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  • Always compelling

    While a lot of people will quibble with historical accuracy, most of the broad strokes here, the characters and interactions, and the timeline, are in fact accurate. Sure, the women and probably the men are more beautiful than they would have been then (by today's standards). I'm sure some things were enhanced (fireworks) and others filled in, which is understandable because there are not records that accurately record the minute by minute lives of these characters. Personally I didn't mind looking past that kind of detail.

    What I found was 4 seasons of always-compelling drama. It's heavily weighted toward court intrigue and machinations vs. action. There's only a couple battle scenes in the whole series, if that's your thing. For me the writers did a great job of always having a number of interesting story lines going, and there were very few episodes that lulled and left me disappointed.

    I think season 2 with the Boleyns was the best but I missed Cardinal Wolsey from season 1, he was a great character and none of the chancellors who came after were as interesting. Also the "I'm arresting you for treason" and subsequent executions happened maybe a little to often, but historically, that was actually the case during Henry's reign so it does serve to constantly remind you "don't mess with the though people never learn. The acting can be a bit over the top at times, but again, that may be more accurate than might normally be believed. These were larger than life characters in real life and they are portrayed that way on screen. The "love" scenes can get a bit soft-core porny at times, I don't have a problem with nudity, just seemed a bit gratuitous (probably intentionally).

    Anyway, definitely worth watching the whole series, available on Netflix at this time (2014).
  • A masterpiece of epic, majestic splendor.

    Its interesting how people demand shows or movies based on history to be as accurate as possible. While I do not argue the accuracy of the show/movie in question I argue the accuracy of the history itself. For entertainment purposes being accurate is not always the best course of action, based on pure entertainment alone "The Tudors" is a masterpiece. Starting with season 1 shows Henry as a young handsome King full of life and vigor.(Which according to history Henry was in fact handsome and very athletic). Jonathan Rhys Meyers (the main star here) does a fantastic job as a young Henry VIII who shows himself as a rash humanist but also has a short tempered and vengeful wrath of a King. Sam Neill as Cardinal Wolsey, works well because of the harmless exterior but darker much more dangerous under the surface approach he portrays. Catherine of Aragon is a strong character as well as you can truly feel the abandoned and suffering trials she endures but remains strong to her convictions and loyalty to the King despite his mistreatment of her. The rise of Ann Boleyn and her family and the downfall of Wolsey was a great way to end the season. It stayed that way throughout the rest of the series. Henry despite being a cold brutal monster at times shows flashes of love and compassion to his family and those close to him even as he ages and his leg gets worse. There were moments of true emotion in this series, the sadness felt when Queen Jane Seymour dies, the tragic life of Princess Mary and the hell she was put through, which led to her unfair title as "Bloody" Mary. Henry finally waging a war and winning honor and glory on the field, the sad fate of Sir Thomas Moore and the tug of war between the Pope and Henry as he broke from the church. There are many twists and turns, almost makes you wish you were there to see it actually happen. There may have been too many steamy scenes at times, But the violence was acceptable and not overdone. The sets and costumes were near perfect as was the music. Going back to the history and accuracy, these events happened over 500 years ago and history has never been trustworthy "written by the victors remember that" so who is to say that this is not close to accuracy how will we ever truly know.
  • I found it really hard to come up with a rating number for this show because some of it is excellent and some, quite the opposite.

    Most people know at least something about the Tudor Dynasty. About Henry VIII, his six wives and all the intrigue and upheaval that surrounded them. Henry's politicial alliances and the sheer number of his dalliances with other women are not so well known. Most accounts of Henry seem to focus on Anne Boleyn and Catherine of Aragon; the rest just getting a passing mentions.

    One cannot accuse "The Tudors" of missing out detail, but I don't think that every single one of Henry's sexual conquests needs to be shown on the screen, nor do I think it's necessary to keep going over the same thing in order to get the point across.

    For me, the acting, for the most part, was appalling. It sounded very much like the actors were reading their lines and were more than a little bored in places. I don't blame them because I was too.

