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  • An essentially wonderful show, but sadly, it is quickly darkened by the almost constant sexual aspect.

    I loved this show. I watched nearly episode and became sickened by the constant use of sex in each episode - do they think they couldn't possibly create an episode without having some type of graphic sexual activity? I'm interested in the time period, Henry's life, etc. but I don't even want to see it anymore because of the constant sex! It drives me nuts. I want a show that's interesting but I don't have to cringe each time a scene ends because I fear that the next scene could be very graphic.

    Again, great show, but it has a major problem.
  • Cable series have done it again.

    The Tudors, while not completely historically accurate, manage to make a very dark and tumultuous time in history extremely intriguing and sexy. If only the real players on the world stage had all been that good looking! Jonathan Rhys Meyers is fantastic as King Henry, alternating between tempestuous and insecure. He manages to portray one of the most infamous kings in history with ease and grace. Sam Neill is deliciously heinous as cardinal Wolsey. He makes you hate him too easily. All of those people we were forced to study about in high school history are brought to life by very capable actors. Each episode is full of passion and intrigue. History will never be the same. I highly recommend that you rent this on dvd if you don't have showtime.
  • A story about Henry the 8th! If U liked Rome, U r gonna love this too!

    From the first 2 episodes, I doest liked this series. Meyers has a very irritating face for me... :D
    I wanted to stop with this... but its good. And now I have no problem with Meyers. The series is about King Henry the 8th, from the Tudor dinasty. He is young, but he has an older wife. So he finds love and girls elsewhere.
    Basicly thats the main point.

    The story how he fell in love with Anne Boleyn. How he escapes from his marriage.
    How he strenghten his Empire, and deal with his enemies. So If U liked Rome, and this is almost the same. Sex, pretty girls, good music, and a little history lesson. :)
  • Great costumes and cleverly plotted intrigues but that is not enough.

    I never thought I would get so disappointed of this show. The trailers and all what I had heard promised much more than it was in real. I never managed to watch it to the end - it just had no magic for me.

    I cannot say it was bad show - no. It has fantastic costumes, great intrigues but the dialogs are somehow weak and the character development seems not logical. Also, there seemed to be too much confusion and the storylines were lingering. Maybe because they wanted to fill the all 55 minutes, but somehow it looked, they just have to make it longer, and keep the story amount same. They usually had striking beginnings and good endings but the part at the middle - I could just walk away and come back couple of minutes later and nothing could have happened. There was just nothing to keep my eyes fixed.
  • excellent show, has something for almost any taste.

    Dispite its occassional break from historical facts, The Tudors gives watchers a great glimps of the life at court during the reign of King Henry the 8th. Each role seems to be wonderfully suited to the actors but I will say that J.R.M. stands out as suporb in his role as the young king henry the 8th, and has me comming back for more.

    The show is funny although not slapstick funny, more that the aragonce of the king and the lenghts his subjects must go to keep him happy can at times appear humourous.

    My favorite show of the year and my top 20 ever!
  • This is great entertainment.

    Like HBO's Rome, The Tudors is set back in time and tells the stories of the young King Henry the VIII. JRM is brilliant at potraiting one of Englands most infamous kings ever to set on the throne. I never thought I would like a show that depicts history but this is such a good drama. The acting is top notch, the stories always amaze me, the sets are huge and expensive. The show,like many of Showtimes shows, is underated when it comes to award season but suprisingly it got nominated for four emmys hopefully the second season will be just as successful. The critics love it, it is as of right now the 10th show with the most critical acclaim. This is one of the best shows on television. I can not wait to own the DVD.
  • A look into a world I would love to visit. Well scripted, well acted, well produced, this series whows historical events in a manner that would stimulate any person into wanting more information.

    This show has stirred up my passion for learning. Henry VIII is a young viral king who knows what he wants and takes it. He is vivacious and regal with a keen interest and awareness to keeping the Tudor dynasty alive. His single-mindedness with regards to producing a male heir compete, he then turns to more frivolous pursuits. He is brilliantly acted by Rhys-Myers. The production quality is on scale with a big budget motion picture, with seweping landscapes and castle scenes. The interconnectivity of the royal houses of Europe is explained, and the deviousness of people are everywhere. Katherine is protrayed as the wronged woman who loves her husband throughout, while Anne Boleyn is manupilated by her puppet-master uncle and father. Her brother enjoys his new-found status, while Katherine only wishes for reconsiliation. Now my favorite, Cardinal Woolsey. Sam Neill portrays him with a devilish beauty. He is seen as a person with no morals or ethics who wants only the best for himself. We do see change in him, though. The woman he loves understands him, and wants him for herself, not the glory or power. I thoroughly enjoyed season one and look forward to season two.
  • A crown jewel of a show!

    The first episode got me hooked. And as the season progressed, each episode drew me further into the life and times of Henry VIII. I never knew English history could be so enticing! Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Sam Neill act brilliantly in their portrayals of King Henry and Cardinal Wolsey, respectively. There is never a dull moment in the plot, which alternates between passion and power. I'm not concerned with how historically accurate every detail of the show is, which makes it easier for me to accept Jonathan Rhys Meyers as King Henry. (Seriously, who would rather watch a fat old man play Henry VIII than Rhys Meyers?)

