The Tudors

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  • One word-Amazing!

    Shows i watch are typically not drama, actually other than this show i don't really watch drama TV shows.

    I like action, comedy, and mystery. This show has none of that. Don't get me wrong!! I may sound like i hate the show but it is the exact opposite. I find this show to be a break from all those things. Although it has none of those attributes it does have a lot of drama (the good kind), and amazing acting, and incredible writing to make one of the best shows ever created! I cant even describe just how amazing the acting and writing in this show is. I watch a lot of TV, and i can say that this show has the best acting and best writing i've ever seen. Even though i know whats going to happen because it is based on King Henry VIII, every episode leaves me jaw dropped and begging for more.

    Even though King Henry was a horrible person you hate to love him! Jonathan Rhys Meyers plays him so amazingly that if u seen him walking down the street you might just bow down and kiss his ring because he is just that convincing!

    If there is one show you should watch it would be this one most definetly.