The Twelve Kingdoms

Season 3 Episode 13

Chapter Twelve

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  • Just brilliant.

    Youko decides to investigate the disappearance of Enho. She is led to the previous inn that Koushou and Suzu previously worked at, and found out that they moved. Suzu is at an inn, working as a representative for exchanging the goods. Incidentally, Shoukei is representing her group in this trade. The two quickly become friendly, and during the night, they talk about the current matters and their opinions of the people participating in this conspiracy. Suzu was bent on killing Queen Kei for supporting Gahou and Shoukou, but Shoukei opens up her eyes by telling her of the story of her father, King Hou. Suzu doesn't think of Queen Kei as badly anymore. The next night, in Sekki and Koshou's new hideout, Youko appears, labeling them as the prime suspects for the disappearance of Enho. After negotiating and discussing further, Koshou invites Youko in rebelling against Shoukou and Gahou.

    This was such a brilliant episode, that even though I was tired at the time of watching it, just wanting to sleep, it got my eyes glued the entire team. I just simply ignored my tiredness and fully concentrated on this episode, because it was just that amazing. Like the past couple of episodes so far, this one makes me realize something in the past that seems so obvious that should have been realized the first time they happened, like King Hou. I've never thought about King Hou becoming corrupt because no one critized his actions. The fact that Shoukei is a prime example of this just makes it much more intriguing. The author of these novels is just so brilliant. And while the talk about the rebellion between Sekki's group and Youko wasn't really badass--at least compared to most shounens--it was still badass.