    Next season should be even better than the first as Henry and Anne take their relationship to the next level(how could they not)?
  • kinda cool show

    Tudors executive producer Michael Hirst may be history's greatest plastic surgeon. Between Cate Blanchett in Elizabeth and Jonathan Rhys Meyers in this 10-episode dramatic series, the guy has a knack for turning royals like the fat, bearded Henry VIII into hotties. It's the rest of the makeover that gives him trouble.

    The Tudors spotlights 10 years in the life of young Henry VIII, while he's still saddled with first wife Catherine of Aragon (Maria Doyle Kennedy), chasing second wife Anne Boleyn (Natalie Dormer), and trying not to muck up the foreign policy thing. It's all technically proficient — fine writing, splendid costumes, solid performances (even if Henry initially comes off like Entourage's Vinnie Chase, a pretty little nothing at the center of a far more compelling group). But it also feels so... done. Boring even. While the randy courtiers shtup like crazy, nobody appears to be having any actual fun. That's a shame, because we're stuck with these self-centered swells: Most of the non-nobles are pawns or afterthoughts, which makes for a disappointingly narrow slice of life. But then, the show is The Tudors, not England Sometime Around 1518.

    And yet, there are great moments, like whenever Jeremy Northam's doomed Sir Thomas More is on screen, or when Sam Neill gets his plot on as the corrupt Cardinal Wolsey. As moral opposites, they each beautifully portray complicated, messy human beings — and give The Tudors some of the grit this shiny series desperately needs.
  • Too much imagination and sometimes too much of something else.

    I do enjoy watching this show just for the fun of it. I have always loved seeing this era of time as well as their costumes. I think the show has a wonderful cast of characters in it. The story line is quite amusing because we all know that by no means is this show factual. So when I watch this show I always keep that in mind, that this is not actual history but mostly a very vivid imagination. Then I can enjoy the show more. I was led to believe and had hoped "The Tudors" was going to be based on historical facts but I guess its to late to change the story line midstream. Another part of the show that bothers me is the sexual scenes. I really don't feel these scenes are necessary to make the show a success since they already have juicy enough story lines going on. When I get pass those two things then I can sit back and enjoy the show.
  • Although the history may be off, and everything isn't entirely accurate, the storyline, the look and fun of it all has definitely made up for any shortcomings!

    I admit, I only started watching this because I was an extra. But in the increasingly longer moments when I wasn't peering at the background for familiar faces, I somehow got sucked into the story. And although I know how it's going to end, I'm dying to see what happens in the meantime.

    Having seen it from the other side, and rather doubting the costume and set's ability to hold up on screen, I've been put in my place and rightly impressed. I love the look of the show and the vibrancy on the screen really translates to the viewer. The beautiful settings lend a needed historic feel to let people know that this show is serious, but in an accessible and interesting manner, rather than a drab and dreary drag. The special effects are top quality and the acting (particularly from Maria Doyle-Kennedy and Sam Neill) is utterly believable. Johnathon Rhys Meyers is perfect as the spoilt brat Henry, and the sycophantic squad that surround him spent each episode sucking up in style.

    Too much for a movie, too little for a full blown series, the mini-series genre suits this show just perfectly. Though it may get a tad out of hand at times (mature audience's only, please!) it's a grand old piece of entertaining eye-candy!
  • I don't know if anyone notices, but The Tudors sound engineers to fix the voices of the people in comparison with the much louder effects of the background (shoes hitting the ground overpowering peoples voice).

    I have and amazing surround sound system and everytime I watch this show its a constant battle with the volume.(quiet scene to horses running off) other than the volume and the occasional dragging of the show this series is great. The pilot episode was basically a soft-porn with some people talking every so often. The "sound-effects problem" annoyed me so much in the first episode I discontinued to watch the rest of the episode. I did not watch the other 3 episode until a friend of mine told me to give the show a chance. So I watched the remaing episode on-demand and enjoyed the following episodes. Doesn't have the action Rome has, but is as historically accurate with the major events and customs of the time. I recommend watching this show if your into kings and knights and drama.
  • Great show, fantastic story..

    Being a lover of the Tudor history period, I have high hopes for this show. I have to admit, seeing Meyers as Henry didnt grip me at first, I just couldnt picture him as a young man.. But Meyers has pulled it off brilliantly in my opinion. I've never seen him before The tudors, and I love him. Such a great actor, and I havent seen any flaws in him yet!

    I think the story is going along really well, not all is true to history, but its entertainment, and doesnt have to be entirely true, it just makes good watching, and thats all I can expect and hope for each week, it hasnt let me down!

  • Nice history mini!

