The Tudors

Season 1 Episode 1

In Cold Blood

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 01, 2007 on Showtime



  • Trivia

    • Goof: The French cardinal tells Wolsey that Pope Alexander is about to die. However, Pope Alexander VI (Rodrigo Borgia) died in 1503, six years before Henry VIII became king.

    • Goof: When Henry's ambassador to the Vatican arrives to Urbino, he walks by a door that has an ID reader and a switch by its side. Also, electric powered lights are visible on the ceiling of the corridor.

    • Goof: Both the crown depicted on Whitehall's gates and the one worn by the King have eight leaves and eight pearls, which is not a King's crown but the coronet of an earl, several ranks below.

    • Goof: The footage city view is captioned as supposed to depict Paris, France, but actually the city pictured is Vienna, Austria. The well known Stefansdom can be seen to the left of the image.

    • On April 1, The Tudors gave Showtime its highest-rated premiere night in three years.

    • Some historical notes: The character of Thomas Tallis didn't enter King Henry's court until around 1543. However, the show takes place before he met Anne Boleyn in 1525. Also, Elizabeth Blount gave birth to her son with Henry in 1519.

  • Quotes

    • Queen Katherine: Though I love Your Majesty and I'm loyal to you, in every way, I cannot disguise my distress and unhappiness.
      King Henry: Well, you're going to have to.

    • King Henry: Tell me about King Francis, Sir Thomas.
      Thomas Boleyn: He's 23 years old.
      King Henry: Is he tall?
      Thomas Boleyn: Yes. But ill proportioned.
      King Henry: What about his legs? Are his calves strong like mine?
      Thomas Boleyn: Your Majesty no one has calves like yours.
      King Henry: Is he handsome?
      Thomas Boleyn: Some people might think so. He certainly thinks so himself.
      King Henry: He's vain?!
      Thomas Boleyn: Your Majesty... he's French!

    • Scribe: The letter to King Francis Your Majesty.
      King Henry: My Dearest Royal Cousin. No. Make that My Beloved Cousin. We send you our love. We love you so much it would be impossible to love you better. Make all the necessary arrangements so we may meet face to face. Nothing is now closer or more dear to my heart than this Treaty of Universal Peace. As a token of my good will, my commitment to this treaty and my love for Your Majesty I have decided.... I have decided...
      Scribe: Yes Majesty?
      King Henry: I've decided I will not shave again until we meet. My beard will be a token of Universal Friendship. Of the love between us.

    • Thomas More: As a humanist I have an abhorrence of war. It's an activity fit only for beasts yet practiced by no kind of beasts so constantly as by man.
      King Henry: As a humanist I share your opinion. As a King, I'm forced to disagree.
      Thomas More: Spoken like a lawyer.
      King Henry: You should know, you taught me.
      Thomas More: Not well enough it seems.

    • Charles Brandon: My Lady Buckingham. Would you do me the honour of letting me wear your favours today?

    • Thomas More: Do you really think we should go to war?
      Cardinal Wolsey: I think we should try to do as the King wants us to do.
      Thomas More: What if the King doesn't know what's in his best interests?
      Cardinal Wolsey: Then we should help him decide.

    • Buckingham: Your Majesty is certainly right. You have every reason to prosecute a war. Indeed, I warned you a year ago about French ambitions though it has taken this personal tragedy for your Majesty to accept my word!

    • King Henry: Why is Henry V remembered? Because he endowed Universities? Built Alms houses for the destitute? No. He is remembered because he won the 'Battle of Agincourt'. 3,000 English bowman against 60,000 French. The flower of French chivalry destroyed in 4 hours. That victory made him famous Thomas. It made him immortal!

    • Buckingham: You violated my daughter!
      Charles Brandon: No, no she begged.
      Buckingham: You've taken her honor!
      Charles Brandon: I swear to Your Grace, someone else was there before me!

    • King Henry: You are my wife. You are not my minister, you are not my chancellor, but my wife!

    • King Henry: An important question, whether it is better for a king to be feared or loved.

  • Notes

    • This episode is rated TV-MA for nudity, violence and adult content.

    • This episode was nominated for the 2007 Emmy Award for "Outstanding Art Direction for a Single Camera Series".

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Germany: June 7, 2008 on ProSieben
      Greece: June 18, 2008 on Mega
      Switzerland: December 9, 2009 on SF1
      Spain: July 15, 2010 on TVE-1
      Slovakia: January 7, 2011 on Doma

    • Michael Hirst: The writer and executive producer has also written many other period movies such as The Golden Age, Elizabeth, and Giovane Casanova, II.

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