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The Twelve Kingdoms

Season 1 Episode 3

Chapter Three

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Episode Summary

Chapter Three
The chase continues.. The youma chasing them are a pack of Kiki. They attack the man stearing and the wagons tips over. Youko, Sugimoto and Asano are still tied up. One of the guards unties them and tells them to run for it, just as he gets killed, but before the others can run they are surrounded. The hinman takes Youko over once again and makes her kill the Kiki. In a palace near by we see the King of Kou and the mysterious figure from before.. It is a woman named Kourin. King Kou tells her that the kaikyaku are a bad omen to the land and that she must use her shirei to kill them.. Kourin is depressed about this. The next morning Youko and the others are looking for food and they come across a town. They break into a house and look around. A woman named Takki arrives and calls them theives. Sugimoto grabs her from behind and tells Youko to kill her.. Youko can't do it and breaks down in tears.. Takki starts to feel pity for them and offers them to stay the night. During the middle of the night Sugimoto wakes up and tries to escape but her leg was injured earlier with the Kiki. Youko uses her magic ball from her sword to heal her leg. Asano is amazed by it and tells them that they should just stay there for the night. The next morning all four of them head off to a town where Takki is going to get them a job at her mother's inn. During their travel they stop to see a play on the life of the former ruler of Kei. Upon leaving a little girl comes up to Youko and shows her how she can make candy toys. During this Youko gets seperated from the rest. Just then Youko sees visions of her parents telling her how bad of a child she is.. A man appears before her, it's the same strange man she saw in her dreams.. His name is Auzaru and he tells Youko if she was dead there would be no more suffering...moreless

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  • Another question filled episode.

    The wagon is being pursuited by the youma. They finish off all of those who aren't kaikyaku, and Youko, using her hinman, is able to slay them all. In the Kingdom of Kou, King Kou discusses with Kourin on how kaikyaku are a bad race and they should be whipped out. Back with the kaikyakus themselves, they're looking for a house to rob from its food. They find one, and make a big mess everywhere, but the owner arrives. Sugimoto strangles her, and tells Youko to kill her, but she can't, and breaks down crying. The owner of the house is named Takki, and she feels pity for the kids that she lets the sleep for the night. The next day, they head towards Takki's mother's inn, where she'll offer the three jobs. They stop over a town, and watch a play based on a myth. Then, Youko starts getting undesirable visions from her parents.

    Like the previous episode, this one's filled with a ton of back information for the upcoming main plot line. And like before, it keeps you interested on how the whole thing will welve later on. It seems rather apparent that King Kou is responsible for this, but for what reason? It'll also be interesting to find out the story behind these visions of Youko's, and if the discussion between her mother and father was really true.moreless
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    • This episode is different from the novel in three ways.

      1) The King of Kou and Kourin were not introduced at this point (it was unknown why youma are attacking Youko until it was explained at the end of the novel).

      2) Aozaru appeared as a blue monkey, not a human, and he didn't use masks.

      3) Because Youko's hair color stood out too much, Takki dyed her hair black.

      Also in the novel, Youko mentions that the locals dressed like the people in ancient China but look physically like westerners.

    • Aozaru, the creature that shows visions to Youko, has his name derived from the kanji characters that literally mean Blue Monkey.

    • When Auzaru appears, he often mocks people in Youko's life by wearing a mask of their face and using their voice.

    • Kourin resembles Keiki alot, and since the group only sees her for a brief glance, they are under the impression that she is Keiki watching over them.