The Twelve Kingdoms

Season 4 Episode 2

Chapter Two

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  • Solid.

    A rebellion with Gen province seems even more realistic now. Enki, while being a hostage, somewhat supports it because he thinks badly of all rulers, since he believes they are the cause of wars. King En mobilizes the Royal Army to the Gen province palace to besiege it, but the goal isn't really to win. He saw through their plans, and started making counters for it. Later one, he even heads to Gen province and joins the rebellion! King En still insists that the Royal Army continue with their original plans. Kouya tells Enki of his childhood after the two met, and how he met Atsuyu. Kouya desired for some parental love, and quickly opened up to Atsuyu, who now serves him. When everyone was gone, Ribi ripped the thread around Enki's head, causing herself to be killed.

    Honestly, if you couple together all of the episodes in The Twelve Kingdoms, this would actually rank as one of the bottom episodes. It really isn't bad, but it isn't nearly as spectacular or outstanding as the others. It didn't really contain the drama that made the past episodes as well as they are, but it did consist of some rather exciting war strategizing that made some of the last arc as good as it is. Enki's character in the past suggests he's much like King En; very laid back character that deep within him, actually cares a lot. Though his dislikes towards rulers was strongly presented pretty fluently in this episode, which was much thanks to the flashback episode in the first arc, where he grew up in an era that was filled with fighting.