The Twelve Kingdoms

Season 3 Episode 8

Chapter Eight

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Chapter Eight
Youko is in her room thinking about what she heard Enho say when all of the sudden Auzura's voice echoes the room telling her that Keiki was in on her assanination the whole time. Back in Ryuu, Rakushun and Shoukei get set free after bribing the council with the jewels she took. They set off together in search of Youko. In Wa, Asano, Sheishuu and Suzu arrive and attempt to find a doctor to help Sheishuu's eyes. In Riyou, Rakushun and Shoukei stay at a inn for the night. That night Rakushun tells her how she had a responsibility to try to stop her father's evil ways. She breaks down and cries. The next day they take a wagon and continue their journey. In Kei, Suzu and the rest are taking a wagon aswell when all of the sudden they get attacked by bandits. A group of travelers save them and tell them they are gathering allies for their cause and leave. As they continue on, Seishuu tells Suzu how he hates people who cry for nothing. They come to an understanding and share a heart warming moment. In Kokei, Youko investigates a tavern. She meets a man named Koshou, and the boy from the other day called Seki. Thinking shes up to no good, they send her away. That night Suzu and the rest arrive in the same town Youko is in. Suzu leaves Asano with Seishuu while she goes to find a inn for them. Asano asks Seishuu if he hates him, but Seishuu doesn't understand Asano's lanquage. Asano has another flash back to the day he fell off the cliff and runs away. Worried about him, Seishuu goes walking in the market blind. A carriage comes and warns him to move but he trips and falls, the carriage procedes and runs him over. At that time Asano and Youko both see this happen at different locations. While Youko goes to help Seishuu, Asano jumps in the carriage and points his gun at the man. He says his names Shoukou and he dares Asano to try to kill him. Seishuu tells Youko to tell Suzu not to cry.. as he dies in her arms. Suzu comes up and sees whats happened and begins to cry.moreless

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  • Someone give me another word for amazing, because I\'ve used that word too much to describe the past episodes already.

    Suzu, Sheishuu, and Asano, are traveling all over the place, looking for a doctor in order to heal Sheishuu's eyes. They're suddenly attacked by a group of bandits, but are saved by a trio of vigilantes who were worried about them when they didn't hire an escort. Suzu engages in a deep conversation with Sheishuu about crying and Lady Riyou. Suzu learns a couple things from him. In another country, Shoukei is being convicted of the runaway princess who stole Queen Kyou's goods. Through bribbery, she was set free, and she and Rakushun slept at a shabby inn. Rakushun tells Shoukei that as a princess, she should have responsibility over the throne as well. Youko on the otherhand, is suspicious of Enho. She follows one of the people she suspects of taking part in the assassination into a bar, but Sekki, Enho's former student, bails her out. Suzu leaves Asano and Sheishuu alone for a while to find a doctor. Asano runs away, and Sheishuu wanders off, getting trampled by a carriage. Youko, who was in the same town at the time, runs towards Sheishuu, who dies in her arms. Suzu, when she arrived to the scene, mourns over the corpse.

    Yet another powerful and dramatic episode is delivered. This episode actually makes me feel very naive, for it actually taught me some things about how humans think and some other things. I realized that Suzu's sorrowful years of torment under Lady Riyou shouldn't be blamed solely on her, for Suzu, along with the other servants, had little roles that helped her mold into such a bitter character. And Rakushun's talk with Shoukei on how she should have taken some responsibility also taught me a thing or two. I've always been supportive of Shoukei's point of view on how it's her parents fault for not letting her learn anything, but when I think deeper into the situation, I realized that she's also at a really big fault as well. Even though it's hard for kids who have been endlessly spoiled by their parents to really be generous and considerate, it's not like she's a kid anymore, being alive for thirty years. And while Sheishu's death really didn't force out any tears, it was a really sad way to die.moreless

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