The Tudors

Season 2 Episode 6

The Definition of Love

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 04, 2008 on Showtime

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  • Crap just got real.

    The Tudors might be the slowest show I've ever watched. Enduring the pace probably isn't worth the reward, but when you get there, it's getting good. So far I've hated how naive and foolish King Henry has been with how easily manipulative he's been for Anne's poon. Though after the execution of Sir Thomas More, it's swayed him to turn against his own wife, the very Queen of England.

    And slowly but surely he's starting to see his reform fall apart. He's went to great lengths to justify his regime, such as creating propaganda driven plays and utilizing the press, though it didn't seem he ever really believed in it.

    The nail in the coffin was when the Admiral of France refused to marry Anne's daughter to the King of France's son, that Henry started questioning himself.

    If this episode has taught me anything it's that emotions can uproot any person's actions. It was the desire to continue his line that King Henry wanted to divorce Queen Catherine, it was love that compelled him to chase after Anne Boleyn, and now it's loss that has torn him apart, making him rethink everything he had done up to that point.

    If Henry had no emotional attachment to More would all of this had happened? So far he had done as Wosley predicted; used every inch of his power to get his way. And now that he's seen the consequences of his actions he's been able to view the people around him with more objectivity. The trigger man to all of that was Thomas More's execution.

    The story has seen a mid shift where the King and Queen are now pitted as enemies, and that exchange of cold glances did a great job of kicking that to gear.

    The Tudors may be a slow show, but that also means the reward will be gradual and more long lastingly satisfying.