The Twelve Kingdoms

Season 1 Episode 5

Chapter Five

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Chapter Five
Kourin tells Sugimoto how it was her who saved her when she first arrived in this land. She tells her that there is someone that needs her help and to come with her. Sugimoto agrees gladly thinking that her time has finally come and she is the chosen one. Asano is still comforting Youko as Sugimoto walks up to get her bag. She tells them that she's going on alone and that Youko is the reason the youma have been attacking. Asano tries to stop her but its no good. Youko and Asano are now alone. They find a strange glowing tree and spend the night under it. The next morning they go to town to try to get some food but no one is willing to hire them. That night while in the woods Asano goes to try to find that tree again while Youko stays behind. Auzura appears before her again and shows her visions of her teacher and mother talking badly about her. He puts on a mask of Asano and mocks him saying that he is only using Youko for her abilities. Auzaru tells Youko to kill Asano, but just then the real Asano appears and Auzura dissapears.. Youko tells Asano about him but Asano has no idea what she means; just then a youma attacks them but Youko slays it. Asano attempts to eat it but its no good. They agree that they must rob someone in order for them to survive. They go downhill where they see a woman.. Just as they are about to attack them Youko realizes its the same little girl as the day before when she got separated. The mother asks them if they would like ot join them for lunch but Youko tells her to stay away from them because she doesn't want to get betrayed again. Asano doesn't understand. Back in the woods Asano is trying to talk some sense into Youko. He reveals to her that he wanted to go with Sugimoto but she wouldn't let him.. Youko is heartbroken. Just then a pack of Kiki attack them.. As Youko is killing them one sneaks by and attacks Asano.. He falls off the cliff into a river. Youko, enranged, kills the youma leading the Kiki. Youko faints. When she wakes up she sees Kourin.. She thinks its Keiki, but Sugimoto appears and tells her its Kourin. She tells her that she has been assigned to kill her and when Youko tells her they are friends Sugimoto says she isn't her friend and she's hated her ever since the beginning. She attacks and knocks the sword out of her hand and stabs her hand. Kourin tells her to stop and that the beasts will finish her off. They leave. Youko gets up and looks for Asano but realizes he is long gone.. She wanders off to the road and falls. Auzura appears and tells her she is going to die, then leaves. Just then a figure hovers above her..moreless

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Mari Devon

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    • There were two difference between the anime and the novel:

      1) Enki had not appeared at this point.

      2) After fighting a horde of kiki and killing their leader, Youko is too tired and injured to move. Then Kourin appears, mourns the death of the Youmu leading the Kiki, and is then ordered by a parrot (King Kou) to steal Youko's sword. Kourin protests but the parrot vomits another sword and order Kourin to stabs Youko in her right hand (so she can't fight). Kourin obeys, stabs Youko, and then leaves.

    • During these last 5 episodes there has been a side story shown with a boy named Enki. He finds out in this episode that Keiki has been kidnapped and had a spell placed on him. And that there is a false ruler of Kei.

    • Youko turned the woman's offer of food down because of the recent betrayals. She has a hard time trusting people now.