    The Tudors is a fantastic show which showcases the life and times of King Henry the VIII. As the opening of the show tells the viewer, "You think you know a story but you only know how it ends. To get to the heart of a story you have to go back to the beginning." I'm sure a lot of people watching the show are watching it for entertainment and not because of its historical accuracy. I personally love Tudor England and know a lot about it. The show takes many liberties, but that's why it's entertainment and not a biographic film on the King. It's fascinating to see what is kept of what many believe to be true and what is changed. Things such as basing Henry's sister Margaret after both his sister Mary and his older sister Margaret is very interesting turn. The first four episodes have been phenomenal works of cinematic art which I hope will continue on for seasons to come.
  • mmm soap opera with henry cavill...the love of my life. who could ask for more? i want to see more of charles brandon...more :)

    henry cavill is bloody gorgeous. jrm works as the king because the king wasn't as much of a player as the beautiful mr brandon...which works okay with me. they need to cut down on the killing and up it on the sex and awesomeness. i love that i keep recognizing authors and poerts like thomas more and thomas wyatt and all the others...its smart, historical and perfect with just enough sexy time to keep you interested
    i dont know what else to write so i guess i will just recommend other movies with henry cavill if you are interested....he does i capture the castle and the count of monte cristo...both very good
  • Classic yet modern, old yet vibrant. King's and swords will keep you wishing they aired the whole story straight.

    Incredible script, scenery and photography make this show a must see. Each detail is taken into great consideration. The manners of the court, the Kings personal ambitions and the passions that moved the European way of life back then. The cast has been selected very wisely giving The Tudors a well played story. Actors such as Jonathan Rhys and Sam Neill give life to what promises to be TV classic. The series of one hour clips are beautifully recorded in Ireland giving it that rocky green valley feel only to be found in Europe. Photography has also been very well crafted giving the perfect image for every scene keeping your eyes candied to your home set.
    Let’s hope that future episodes keep up the mystery and intrigue that episodes one and two have demonstrated!
  • i love this show!!! aww its so awesome!! it keeps you wanting more!! most shows dont! but this one does!!

    i love this show!! it is so good how it just keeps you hanging! on wanting more and more!!! and they are doing a great job showing how he was at a young age!! how he loved and how things was! its alot like rome!! but rome was alot blooder then this!!!! man its sad tho how they killed that one guy! and im hooked cause he is in love with anne! he is cute!!! i mean he is just so good looking they picked the right person to play henry the 8th!!! this guy has him looking like a real man!! i mean its only 3 shows in to the series but its so awesome!!! i love it!!!! ive watched all 3 of them about 20 times now on demend
  • Sex, love, war, and treason...this is history like it has never been seen before!

    "The Tudors" takes a look at the reign of Henry VIII when his marraige to Catherine of Aragon was breaking up and he was falling in love with Anne Boleyn. While not completely historically accurate, the fantastic storytelling more than makes up for its inaccuracies. Not to mention that the show is so well-written it may intrigue nearly its entire audience to do a little research on the period.

    The show constructs such well-defined characters in these historical figures that the story seems to unfold naturally, as if the audience is watching the real people from hundreds of years ago. Although it's not one hundred percent accurate, it is an interesting take on the lives of people we don't often remember as being human.

    It is definately worth watching!
  • Young sexy Henry, a court full of women, a country on the verge of war, and a deceitful Cardinal.

    I love this show! I have always been fascinated by the Tudors and Englands royal. Especially Anne Boleyn and Elizabeth I. This show gives an entirely new take on King Henry IIIV. We see young Henry and all of his conquest as well as the love that brought an empire to its knees with Anne Boleyn and Henry. Court has so many inner workings and hidden romances and deceits. You come to realize no one is truly safe or loyal.

    I've always seen Henry as a monster but now I am beginning to get a new take on him. I see a softer more human side and I think that is important to understanding what really happened.

    The producers of this show do a wonderful job of miixing historical fact with a fascinating story line.
  • I'll keep watching hoping for improvements, first episodes are always a bit sketchy as writers try to convey basics of the series in the pilots.

    I sneak peeked at the first episode and will tune in for future episodes just to see where the series will take Henry. There are far too many people named Thomas which makes things confusing but as it is a show based on real people, not fictional characters, writers have to follow history. Henry is an intriguing person, it is nice to picture him as a young man. The Cardinal is a lowlife, making me once again wonder how such cretins get into positions of authority. I feel sorry for the Queen as women had very little voice in their own destinies.
  • A revealing look at a younger version of Henry VIII than we are used to seeing (at least us Yankees).

    Filmed in Ireland, this series is a beautiful to watch as it is good. Jonathon Rhys Meyers as Henry is a perfect fit. This show isn't only about Henry, but is also about Thomas Moore, Cardinal Woolsy and the women in Henry's life (of which there were many, and when I say many I mean MANY). Not only do you see the life of a King, but you see the forces around him (mostly conspiratorial) which weave a web of deception, lies and power. I am most impressed with the high caliber cast, the cinematography, and just the vastness of the story. If you like period movies, I really think this is exactly the series for you. If though you are easily offended by gratuitous sexual encounters (in the first episode there is a minimum of 3 sexual liasons) this might not be for you.

    I don't know if this is historically accurate, but I have been both entertained and delighted by this series. Showtime has once again impressed me both in scope and story!

    The first 2 episodes are currently available on Showtime On Demand.
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