The Twelve Kingdoms

Season 3 Episode 12

Chapter Eleven

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  • Another wonderful episode.

    Youko attracted the attention of the guards in order to help Shoukei avoid being captured. Shoukei entered the house of the person that helped her escape. It appears he, along with all the housemates, were mercenaries. Shoukei is disgusted with how things are being run in Wa province, which is similar to how Hou was ran. Suzu shares the same feelings, but mainly blaming Shoukou and Queen Kei. When Youko enters the restaurant that Suzu is hiding in, Youko was shocked at how ignorant her decisions were. Koukan was actually loved by everyone, and he was dismissed, while Gohou and Shoukou remain in power. Enho was visited by Shoukou's men, along with Asano. Asano shoots Keikie, and Rangyoku was killed. Enho was taken in. Keikei was still alive, and was immediately sent to Kinpa palace.

    I see this more of a shocker episode than anything. The story made progressed, but the point of views within the characters themselves was where most of the shock value came from, particularly Youko. Her blaming herself in third person in front of Suzu was expected, but it was how she engaged in the conversation with Keiki. It was just cool how this episode points out things that you'd never imagine. Well, I guess some older watchers may have picked it up, and it's just me.