The Tudors

Season 2 Episode 10

Destiny and Fortune

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jun 01, 2008 on Showtime

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  • "Tell me, Boleyn. Was it all worth it?"

    As always, spectacular acting all around. Anne's execution didn't "move" me as much as Thomas More's, but I'm partial to Jeremy Northam, and probably the reasons for which More was even more unjustly executed. That's not to say Natalie Dormer's performance was anything less than moving and sympathetic. I was always back and forth with Anne. I favored her over Katherine for about the first half of season 1. When Anne turned for the worst and sought to destroy the Queen, I no longer sympathized with Boleyn. But these last few episodes, taking into consideration Anne's apparent innocence on all charges (if I understood them correctly), I once again felt for her. I think the scene in which Thomas Boleyn is leaving the castle/tower and looks back and up at his imprisoned daughter almost apathetically completely humanized Anne for me. It brought me back to the realization that she was not the cancer in the King's court, it was her father. Anne was merely the tumor Thomas and George Boleyn had planted there to manipulate howsoever they pleased. It made me sad for her that Henry VIII & Co. either didn't realize it or refused to accept it in the end. Charles (Henry Cavill) had the best line in the episode that summed up practically the whole season, to Thomas Boleyn, "Was it all worth it?" That was exactly the question on my mind when the inquisition started a few episodes back. The elder Boleyn has been my least favorite character since day one. I was sad to know he lived, but relieved to know he was reduced to nearly a lowly peasant.
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