The Tweenies

BBC (ended 2003)


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  • It isn't really educational, but it is great fun

    Tweenies ia childhood show for me. It is about 4 puppets called Jake, Fizz, Bella and Milo who have fun in their playgroup with Max and Judy, and the 2 dogs Doodles and Izzles.

    The set design is really nice. The characters are good as they are, and the voice acting is spot on.

    Its is a show that is worth watching.
  • Cool!

  • Or these ugly kids will rot your eyes out like someone who had cancer in their eyes.

    The Tweenies seem to be a show that's worser then Dora & Barney from together. Sure , this is a UK show that was then shipped in the USA that aired on Noggin. This could've been shipped back to UK for the show to be tortured more then the Americans back at our home.

    All of the characters look uglier then the Teletubbies and Boohbah combined , and the dog really isn't helping either. The kid with a yellow mohawk gets on my nerves , and they even sing the same songs as Barney. That's right , they're like a Barney rip-off... the horror. Even DVD releases of The Tweenies are in America for the people who like this doomsday device. Even a Music Video! But thank goodness there's no movie they can star in.

    Overall , just change the channel if you hate this so much. But for the people who like it , go watch it... then you'll see that the kids will take over your brain. Only the little ones are the Tweenies' weakness.

    Give a 1.0 out of 10.0 dance for the Tweenies' torture , and make good about it!
  • British children's show and worldwide hit!

    Tweenies is a BBC-produced children's show that is aired worldwide {BBC and Nick/Noggin have A LOT to answer for for mangling the show Stateside). The show is aimed at a young audience, but there's enough in there to keep even adults interested. To give one example, one episode was a take on "Star Trek" with the gang playing easily recognized roles from the show. The show's writers aren't above taking jabs at their own network as several BBC shows take their lumps in in-jokes. If you're looking for a show for the whole family, Tweenies is the show for you!