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The Twelve Kingdoms

Season 1 Episode 9

Chapter Nine

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Episode Summary

Chapter Nine
The episode opens in En. We see Youko getting off the ship.. As she's looking around she hears a familiar voice call her name.. It's Rakushun. He tells her he is glad she made it and how he has been waiting for her. He tries convincing her that the Kochou inncindent was his fault.. She cried and hugs him. Elsewhere in town Sugimoto is shown looking around, she runs into a group of men who know she is a kaikayu, and they take her to the government office. There she meets with a woman, it turns out this place helps kaikayu in En get a home. Enki walks in and recognizes her and decides to help her out. Youko and Rakushun check into a inn for the night. Youko tells Rakushun more about Keiki and how he brought her there. The next day Youko and Rakushun come across a school.. There they meet the teacher named Heki, he tells them he too is a kaikayu. He tells Youko about Reboku trees and how babies are born from them. While going in depth about her story of Keiki they realize that Youko was chosen to be the queen of Kei.. They bow to her. Heki tells them they must go visit the king of En, and that he will know how to handle this. The next morning Youko and Rakushun leave to find the king. Sugimoto arrives at the school with a letter from Enki. It reveals that Sugimoto can stay there. Heki tells her how Youko is going to be the queen of Kei. Sugimoto is enraged. While in town Youko and Rakushun are attacked by a group of youma.. Youko is having difficulty with them until a man with a sword appears and slays them with ease. He reveals himself to be King En.moreless

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  • Enduring all of that story build up is worth it for this episode.

    After the boat landed on the port of En, Youko hears a familiar voice calling out for her. It's Rakushun. He tells her he's kind of disappointed she left him, but says it's all right now that they're reunited again. Sugimoto also gets off, and looks around. Youko and Rakushun reach an office that registers kaikyaku into their database. In an inn near by, Youko explains the story of how Keiki brought her to this world. When they continued to explore more, they encounter a school that hosts renboku trees. Youko asks for assistance from the teacher there. He tells her the entirety of her story and how she got there. Rakushun and Heki, the teacher, bow down to her, claiming that she's a queen. Rakushun and Youko go off to find King En to help Youko out. Though they're distracted by a group of youma when Sugimoto, after discovering Youko's a queen, exploited their location. Youko has to find them, but another figure appears and slays the creatures with her.

    The drama in this episode is far less compared to the ones in the past, but what makes this so great is how it connects all the confusing information that were spoken of in the first five episodes, and sewing them all together. The first ten episodes is sort of like a large puzzle. While it's much more frustrating to build compared to the kiddy puzzles, it's also much more rewarding in the end after you're done. In the beginning, you had to endure somewhat boring episodes that constantly spurted out stuff that you don't even know about, but it brings it all together in the end. Youko being a queen was somewhat foreshadowed, but it just played out so well. And it's great to see Sugimoto cry after realizing that Youko was the chosen one in the first place.moreless

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    • In the novel, Heki is actually called Wallfaller. And he was a student at the Tokyo University. He entered the 12 Kingdom world after a student protest/revolution (which is why he didn't want to return to Japan).

      Wallfaller mentions that the written language in the 12 Kingdom world uses Chinese characters, so he could communicate by writing in Mandarin (Chinese language). However the pronunciation of the characters was different to Mandarin so he couldn't speak it.

    • Youko is refered to as a Taika. Which is someone who is born on earth but came from The Twelve Kingdoms.

    • Although it isn't shown, Youko visits the government office before Sugimoto does.