The Tudors

Season 2 Episode 1

Everything Is Beautiful

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 30, 2008 on Showtime

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  • The Tudors returns with a more politically centered episode as Henry tries desperately to secure his marriage to Anne Boleyn.

    One of the most refreshing things about The Tudors as a series is that they don't skip over the political intrigue in favor of the romance and sex. This episode of the show is much more political in theme, focusing on the fact that Henry is now actually more concerned with running his country than with romantic liasions, especially now that Anne is the apple of his eye. But the situation only becomes more dangerous as assassination and accusation run rampant, and the people are becoming more and more disapproving of Anne Boleyn. This episode carries a delicious tension throughout, and promises more suspense and intrigue than we could possibly hope for as the second season of The Tudors continues.