    The lead actor did a very credible job, as did 'Catherine of Aragon'. Sam Neill sounded like Mr. Collins from "Pride and Prejudice" and didn't make Woolsey sinister enough, even though Mr. Neill is an excellent actor. The actress who portrayed Anne Boleyn was far too attractive. All contemporary portraits of Anne show that she was a plain looking woman. The show doesn't sufficiently highlight how she managed to manipulate Henry and use his love for her so cunningly either. It hints at it, but doesn't quite get there. The extreme power of Anne Boleyn should never be underplayed, neither should the fact that Henry was not exactly what you would call a nice man.

    I was ok with the first season, but became very bored after that. I know the story of The Tudors very well and I wish the emphasis had been spread out a little more rather than placing the focus in two or three areas.

    All in all, not bad, but given the budget and the length, it could have been a lot better.
  • A fabulous historical show, there really should be more of the them. Very well written and riveting each week. A strong cast of actors with magnificent sets and outside filming. Quite saucey at times, but they were like that back then!

    A truly great show with great actors playing each part. Johnathon Rhys Meyer is mesmerising as King Henry, well done on fabulous acting, showing Henry could be loving, caring and kind as well as showing a truly terrifying side to his personality also. I really hope that Michael Hirst continues writing more episodes as The Tudors was more than just King Henry VIII. It would be fab if he continued the story on from Henry's death. I could certainly watch this all over again without any series breaks this time round! I thought the last episode was so touching, showing how age was beginning to effect Henry's judgement and we was beginning to reflect more on the decisions he had made during his life - it made me cry anyway!
  • The Tudors

    The Tudors may not have followed history as we know it perfectly, however this series was a perfect reimagining of the story of King Henry the VIII. I really enjoyed watching every episode of each season of this series because the actors were perfect in their roles, the major and minor plot lines all moved forwad at a perfect pace, and thesets and costumes where spectacular. It was really refreashing to see a modern look at life during these times and what young Royalty would have been doing during these times. I really enjoyed the awesome actors who played their characters perfectly. This series is entertaining because it mixes action, drama, intrigue, character and plot development. I wish there was a spinoff series about the events of King Henry the VIII's children's reigns! I will watch this show in my yearly rotation because it is perfect from start to finish!!!!!!!
  • Henry Tudor

    The king of England was never so good. I've been fascinated by the story of Henry VIII for quite a long time so when I heard they were making a tv show about Henry I was thrilled but I knew there was a lot to live up to. There is after all a reason they chose him of all the different European monarchs to make a serious about. They do it well too. The cast the perfect king, I adore the set and costume work, they make good but more importantly interesting casting and story choices. The try and work on different sorts of stories, both focusing on the political aspects of Henry's time on the throne and the personnel aspects and choices of his reign. The show is well worth the watch even if you don't know Henry's story but so the better if you do. Accuracy sometimes takes a hit but it's actually more accurate then you'd think and even when they do deviate it's usually only with liberties like time, ago, and to condense. It's a real addictive show, once you start you won't be able to stop. Death, betrayal, sex, intrigue and it's all based on real events. I'd like to see tv shows that aren't based on real stories try to do better. You can't make some of this stuff up.
  • One word-Amazing!

    Shows i watch are typically not drama, actually other than this show i don't really watch drama TV shows.

    I like action, comedy, and mystery. This show has none of that. Don't get me wrong!! I may sound like i hate the show but it is the exact opposite. I find this show to be a break from all those things. Although it has none of those attributes it does have a lot of drama (the good kind), and amazing acting, and incredible writing to make one of the best shows ever created! I cant even describe just how amazing the acting and writing in this show is. I watch a lot of TV, and i can say that this show has the best acting and best writing i've ever seen. Even though i know whats going to happen because it is based on King Henry VIII, every episode leaves me jaw dropped and begging for more.

    Even though King Henry was a horrible person you hate to love him! Jonathan Rhys Meyers plays him so amazingly that if u seen him walking down the street you might just bow down and kiss his ring because he is just that convincing!

    If there is one show you should watch it would be this one most definetly.
  • The first two seasons were the best!

