The Tudors

Season 1 Episode 6

True Love

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 06, 2007 on Showtime

Episode Recap

Norfolk and Boleyn plot with Anne to undermine Wolsey. Wolsey leaves for Paris to negotiate a treaty with the French against Spain and to convene a Conclave of Cardinals which he believes will grant him authority to adjudicate matters (including Henry's annulment) that the Pope cannot consider because he is a prisoner of the Spanish emperor. As he leaves, he shows that he is unaware of Anne's relationship with Henry when he cannot understand why such a "silly girl" would have an audience with the king. Katherine sends a message to her nephew, the Emperor, via Ambassador Mendoza. She wants him to know that Henry is trying to divorce her.

Tallis says goodbye to Compton before he and Wyatt leave on the trip with Wolsey. In Paris, the delegation is greeted warmly and King Francis produces his son who expresses his happiness at being engaged to Mary. Katherine tells Anne that she knows about the affair, but that she will always have Henry's heart. Cromwell tells Henry that Pope Clement has escaped to Orvieto and recommends Dr. Knight, who tutored Anne, as a messenger.

Henry and Compton go on a hunt once again, but this time Henry refuses to bring Brandon, and takes Anne with them. Boleyn and Norfolk ally themselves with Brandon, whom they intend to help return to court. Anne's brother, George, has a tryst with two of Katherine's ladies in waiting and hopes to get information from them useful in court intrigues. At dinner with Henry, Norfolk recommends forgiving Brandon, and Boleyn explains that Wolsey has been embezzling money.

In her bedchamber, Katherine confronts Anne again and calls her a servant and a whore. Wolsey intercepts Knight and tells him that the message to Pope Clement asks either for permission to remarry, or to take a second wife. Knight tells Wolsey that Anne is Henry's intended. After begging for forgiveness and beating Henry in an arm wrestling challenge, Brandon is allowed to return. More tells Wolsey that he will not support the Conclave if it rules in favour of an annulment, but the issue becomes academic when the cardinals refuse to convene now that the Pope is free. Wolsey returns to London and tells Henry and Anne that he could not get them the divorce.