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  • the behind the scene story of king henry the VIII, most famous for having six wives. he was also the founder of the church of england. may not be completely historically accurate, but this is showtime, not the history channel.

    total guilty pleasure! the story of king henry the VIII (played wonderfully by johnathon rhys meyers) of england and his six wives. henry was also the foundr of the church of england and a history maker. take a fascinating era of history and sex it up! the tudors is so addicting! i don't even have showtime, i caught the first episode on the 101(directv) when the show premired. there was so much buzz about it that showtime felt if we got a free sneak peek, more ppl would subscribe just to see it. the first season actually spans around 10 years beleive it or not. henry meets the infamous anne boleyn and in order to have her he has to get a divorce. the pope refuses to grant one so henry forms his own church in order to get it. despite all this, henry's first wife, catherine of aragon, remains completely loyal, believing she and henry are husband and wife till death do they part. anne's father is dipicable, he pimped his daughters to the king for power, boo. henry's best friend, the delicious charles brandon(played by henry cavill), secretly marries henry's sister. in the divorce, henry disowns his own daughter mary and when anne gives birth to elizabeth I, assigns her as one her ladies in waiting. s2 chronicles the downward spiral of henry and anne's marriage. she cannot produce the son she promised henry and he begins to think that their marriage is an unholy union. and during their marriage he executed one of his advisors and closest friends, sir thomas more, and feels loads of grief about it. the season ends w/anne's execution by beheading and henry's proposal to wife #3, jane seymour. while obviously not completely historically accurate, the tudors is well written and acted. the costumes and sets are lavish and the story is fascinating. very sexy, not for the kids. watching it inspired me to do some online research on the tudors family, very interesting group of monarchs. waiting impatiently for season 3!!!!!