    Very much like the story of Henry VIII himself, the real intrigue and scandal of the story is in the whole Anne Boleyn affair. Once the pursuit, seduction and ensuing drama take place (and conclude by the end of Season 2), you feel like "What's next?"

    As a student of the period I excused some of the historical inaccuracies (dramatic license I suppose) so that did not bother me.

    Middway through Season 3 I told a friend of mine who also watched the show that this cannot go any longer especially since they seem to focus the story on Henry. What would have been interesting would be to see a little more about Elizabeth I - the show is "The Tudors" after all and not just "Henry Tudor" :) By the time I reached the finale I felt like I was watching more out of an obligation to completing the series than anything else. Maybe if it had the EI I would have been more engaged. But so be it. It was a fun ride while it lasted!
  • Sarah Bolger

    Huge fan of the show and of Sarah Bolger, playing Mary. She has another film coming out later this year called Iron Cross, which stars Roy Scheider. She plays a young girl who falls in love with the lead character during the flashbacks to WWII. Her character is also supposed to be a heroine, although I'm not sure what this entails. Her performance looks amazing on the trailer I've been able to download online (you can find it if you google "Iron Cross," it's all over online!), and I really can't wait for its release!!! Sarah Bolger, you surely rock!!
  • The lives of the English royal family of centuries past.

    This series is a dark, powerful portrayal of the family who ruled England in the 16th Century. The acting and writing is often excellent. I am aware that the producers of the show are somewhat bound by the fact that the characters are already defined for them. Still, I did think it was a bit difficult to find any truly likable people from whose vantage point to 'see' the story. The story as depicted here suffers a little for not having much light creep in. Henry VIII is, as ever, a force of nature, and it is truly impressive to watch him careen out of control. It's worth it to give this show a try.
  • the turdors was a amazeing show i wonder why they didnt bring it back i love it i know it was a little bet sexy but i love it

    the tudors was a good and a heart break show i know it was a litte bit sexy but i love it show soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much i know they ony did 4 seasons of the tudors but i love it i hope they bring it back case it was and amazeing and wonderful and great show i wonder what are the cast are doing now i wonder what type of movies they are doing now i wonder did some of thr carerters and dateing in real life i love the show its self i hope the do bring bring it back i love love love the tudors
  • For HBO fans, this is a show worth checking out...

    The good: The show is beautiful. The costumes, settings, brilliant to watch. The power of the church and crown really shines out. The show shines best through periods of intense drama, such as when illness erupts, tempers flare, and betrayal is on the rise. The series focusses directly on Henry and those closest to him, and Rhys-Meyers grew on me as an increasingly egotistical and tyrannical ruler. There are many great actors and actresses who really give you a feel of poisonous realm of court life. The disappointing: This is a period in which there are rich historical accounts and plenty of action. I was hoping for a more substantial feel of LIFE in the time of Henry VIII. The picture we are shown is very limited and similar to the majority of historical dramas- selective and brief looks into bits and pieces of the king and courtiers, while the rest of the players, commoners and peasants, are merely faceless crowds and the odd line here and there. I wish the show had opted the way of "Rome" to flesh out what life was truly like in the days of Henry on the many levels of society, and bring more colour to an array of influential characters. The acting never seems to show a sense of true feeling and emotion, only scheming. Also, as a smaller but growing annoyance, while the actors and actresses are indeed very beautiful, they sometimes don't seem authentic enough to the time period. Modern standards of beauty replace the standards of the time. Unless of course ladies and gentlemen of the court had access to gyms and personal trainors, I don't buy those perfectly toned bodies. I have no problem with sex scenes, except they often feel like a clip from a modern day porn film with costumes randomly slotted in when there hasn't been nudity in awhile. It can take away from the authentic feel of the show. Despite these disapointments, the show still holds my interest and I continue watching, so it's obviously doing some things very well. Definetly worth a look!
  • i really injoy watching the tudors!! i want to see more of them!!some of the guys are very cute! i like history! your movies are great!!

