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  • Season 1
    • Leaves
      Episode 47
      Plot: Milo finds a leaf on his fleece, so he decides that he must be turning into a tree. First Song: If Your Happy And You Know It. Other Songs: All The Leaves That I've Seen. Story Time: An Acorn For Tea.
    • I Can't Do It
      I Can't Do It
      Episode 46
      Plot: Try, try and try again. First Song: Here We Go Looby Loo. Other Songs: It's Spongy Fun A Painting / I Won't Say That I Can't. Messy Time: Judy helps them with some printing.
    • Meadow
      Episode 45
      Plot: Jake forgets what a meadow is, so Max goes to a farm to video one for him. First Song: One Man Went To Mow. Other Songs: Fuzzy Little Caterpillar. Telly Time: Max's trip to the meadow. Messy Time: Fizz and Bella make butterflies.
    • Go Away, Bella
      Go Away, Bella
      Episode 44
      Plot: Bella doesn't know what to do with herself, so she tries to help the others with their games. However, her help is not very helpful. First Song: Two Fat Gentlemen. Other Songs: ibid. Messy Time: Fizz makes a variety of different hats.
    • Hiccups
      Episode 43
      Plot: Milo has the hiccups - how did he get them, and, more importantly, how can he lose them? First Song: Come On, Feel The Music. Other Songs: Hiccup. Story Time: Oh No! Hilda's Got The Hiccups!
    • Hot And Cold
      Hot And Cold
      Episode 42
      Plot: Fizz and Jake like it hot, Bella and Milo like it cold - which is best? First Song: One Finger, One Thumb. Other Songs: Hot And Cold Don't Like Each Other / ibid. Telly Time: Things which are hot, and things which are cold. Messy Time: Bella makes a cloud, Fizz makes a sun. Story Time: Jake narrates the story of the traveller (Milo) in the hot sun (Fizz) and the cold wind (Bella).moreless
    • Canal Boat
      Canal Boat
      Episode 41
      Plot: Jake wants to see the boats near Fizz's house, so Max takes them out to have a look. First Song: The Big Ship Sails On The Illy-Ally-O. Other Songs: Row Row Your Boat. Story Time: Snowy.
    • Fairies
      Episode 40
      Plot: Bella wants to be a fairy, but somehow a curtain is not quite right for her wings. First Song: The Dressing Up Box. Other Songs: There Was A Princess Long Ago. Messy Time: Max helps Bella to make fairy wings and a wand. Story Time: Sleeping Beauty.
    • Woolly Jumper
      Woolly Jumper
      Episode 39
      Plot: Milo has a new woolly jumper to show off, but things don't quite work out the way he had hoped. First Song: Here we Go Round The Mulberry Bush. Other Songs: Woolly Jumper. Telly Time: Knitting a woolly jumper. Messy Time: Milo, Fizz and Bella draw their ideal jumpers. Story Time: Barty's Scarf.moreless
    • Caring For A Pet
      Caring For A Pet
      Episode 38
      Plot: Judy shows a video about how to look after a pet, but when they try it out on Doodles, Bella, Fizz and Milo get it a little wrong. First Song: If Your Happy And You Know It. Other Songs: I Want My Bone! Telly Time: How to look after cats, hamsters, fishes and dogs.moreless
    • Cardboard box
      Cardboard box
      Episode 37
      Plot: Max is about to throw out a lots of old cardboard boxes, but the Tweenies have a better idea. First Song: Sing A Song Of Sixpence. Other Songs: The Fun Never Stops With A Cardboard Box / The Cardboard Box Train. Story Time: Whatever Next!
    • Rainy Day
      Rainy Day
      Episode 36
      Plot: Today they were planning to go to a farm, but as it's raining they have to stay in the playroom instead. First Song: I Went To School One Morning. Other Songs: The Pouring Rain. Telly Time: Rain. Messy Time: A "Rainy Day" picture. Story Time: Sonny's Wonderful Wellies.
    • Rolling
      Episode 35
      Plot: Milo discovers that the fire engine has lost a wheel, so the others help him to look for a replacement. First Song: The Wheels On The Bus. Other Songs: The Fire Engine Wheels. Telly Time: Things that roll. Story Time: Foxy And Friends Go Racing.
    • Printing
      Episode 34
      Plot: Judy can't decide what border to put up in the surprise area, so Fizz and the others make one for her. First Song: Put Your Finger In The Air. Telly Time: Printing. Messy Time: They use different shapes to print a fairy border.
    • Police
      Episode 33
      Plot: Bella finds a broach on the bus, so she, Milo and Max hand it into the police. First Song: I Went To School One Morning. Other Songs: Old Uncle Bill. Story Time: Skateboard Sarge.
