The Twelve Kingdoms

Season 4 Episode 4

Final Chapter

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  • Technically, this is the series finale.

    Shouryuu and other provincial soldiers are looking for Enko. Shouryuu finds him, and takes him back to the palace. Kouya treats him, and Enko smells the scent of blood on him which he didn't smell before. Then, the two have a deep conversation with each other about King En, and Shouryuu emerges, revealing his identity. Enko then confronts Atsuya, and tells him he's going back to serve his majesty, for the castle reeks too much of blood. Then, one of Atsuya's advisors question Atsuya's decision to destroy the dam, for his own people are rebelling against the provincial army. Atsuya, desperate, blames it on his court, and tries lying his way out of it. However, King En and Enki broke him down, causing him to attempt to kill Kign En. Enki saved him using his shirei. King En afterwards asked Kouya and Enki what they wanted for the kingdom, for he's going to build a country with their desires in mind.

    A lot of people have told me that The Twelve Kingdoms left off on a cliffhanger. I quickly assumed that there would be more chapters in this arc, but it does seem like this was the proper ending, which reliefs me quite a bit. While this is the second last episode--technically the last, since the last is a review episode--this arc does end really well, and in a continuing world, such as The Twelve Kingdoms, no arc can really resolve anything, except for the major conflicts in each individual country, which is exactly what this arc did; resolving a rebellion. I was glad that the final arc wasn't as disappointing as I have predicted, and ended pretty solidly.

    Most of the episode consisted of drama between Kouya and Atsuya. King En and Enki did a very good job on cracking Kouya down, making him realize how messed up his logic is. That itself was pretty entertaining, how stubborn one can get despite being proven wrong. This was an even bigger case for Atsuya, who tried lying his way out of it by using his council as pawns to stall time, constantly switching platforms because he wanted to retain his pride. It not only showed great character development, but it did a good job of reflecting what most of us would do in such a situation, only in a much more serious role. The arc ended rather beautifully. The ending was pretty naturistic, and those types of endings really touches a soft spot in my heart, so I like it.

    Overall, great drama, and a great way to end an arc. While it doesn't really conclude The Twelve Kingdoms, like said before, The Twelve Kingdoms feels more like a "a day in the life of", except it's "a day in the life of a kingdom". It's like expecting a good conclusion from The Simpsons! The only thing people can be really disappointed in this ending is that, well, it ends! Really, The Twelve Kingdoms is one of the best animes I have ever seen, and one of the best shows I've ever watched period. It's too bad that there isn't any more wonderful arcs, such as this and the past three, being produced. It really introduces people, who are fixed on only watching animation, into expanding their horizons, and watch the more mature drama shows on TV.