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The Twelve Kingdoms

Season 1 Episode 4

Chapter Four

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Episode Summary

Chapter Four
Auzaru tells Youko that nobody cares about her, and how nothing would change if she were to die. He shows her a collection of masks.. With the faces of everyone in her life. He puts them on one by one mimicking the voices of Sugimoto and Asano.. Making Youko feel worthless. She says she doesn't believe him and he tells her to beware of Takki.. For she isn't who Youko thinks she is. Just then he dissapears and Youko finds herself inside a tent. She comes outside and finds Takki and the rest. They've all been looking for her. Later that night at a inn Takki tells Youko that the next morning Asano should stay behind in the room while they go to meet her mother.. That way less attention would get brought to them. Youko agrees. In the morning Asano watches out the window as the 3 girls leave.. He argues with himself about why Sugimoto is being so shy around him. Outside his room a old man heres him talking and walks in.. He understands what Asano is saying. Meanwhile in town, the girls arrive at the inn that Takki's mother owns. Youko and Sugimoto eat lunch while Takki goes to talk to her mother. Meanwhile in the forest outside of town, King Kou is still nagging Kourin to kill the kaikyaku.. Kourin, displeased, tells her hinman to summon a youma. Back in town Youko goes to find Takki and overhears her in a room talking to her mother about how they are going to sell the girls as prostitutes. Youko enraged runs back to find Sugimoto only to find her being hassled by 3 men. She grabs the sword and tells them they are not going to work here. Takki walks in and tells Youko to stop. Youko tells her to stay away from them and then they run away outside. Takki yells out for everyone to catch them and as their being chased a youma appears in town and attacks Youko. Takki is in the way and get hit by the beast but Youko's hinman takes over and enables her to slay the monster. As they flea the scene they find Asano with the old man named Saizu. They go down a canal on a boat and Saizu reveals to them that he too is a kaikyaku stuck in this world. Later that night they stay at Saizu's house. He tells them how he got transported to The Twelve Kingdoms somehow around the time of World War II. Youko and Sugimoto pounder if they have really been seeing Keiki.. or if it was just there imagination; just then Saizu gets angry and breaks down about not being able to find a way home. To top it off he finds out that Youko can speak the lanquange so easily while he has no idea what the people are saying still. They then go to bed, but Saizu has a suspicious look on his face.. The next morning Youko wakes up and heres some guards hassling Asano. She goes out to see what is going on and sees Sugimoto trying to help him. She tells them to release Asano and the guards tell her Saizu turned them in for money. She grabs her sword and knocks both guards out. Youko, Sugimoto and Asano make a run for the woods. That night in the woods.. All 3 feeled betrayed and hopeless. Sugimoto yells at Youko for trusting Takki and walks away. Youko, upset, huddles with Asano and falls asleep. When she wakes up, she can hear Asano and Sugimoto fooling around in the bushes. Auzura appears and shows her visions of her classmates talking about how they hate her. He asks her if she wants to go back home.. She says yes, but only replies with telling her that nobody is waiting for her. She calls him a liar and he laughs while dissapearing. Just then Youko looks at her sword and seems to be considering suicide.. Asano knocks the sword out of her hand and tells her not to do it. Sugimoto, jealous, walks away in anger. She comes to a opening in the woods and sees the mysterious woman, Kourin on a rock looking at her.moreless

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  • It must suck being betrayed all the time.

    Back with Youko's mysterious vision, an old monkey looking man is psychologically tormenting Youko by saying how no one will care if she dies, and that going back to Japan is useless. When she touches back with reality, the four head towards Takki's mother's inn. Asano was left behind in another place because of suspicion. When Sugimoto, Takki, and Youko, reach the inn, Youko discovers that the place is a bethal, and the two girls were applying as geishas. They escape quickly, but a youma attacks them. Youko slays the monster, and run away from the scene. They encounter Asano, who's riding a boat with another Japanese man. They sleep over the Japaense man's house, and learn some stuff about him. The next morning, the Japanese man turns them in for reward money. The three escape to the woods, and start feeling torn because of the constant betraying that's occurring around them.

    This was kind of a depressing episode. It seemed like Takki would have been a pure person who only looks to help people, but it turns out she's only doing it in order to trick young girls into becoming geishas. In other animes, they make it rather apparent if a person was fooling the characters, but Takki also fooled the audience. And while he's a new character, you'd think that kaikyaku that Asano met would have been the same since all four of them are kaikyaku and can relate to each other. He would have made a nice addition to the crew too if he didn't decide to be greedy. The whole vision with Youko does a good job of giving depth to her character.moreless
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Doug Stone


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Mari Devon

Mari Devon

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Barbara Goodson


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Doug Stone

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    • "If it hurts you so much to be betrayed then you shouldn't trust the people in the first place!"
      ((Sugimoto yelling at Youko about trusting everyone))

  • NOTES (3)

    • According the novel, when Youko learns that Takki is going to sell her into prostitution, she steals Takki's bag (which contains some money and clothes). Youko then decides to buy some men's clothes and pretend to be a man.

      In another town she meets Saizu, a refugee from Kou, working in a hotel (his past is the same). After meeting him Youko learns that she can understand the language, while other kaikyaku cannot, and attributes this to Joyu translating it for her. When she wakes up she finds that Saizu has stolen the bag containing all her money.

      It is only after both of these events that Youko vows not to trust anyone again.

    • The youma that attacks them in town is called a Bafuku.

    • Auzura only appears when Youko is alone.