    • Animal Dancers
      Animal Dancers
      Episode 32
      Plot: Max shows the Tweenies a video of some animal skaters, which inspires them to dress up and put on a play. First Song: Old MacDonald. Telly Time: Peter rabbit on ice. Messy Time: They make various animal parts for their play. Notes: Milo is a duck, Jake's a frog, Bella's a swan and Fizz is a rabbit.moreless
    • Sand
      Episode 31
      Plot: Jake gets fed up when the others mess up his sand game, so Judy takes him and Milo to the beach. First Song: One Finger, One Thumb. Other Songs: Hunting Treasure. Notes: Milo, Jake and Judy go out to the beach, where Judy sets up a treasure hunt.
    • Sheets
      Episode 30
      Plot: Max is thinking about a holiday but can't decide where to go, so the Tweenies help him make up his mind. First Song: Five Little Men In A Flying Saucer. Other Songs: The Sun Has Got His Hat On / A Sailor Went To Sea. Story Time: Would They Love A Lion?moreless
    • Birthday
      Episode 29
      Plot: It's Fizz's birthday. First Song: Five Current Buns. Other Songs: There's Going To Be A Birthday Party / Happy Birthday. Telly Time: Making a birthday cake. Story Time: Bunny Cakes. Notes: Fizz is four.
    • Big And Small
      Big And Small
      Episode 28
      Plot: Jake's not too sure about the difference between big and small, so the others help him out. First Song: Mousy Brown. Other Songs: The Ant And The Elephant / We Think Mice Are Rather Nice. Telly Time: Things that are big and things that are small. Messy Time: Judy helps Fizz make a mouse, Milo draws an elephant and Jake draws an ant. Story Time: The Mouse And The Lion (by Fizz and Bella).moreless
    • Shiny Metal
      Shiny Metal
      Episode 27
      Plot: Bella wants her magic wand to make everything in the playroom shine, so Max gives her the polish. First Song: If Your Happy And You Know It. Other Songs: Get In Line / Shine The Metal. Telly Time: Things made of metal. Story Time: King Midas.
    • Growing Bulbs
      Growing Bulbs
      Episode 26
      Plot: Jake brings in some bulbs his grandfather gave him, but he's not sure what he should do with them. First Song: Here We Go Looby Loo. Other Songs: I Planted My Bulbs. Telly Time: Plants that grow from bulbs. Messy Time: They each plant one of Jake's daffodils, and make a flower using tissue paper.moreless
    • Stuck Together
      Stuck Together
      Episode 25
      Plot: They all get stuck together! First Song: We All Clap Hands Together. Other Songs: If Your Happy And You Know It. Messy Time: Max makes an elephant jigsaw. Story Time: Lucy's Picture.
    • Lost Frog
      Lost Frog
      Episode 24
      Plot: Jake finds a lost frog in the garden, so he, Fizz and Max take "Norman" back to the pond. First Song: Come On, Feel The Music. Other Songs: Five Little Speckled Frogs. Messy Time: Max makes a frog for Jake. Story Time: Picasso, The Green Tree Frog.
    • Modelling Clay
      Modelling Clay
      Episode 23
      Plot: Judy brings in some modelling clay, but all the models that the Tweenies make disappear. First Song: I'm A Little Teapot. Other Songs: Clay. Telly Time: Things that you can make with clay. Story Time: The Gingerbread Man (told by Judy using finger puppets).
    • Dragon
      Episode 22
      Plot: Brave Sir Milo takes on all the dragons hiding in the play room. First Song: If Your Happy And You Know It. Other Songs: It Must Be Great Being A Dragon. Messy Time: Fizz, Bella and Jake make a collage dragon. Story Time: There's No Such Thing As A Dragon.moreless
    • Rainbow Magic
      Rainbow Magic
      Episode 21
      Plot: Fizz and Doodles see a rainbow in the garden, but by the time the others join them, it's gone. First Song: Peter Rabbit. Other Songs: Rainbows Are Magic (as sung by Fizz).
    • Modelling clay
      Modelling clay
      Episode 20
      Jake was playing around until... He cut his finger and bleeds. So The Tweenies will try anything to help Jake feel better! With a cut finger. All Jake needs is a band aid. Where will they get one? Probably Max or Judy.