    watching the people and the rolls they play are very good! for the kings house has all the riches of the life syle being very wealthy wanting for nothing but beautiful woman! i like watching the way they lived back in the day. injoy the way they danced, their clothing, the drink and rich food i see them feasting on, making love ,getting rid of the people they didn;t want standing in their way. and the struggle of the common man. King Henry Vlll was a very powerful man! just love the show every series just gets better! keep up the great work!!
  • Excellent

    The summary was what was going through my mind while watching the first episode of the second season I saw the pilot episode last year and thought this would be a decent show to watch beinhg a big fan of Rome I thought this would be a great replacement for that show but then I accidently forgot about the show shame on me I know. Knowing a lot about the Tudors already it is very easy to pick up on this show so I watched it again from this episode and I picked up on the storyline easily, from what I have seen this show is quiet acurrate and is very informative
  • Kings and queens in a great show...

    I always love films about times of Kings and Queens. And with the good script and players, it is unavoidable show for me to watch it.
    The script wirters are great. They are present the life of Tudors without being so historical in a kind of accurancy. I like the darkness and sexy side of the series.
    But what I like most is the costumes and places. King Henry the VIII is well played by the actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers. And of course Henry Cavill is also a very talented actor.
    I know that there will be may one or two more season at most and this really upsets me...
  • the behind the scene story of king henry the VIII, most famous for having six wives. he was also the founder of the church of england. may not be completely historically accurate, but this is showtime, not the history channel.

    total guilty pleasure! the story of king henry the VIII (played wonderfully by johnathon rhys meyers) of england and his six wives. henry was also the foundr of the church of england and a history maker. take a fascinating era of history and sex it up! the tudors is so addicting! i don't even have showtime, i caught the first episode on the 101(directv) when the show premired. there was so much buzz about it that showtime felt if we got a free sneak peek, more ppl would subscribe just to see it. the first season actually spans around 10 years beleive it or not. henry meets the infamous anne boleyn and in order to have her he has to get a divorce. the pope refuses to grant one so henry forms his own church in order to get it. despite all this, henry's first wife, catherine of aragon, remains completely loyal, believing she and henry are husband and wife till death do they part. anne's father is dipicable, he pimped his daughters to the king for power, boo. henry's best friend, the delicious charles brandon(played by henry cavill), secretly marries henry's sister. in the divorce, henry disowns his own daughter mary and when anne gives birth to elizabeth I, assigns her as one her ladies in waiting. s2 chronicles the downward spiral of henry and anne's marriage. she cannot produce the son she promised henry and he begins to think that their marriage is an unholy union. and during their marriage he executed one of his advisors and closest friends, sir thomas more, and feels loads of grief about it. the season ends w/anne's execution by beheading and henry's proposal to wife #3, jane seymour. while obviously not completely historically accurate, the tudors is well written and acted. the costumes and sets are lavish and the story is fascinating. very sexy, not for the kids. watching it inspired me to do some online research on the tudors family, very interesting group of monarchs. waiting impatiently for season 3!!!!!
  • The life of The Tudors. It is about the famous dynasty and how they lived, how the times were ruled by the Church, secretly of course. Another interesting point of view is the social status of the woman.

    It pains me too see that the life of the woman was revolving round the man. Without anything else to do,and the biggest "job" a woman could get was being the king's mistress. And it was something to be proud of? Thank God I wasn't born in those times. Of course the producers put sex into light on the show, but really...don't they realize the impact it has? It couldn't have been all about sex!
    And Anne? How can a king, a man, be influenced by a woman like that?
    What I understood was that the king had no idea of how the people of England were living. And worse, he didn't care. It is a good thing that now we choose our rulers, nobody can get a country as a birth gift. And so many that did, didn't deserve it.
  • The life of The Tudors. It is about the famous dynasty and how they lived, how the times were ruled by the Church, secretly of course. Another interesting point of view is the social status of the woman.

    It pains me too see that the life of the woman was revolving round the man. Without anything else to do,and the biggest "job" a woman could get was being the king's mistress. And it was something to be proud of? Thank God I wasn't born in those times. Of course the producers put sex into light on the show, but really...don't they realize the impact it has? It couldn't have been all about sex!
    And Anne? How can a king, a man, be influenced by a woman like that?
    What I understood was that the king had no idea of how the people of England were living. And worse, he didn't care. It is a good thing that now we choose our rulers, nobody can get a country as a birth gift. And so many that did, didn't deserve it.
  • Sexy, dark and full of intrigue - history has never looked so good!

