The Twelve Kingdoms

Season 1 Episode 2

Chapter Two

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Chapter Two
The episode opens right where the first episode left off. Youko is flying with Kaiko and just as she is giving her the situation they are attacked by a youma and Youko falls. Elsewhere Sugimoto is with Keiki's youma, Jyuusaku, and they too are attacked. Sugimoto falls but is saved by a group of youma. Youko awakes on a beach only to find that she isn't in Japan anymore. She looks over a sea that has several whirlpools within it. Youko then discovers she has a magic ball on her sword that allows her to heal wounds. While searching the landscape Youko comes across a small town. She goes around asking if anyone knows Keiki. Only to get attacked by the townsfolk. Her hinman takes over and tries to fight the villagers but there is just too many. She gets tied up and taken to a prison. In her cell she finds Sugimoto, who has also been caught. Sugimoto reveals to Youko that her face and hair are changing since she arrived in this world. They get taken to meet with a council that tells them that are what their people call Kaikyaku. Sugimoto realizes that for some strange reason only Youko can understand and speak the language in this land. Meanwhile in a different part of the forest Asano is being led by another one of Keiki's youma. They hear a noise and go to investigate. Keiki and Hankyo are attacked by opposing youma and Keiki is put under a strange spell by what would appear to be a unicorn. Just then Kieki also turns into a strange unicorn creature. Asano sees this and runs. The council tells Youko and Sugimoto that they will be taken to a office to have their fate decided. They are tied and and put in a wagon with guards. During the trip they are stopped and the guards find Asano. He is tied and put with them. He tells them how he saw what happened to Keiki. But just then they see a figure out in the woods and a group of youma come out of the woods and begin to chase the wagon...moreless

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  • A story-build-up fest.

    Youko, Asano, and Sugimoto, are being carried off by Keiki's servants into the whirlpool. Though they're all attacked and are separated from each other. When Youko wakes up, she finds herself in a place that isn't Japan. She tries looking for civilization, and finally finds a village, but when she asks around, she's immediately captured and put into prison. In the prison, she finds Sugimoto. While being happy to see her, Sugimoto doesn't recognize Youko at all because of her darker appearance. But she confirms it to be her. Back with Asano, he's still being accompanied by his youma, and finds Keiki, but a series of things happen, like Keiki turning into a kirin, another kirin confronting Keiki, and Keiki's youma servant being killed. Later, Sugimoto and Youko are carried off, being deemed as Kaikyaku; people that have come from Japan. During the trip, they meet up with Asano again. Then, youma start chasing their wagon.

    There was a ton of thrown around information to really make this episode no more than good, but it was still mildly entertaining with all of that said. With all of this information, it just makes the story much more anticipating to experience because you're just curious how all of these things will work out in the end. I mean, so many questions are being brought up, and it's only exciting when they're all answered, like Youko's new appearance, why she's able to understand the language of the inhabitants of this new land, and that whole event with Keiki.moreless

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    • In the novel what happens to Keiki is not explained until near the end.

    • In the novel, Yuko dreams that she turned into a monster with red fur when she first arrives at the 12 Kingdom's world. And when she awakens, she realizes that her skin colour was tanner and her reddish-brown hair was now bright red.

    • Japanese terms, (their definitions) and descriptions:

      Hekisoujo (Azure jewel) : A blue orb that is tied to the sheath of Youko's sword. Warm to the touch, the orb has the ability to heal whomever it touches.

      Kaikyaku (A guest from the sea) : The name given to those who entered the world of the twelve kingdoms through the portal gateway from our world.

      Kyokai (The Sea of Emptiness) : The sea that surrounds the world of the twelve kingdoms.

      Youma (Demon) : Mystical monsters that often attack people.

    • The Kyokai means the Sea of Emptiness.

    • Jyouyuu, the hinman placed upon Youko, basically takes over her body actions whenever she is in danger.

    • The mysterious stranger they see in the woods is the same person who saved Sugimoto from falling, and placed the spell on Keiki.

    • Only Youko can understand and speak the lanquage in this world. Sugimoto and Asano are totally clueless to whats being said around them and Youko is their only means of translation.

    • A kaikyaku is someone who ends up in The Twelve Kingdoms through a shoku (which is exactly what happened to our 3 amigos).