The Tudors

Showtime (ended 2010)





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  • One of the best show to ever come from the Showtime/CBC! Tho they make a lot of good shows.

    The Tudors is a Drama kinda like Rome and some other shows i which i can't recall. It is a very good example of how the Monarchy and Church worked back in the days. Back when rome was the center of the world. The production quality is hands down some of the best i have seen from many of the major networks. The costumes are very well made and look very grand, as they would have back in the day. The story follows King Henry VIII as he falls in love with Anne Boleyn(who is being manipulated into the whole ordeal by her father and uncle). Sadly for King Henry he must fight the Pope/Church and his wife Katherine for the power to marry his love. The story however is not all about love there is also war and the politics that war breeds.