    I only recently go to see the first season of "The Tudors" when a friend bought it for me on dvd, but I had been fairly certain I was going to love it, and I wasn't disappointed at all.

    This show is sexy, well scripted, well acted and really just good fun. The story is already set - there is nothing more interesting than the truth, and the writers have filled in the gaps to make it a much darker and more seductive romp than I'm sure it was in real life!

    Jonathon Rhys Myers is, as always, outstanding in the lead role. A fairly unusual choice, he has pulled of the role with ease, playing the fickle king with suppressed aggression and a sexiness that I'm sure the real Henry VIII possessed in his time as well.

    The supporting cast are all excellent; I've been a fan of Sam Neil for years, and he played the role of the Cardinal with relish.

    The cast are definitely (on the whole) young and sexy, with a freshness that this show requires. This is fairly heavy history for the most part, and needs a young cast to carry that weight and lighten it with sex and intrigue. The costuming is gorgeous, as are the sets, particularly for a small-screen production.

    The show seems to have gotten mixed reviews, but I think that is mainly due to the fact that this was never going to be everyone's cup of tea. Either you have an interest in this part of history, or you don't, and I don't imagine the clever casting or scripting would be enough to salvage this for you if history isn't your thing.

    Regardless, I am a student of history, and this show ticks all the boxes for me. I am most definitely hooked, and eagerly await the release of season 2 on dvd. Definitely a guilty pleasure, but easily my new favourite show.
  • Great Show.Not intended for children~!

    With everyone's motivations in this handsomely mounted but adrenaline-fueled series so on-the-surface, Dormer's enigmatic, time-halting loveliness [as Anne Boleyn] is a boon for The Tudors, and damn near worth losing your head over.Despite some passing references to Henry's fondness for "humanism" and new, middle-class men, no one is likely to mistake The Tudors for a treatise on the socioeconomic pressures that reshaped England during Henry's reign. Still, the show does a fine job of showing the interplay of passions and politics that shaped so many of his decisions. Now that lusty and incredibly bloodthirsty historical dramas have proven their power on premium cable (think HBO's "Rome"), Showtime is jumping in the act with a portrait of one of history's most notorious womanizers and political schemers.
  • My Guilty Pleasure

    I have only just started watching this as my uncle has got season 1 on dvd and i borrowed it off him. Jonathan Rhys Meyers plays King Henry The 8th who has had 6 wives and was most famous for this, Jonathan plays his part as the king extemly well. At times it can be very rude, but is a great adaptation of Henry The 8th's life. All the actors in The Tudors, play there parts very well especially Natalie Dormer who plays Anne Boleyn. Although at times i don't believe this to be exact especially when it comes to the more rude scenes, but it is still really well put together, and i shall continue to watch:)
  • Henry VIII comes alive... but young and sexy... The show offers a different view of those historical events 500 years ago

    I love that show! I've always been into historical dramas especially such focusing on the history of Great Britain. At first i didn't like Mayer's play as Henry but at the end of season 1 and throughout the whole 2 season i thought he was brilliant and really into his charachter (despite still cosidering him a bit underwieght for the role). The events on the show might not be completely accurate but that's understandable because history isn't always well represented in such productions...
    Anyway, the show is great, Emily Dormer is fantastic and Henry Caville is, well, a guilty pleasure :D
  • A few years ago a asked my mom why don't they come up with a show like the Tudors. About a year after saying that I saw the add on showtime for this show. Was it fate?

    The Tudors is about the family and court of Henry VIII. It mainly has been focusing on his attemp to cast off his sweet and loving wife of many years Katharine of Aragon to marry his raven haired dark eyed mistress Anne Boleyn. I was a little disapointed that they were calling Henry's younger sister Margaret when her name was Mary. Then they killed her off much to soon then she died in real life. The writters also killed off Henry's Bastard son Henry JR when he was age six. In real life he lived to be sixteen. Obove all though a good show.
  • Did someone accuse Ann Bolyn of being a witch? Becasue of having moles and a deformed pinky? Is that historically true?

