The Twelve Kingdoms

Season 4 Episode 3

Chapter Three

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  • Atsuya's secret. What a surprise!

    Despite Ribi's valiant efforts to free Enki, she forgot that Kirins cannot stand blood, which causes the boy to faint and sleept for three days. On the outside, King En gets a flashback of his times back in Japan, and how his situation was quite similar to Atsuya's. The Royal Army, which was three times more than reported, decide to flood the province. Atsuya orders to have all the soldiers move within the castle, for he was going to flood first. One of the servants frees Enki, for she thinks Atsuya wasn't the same when he first took over. Enki makes his way to the lower level, and met Genkei; the original ruler of Gen province. He tells him while on the outside, Atsuya was a good leader, he was a stubborn person who thought he was perfect.

    This episode did a really good job of portraying Atsuya's character in full. When rethinking some of his actions, it makes perfect sense and matches up well with what he really is. At first I was confused when he ordered all the soldiers to be taken into the castle, because I thought he would have wanted the civilians instead. Then he tells his court that it was first priority to save the soldiers first to do battle with the Royal Army. From that point on, you knew there was something up with his character. Ribi's sacrifice really felt wasted, and it was really depressing how she pretty much died for nothing, since her death immobilized Enki. The story from Genkei was pretty well panned out, where he made Atsuya's character rather relateable. However, I found this episode to be weaker compared to the normal ones in the past arcs.