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  • Sexy, dark and full of intrigue - history has never looked so good!

    I only recently go to see the first season of "The Tudors" when a friend bought it for me on dvd, but I had been fairly certain I was going to love it, and I wasn't disappointed at all.

    This show is sexy, well scripted, well acted and really just good fun. The story is already set - there is nothing more interesting than the truth, and the writers have filled in the gaps to make it a much darker and more seductive romp than I'm sure it was in real life!

    Jonathon Rhys Myers is, as always, outstanding in the lead role. A fairly unusual choice, he has pulled of the role with ease, playing the fickle king with suppressed aggression and a sexiness that I'm sure the real Henry VIII possessed in his time as well.

    The supporting cast are all excellent; I've been a fan of Sam Neil for years, and he played the role of the Cardinal with relish.

    The cast are definitely (on the whole) young and sexy, with a freshness that this show requires. This is fairly heavy history for the most part, and needs a young cast to carry that weight and lighten it with sex and intrigue. The costuming is gorgeous, as are the sets, particularly for a small-screen production.

    The show seems to have gotten mixed reviews, but I think that is mainly due to the fact that this was never going to be everyone's cup of tea. Either you have an interest in this part of history, or you don't, and I don't imagine the clever casting or scripting would be enough to salvage this for you if history isn't your thing.

    Regardless, I am a student of history, and this show ticks all the boxes for me. I am most definitely hooked, and eagerly await the release of season 2 on dvd. Definitely a guilty pleasure, but easily my new favourite show.