is one of the best things out there to watch the Tudors.
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