The Tudors

Season 3 Episode 5

Problems in the Reformation

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 03, 2009 on Showtime

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  • Problems in the Reformation

    Problems in the Reformation was a really great episode of The Tudors because it picks up right after Queen Jane's death as King Henry mourns in seclusion only tended by his Fool. I thought this was an interesting part and they had some great scenes together. The Fool may be wiser than would seem. There was plenty of drama and intrigue as murders took place at Court, Cromwell continues walking on the edge of a sword, and Cardinal Reginald Pole escaped from Sir Francis Bryan. The actors played their parts very well, the stories were interesting, and the last scene was perfect. I look forward to watching the next episode of The Tudors!!!!!!!
  • King Henry VII mourns (for a little while at least).

    I love The Tudors, but lately you get the sense that there is a definitive bias toward the Pope and Christianity with this show. I understand that divorce was frowned upon at the time (there are many who disapprove of it to this day) but back then it was also necessary for the King to have a male heir, and when his wife could not give him one he needed to find one that could. Although, that doesn't quite justify killing them either.

    This was a good episode at times, but the sob scenes with King Henry VIII really bored me. This is an exciting show, and when he finally went back to what we've been accustomed to by ripping off the woman's shirt and having his way with her things certainly picked up.

    If The Tudors can focus on the action and not the emotional struggles of the characters this show can truly be great.