    • Over And Under
      Over And Under
      Episode 19
      The Tweenies are assigned to paint sheets with different colors. Max says they all should be different from another. Bella has no color! Bella shares with Fizz but... It has to be a different color. How can they have different colors with 3 colors and 6 sheets? Milo said they should do stripes. Then Bella mess up and it made the color orange! Thats when The Tweenies popped an idea! Mix the colors all together! Some can make orange,Purple and red!moreless
    • Colours
      Episode 18
      Judy has a special something in that little case shaped like a giant lolly pop. Judy says its a surprise. Then later The Tweenies were playing outside until they heard a Loud wackit! They go inside then... It was a guitar! It must be the surprise in that case. Max spoiled it! They can't let Judy find out!moreless
    • Ball
      Episode 17
      While Bella and Milo are playing house(Which Milo hates) Fizz plays a color game with Jake. Until they get to the color black. They don't know any color that is Black! Hey, but doodles noes is! Then Jake doesn't really wanna play any more... So he looks for Milo and they try to hide away from Fizz and Bella.moreless
    • Bad Mood
      Bad Mood
      Episode 16
      Song:I wish i was a bubble Story time:The Three little Pigs and the big bad wolf Jake got a wind mill from his mom and wonder's how does it blow? Bella sais its not magic. The wind blows it! But you can't really see it. Its invincable. THen they start to play a story called the three little pigs. Bella the oldest, Milo the second oldest and Fizz the littlest Pig, And jake was the BIG BAD WOLF! Who blows all the houses down. He blew down Bella hay house, Milo's stick house but couldn't blow down Fizz's new brick house!moreless
    • Noise And Quiet
      Noise And Quiet
      Episode 15
      *MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS FOR PEOPLE WHO MISSED THIS ONE* Jake missunderstood what Max said about when night falls. Jake thought with his silly little 3 year old mind that night really WILL fall! He told everyone! Fizz thought the planets will fall, Milo thought morning will crack and Bella thought all the planets and stars will hit there heads.moreless
    • It Wasn't Me
      It Wasn't Me
      Episode 14
      Everybody has a special talent except little jake. With Fizz with her dancing. And Bella with her cooking. And Milo with his funny jokes. But Jake doesnt know what his talent really is. He is just too little to ahve a special talent.
    • Rockpool
      Episode 13
      Someone has stole Milo's shoe. And then they play a shoe matching game but then they all got lost! Is it Doodles,Max or one of the Tweenies?
    • I'm To Small
      I'm To Small
      Episode 12
      Milo and Fizz pretend to be 2 silly monkeys. Bella sais monkeys jump. But milo sais they climb around branches. Which one is right?
    • Telephone
      Episode 11
      Bella Comes in and shows off to everyone about her new bracelet. But then later on... She breaks them to pieces! Will they find all the beads to put back together? Activity:Making a bracelet Story:My uncle the tiger Song:123 looking for the beads(US)
    • Pebbles
      Episode 10
      Play:Once upon a time in the green kingdom lived King Jake and princess fizz. Princess Fizz was playing outside and sir Milo suggested her to stay inside and told her about the dragon. But Princess Fizz didn't listen so Bella the Green Dragon so the Green Dragon took Fizz for her lunch. What Happens Next?moreless
    • I've Lost My train
      Song:Will it sink or float about:Max tries to get doodles in the bath tub no matter what. The Tweenies have a contest what sinks or float.
    • Ballet
      Episode 8
      Song:Whats in the Box About:Milo imaginates in a box and doesnt let anyone in. Story time:About a bear imaginated the moon.
    • Mermaids
      Episode 7
      First song:Two fat gentle men About:Bella has nothing to do. So she tries to help the others but she always ruin's everything.
    • Wriggling Fingers
      Max lets Jake help dust the play house but then he makes everyone sneeze and sneeze, And ruins all the activities they do.
    • I'm Scared
      I'm Scared
      Episode 5
      Milo pretends to be a magician and lets Jake play with it but then he made doodles disappear..Or did he?
    • Old House
      Old House
      Episode 4
      Bella is being too bossy and the others don't want to play with her any more.
    • I Am Me
      I Am Me
      Episode 3
      Song:I Wish i could fly About:Doodles is Stuck way up high in a tall tree. Will The Tweenies get doodles down the tree? Fizz flys up in the air but was unable to rescue Doodles. Milo Flew in an airplane but ddin't get doodles. And jake tried to fly in an air balloon. And ALMOST cought him... But did'nt!moreless
    • Spiders
      Episode 2
      Bella surprises the Tweenies with a cool private costume, and the Tweenies find a map and pretends there on a treasure hunt.
    • Tweenie Band
      Tweenie Band
      Episode 1
      Milo makes Fizz mad due to him messing up her stuff. Then she hides with her toy dinosaur. When The Tweenies find her, Milo apologizes and asks what sort of dinosaur it is? Jake then asks is it real?