    That was a gret episode (2-6). Actress playing Ann is fabulous! What about someone accuse Ann Bolyn of being a witch? Becasue of moles and a deformed pinky? Is that historically true? ie: did she have the "markings" and/or was she so accused? These actors are all so great at their art and perfect for their roles. Who does the casting? They must get a lot of work! And the writers are equally talented. Not to mention the sets, direction,etc --- this is the only show I just can't bear to miss!!!!!
  • What's new?

    I loved season one (wich I gave a 9.9), almost on par with Rome.
    But this season so far seems like reruns.
    I hope they step it up soon or there want be a season 3 to enjoy.
    I don't mind that it's not accurat but you can't repeat the same story again and hope that nobody will notice and just swallow it. The roles are played mostly fine and with the writers back from strike they should be able to produce something new and refreshing. Everybody knows what Anne's fate will be, so just get it over and move to something more interesting and intriging. But at least we got a bone in episode 202 that france and the britts may head out for war, wich would be a welcome change of scenery.
  • Not completely accurate, but a riveting story, nonetheless.

    If you can get past many of the historical inaccuracies and misrepresentations and watch with an uneducated mind, this show is one of the most visually and aesthetically captivating shows on television. The acting and emotion are superb, the costumes are stunning, and the writing is even better!! It's the kind of show where one cares enough about the characters to have an opinion about each. If you are going to watch only one show on television, make it this one. It bundles every television show element into one. Every episode is packed with drama, comedic moments, real/historic events, and period-appropriate music and dance numbers.
  • The Tudors is a tv drama based on King Henry VIII and shows his life and affairs the way they appeared to have happened. This show shows King Henry as a sexy,attractive and young man and while it does portray him well it exaggerates a slight bit.

    I really enjoy The Tudors as it's so educational and yet so glamorous and sexy.Of course Jonothan Rhys Meyers is the reason I began watching it in the first place but over the course of a few episodes I began to really enjoy the story and couldn't wait to see the final episode's results and consequences.I did find it slightly graphic especially since it really didn't need to be when the eye candy is so obviously there fully clothed.I was amazed to see the amount of new talent apparent in this mainly Irish based tv series.I was also shocked to learn that most of it was filmed in Ireland yet it did not get the credit.I am really optimistic this show will have many more series as it received such a huge audience both in Ireland and England.
  • One of the best show to ever come from the Showtime/CBC! Tho they make a lot of good shows.

    The Tudors is a Drama kinda like Rome and some other shows i which i can't recall. It is a very good example of how the Monarchy and Church worked back in the days. Back when rome was the center of the world. The production quality is hands down some of the best i have seen from many of the major networks. The costumes are very well made and look very grand, as they would have back in the day. The story follows King Henry VIII as he falls in love with Anne Boleyn(who is being manipulated into the whole ordeal by her father and uncle). Sadly for King Henry he must fight the Pope/Church and his wife Katherine for the power to marry his love. The story however is not all about love there is also war and the politics that war breeds.
  • GREAT!!

    I love this show! Personally I have always found this history most interesting and this show has only peeked my curiosity even more. I went to the theatre and watched The Other Boleyn Girl and I have to say this show topped and then some. The costuming is better and the chemistry amongst the characters is stronger. This is a real testament to the actors and actresses in the TV show. Cudos. Perhaps the movie has a few more historical accuracies but it doesn't really matter. People just want to see something great and this show is great. : )
  • The Tudors is about a king that does everything in his power to make his country the best, strongest, and the most powerful.

    The King is trying to divorse his wife. That way he can marry a more young and lovely women. But the country of England likes his wife Katie. also she couldn't produce a male to rule the throne when he dies. They have a daughter toghter. The person he wants to marry got very sick but recovered. The country is falling apart and fast. The king is trying to restore the power and glory. His admittastration is doing the best they can but not enough in the king's eye. I think the show is good and there is a lot of volience and killing. But it is still fun to wacth.
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