The Tudors

Season 1 Episode 10

The Death of Wolsey

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jun 10, 2007 on Showtime

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  • The Death of Wolsey

    The Death of Wolsey was a perfect episode and season one finale of The Tudors. I really enjoyed watching this episode as tensions rise, plots thicken, and some wonder what fate holds for them. It was fun to watch Charles Brandon facilitate the arrest of Wolsey and sad to see Wolsey repentant for his deeds with no hope. Sir Thomas More continues to persue and burn heretics, as he begins to wonder if the King is as traditional and loyal to the church as he believed. The last scene with Henry and Anne in the woods was intense as his frustration boils over into eruption as he is denied satisfaction. I look forward to watching the next season of The Tudors!!!!!!!
  • Season finale: Everyone gets what deserve!

    This season was awsome! I mean there is only one season, but it was geat. The first few episodes were boring, but after them, i really liked it!

    Lets confess: nothing really happaned in this series.
    But I just cant stop watchin it. These charaters are soo cool, just like in Rome!
    And the music...OMG!

    Okay so Wolsey tries to return to the King, but he cant make it. Everyones against him. He finally contact with the Queen, but they arrest him, and put him in jail. Henry wants to forgive him everything...but Wolsey commits suicide. And finally Henry gets what he wants from Anne Boleyn. So I dont understand. Thats a cliffhanger for the season finale?

    Anyway, I cant w8 for march 30! :)
  • The story of Henry VIII.

    Wolsey, now the Bishop of York and living in relative poverty, is repudiated by Anne Boleyn and writes to Queen Katherine instead, trying to gain her support. Thomas More uses his new powers as Chancellor and starts actively persecuting prominent Lutherans. Henry finds his new Privy Counsillors less proficient than Wolsey was in running the country. He also starts finding elements much to his liking in the teachings of Luther, and dispatches Thomas Cromwell to various faculties of theology, hopefully to obtain favorable opinions regarding his intended divorce. Wolsey's secret communication with the Queen is uncovered and he is arrested and charged with high treason. He commits suicide en route to London. Anne Boleyn engages Henry in sexual encounter, but forces him to perform coitus interruptus.
  • The fall of Wolsey and the start of the Anglican Church.

    I felt this was a slightly anticlimactic conclusion of the first season (and yes, I had to use that phrase after watching the final scene of the episode).

    So, Wolsey dies, but I had expected King Henry to announce the creation of his church, which would then have occurred in season 2.
    Instead, the state of his marriage to Katherine is still left uncertain. Heretics are burned for thoughts that the king shares. Henry knows about the burnings, yet it seems Thomas More does not know about the king's interests in heretic literature, which seems odd.

    For a season finale, you'd perhaps expect the classification, 'conclusion' but this did not feel like a conclusion at all. Too many storylines were not properly wrapped up in my opinion.