The Tudors

Season 2 Episode 6

The Definition of Love

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 04, 2008 on Showtime

Episode Recap

The Pope is seen addressing the crowds on St Peter's Square and he mentions the anger at the martyrdom of Sir Thomas More and Cardinal Fisher.

In a flashback the execution of Sir Thomas More is shown again. English iconoclasts are seen destroying crosses and statues.

King Henry tells Thomas Cromwell that he will meet Thomas Boleyn's demand for a 300-pound dowry so that the daughter of Lord Morley can marry George Boleyn.

Thomas Cromwell reports on enormities in the Church. For instance, Holy blood turns out to be duck's blood. Cromwell recommends that plays be performed produced to promote the image of the King's church.

George Boleyn is informed by Cromwell and Cranmer about the appointment of Dr Simon Hayes as the Dean of Canterbury Cathedral. He is also shown the new printing press.

Anne talks to Henry about the legitimacy of their daughter and she suggests that she is betrothed to the son of the king of France. Henry agrees and will discuss it with the French ambassador. When Anne asks whether Henry will come to her bed, he shakes his head.

In bed, Henry dreams of Thomas More and when he wakes he thinks he sees his ghost.

At George Boleyn's wedding, the bride changes her mind, but her father forces her to go on with the wedding. George is obviously nervous and forgets to take off his hat, so his father does it for him.

The king receives Sir Henry Norris who asks permission to wed Lady Margaret "Madge" Sheldon, one of Anne's ladies in waiting. The king grants his permission. The king talks to the French ambassador about betrothing princess Elizabeth to prince Charles, son of the French king.

At the wedding, Mark Smeaton jokes with George about him marrying a girl.

Anne looks out of the window and sees Henry riding off, and imagines him having sex with a group of women.

George and Jane's wedding night is not pleasurable for Jane.

Henry and Anne attend a play ridiculing the Roman Catholic clergy and the Pope. Henry tells Anne that a French admiral will come to discuss the marriage and he asks Charles to receive him. Anne then brusquely asks: "why him?" and suggests her father is more suitable. Henry chides her and says that such a statement was unnecessary. Charles asks Ambassador Chapuys about the health of Lady Katherine and he has to tell him she is ill.

Lady Mary is seen taking care of Princess Elizabeth.

Chapuys and Brereton are drinking a beer together in honour of More and Fisher. Brereton befriended a maid of Anne's bedchamber and he tells Chapuys that Anne is a witch. She has an extra fingernail and her body is covered in moles.

Anne tells her brother George that Henry is having more affairs. She is convinced Henry has a harem somewhere and she is afraid of the prophecy that a queen of England will be burnt. He comforts her as two of her ladies in waiting watch.

Thomas Wyatt visits Cromwell and is shown many, many denunciations of people against the Reformation. He is also shown the printed tracts explaining why the Reformation was necessary. Thomas Wyatt asks, in passing, whether Cromwell is never worried about the king's absolute power and in return receives a veiled but unmistakable threat.

Charles Brandon and his wife receive the French admiral, his secretary and his niece, a voluptuous blonde who eyes up Charles. Charles tells the admiral that Queen Anne has planned a banquet in the admiral's honour as well as a tennis match. The admiral claims to have no recollection of her, despite having met her and he does not play tennis.

Anne confronts Henry as he goes riding and she tells her to go back inside and that he is going out.

As she walks through the room, Brereton visualises how he stabs her, but it does not actually happen.

The admiral's niece makes advances to Charles Brandon and he reciprocates.

Henry walks with Ambassador Chapuys. He tells him he knows that Chapuys does not approve of some of the changes he's implemented. Cromwell intercepted some of Chapuys' letters. They discuss humanism and the Reformation.

Anne is talking to Mark Smeaton about how upset she is with the French admiral who has not even called upon her. Anne is getting paranoid and Mark does not know what to say.

When the admiral is presented at court, he is very cool towards Anne. He tells her that Charles and his wife have kept him a virtual prisoner and that is why he could not attend the banquet. Anne does not pay him much attention as Henry is talking to a pretty lady.

Charles' wife sees the looks he exchanges with the admiral's niece.

When Henry and the admiral discuss the betrothal, the admiral inform Henry that such a proposition is impossible, as Elizabeth's legitimacy is not accepted by the Pope. The French king proposes a betrothal of the French crown prince to Lady Mary, Henry and Katherine's daughter. If Henry refuses, the crown prince will be betrothed to the emperor's daughter, leaving England isolated in Europe. Cromwell intervenes and ends the audience as an upset Henry slams his hand on a candle.

Charles apologizes to his wife, without specifying why and she says that human nature may never change. Charles swears it will never happen again.

Anne asks Henry about the lady he was talking to and the number of mistresses he has and they have a big fight. He then tells her that the king of France will not accept the betrothal.

Henry is talking and walking with Charles Brandon and Charles tells him his wife Catherine is with child. Henry recalls things he did with Thomas More, while holding Thomas' cross in his hands. He expresses his regrets for what happened to him. Henry tells him that whenever he felt like saving Thomas More, a certain person would urge him on to his destruction. When Charles asks who, Anne is shown standing in the distance and Henry tells him he knows who she is.

Henry kisses the small cross and throws it in the pond.
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