The Twelve Kingdoms

(ended 2003)


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  • From beginning to… well… where we are now it is unmatched in story density, quality, and insight.

    This story has everything a person could ask for in an anime and more than we could have ever hoped for. There is so much to this world that the few episodes that have made it here to the states barely cover the world that these writers and artisans have created. Multiple story lines keep each person tied to the show for different reasons. I am drawn to it for the fact that there are multiple story lines and that with each story line you will learn more and more about the world that these characters are catapulted into. With each new character you meet a new view of that world is created. This is not a story to be taken lightly, one cannot just sit down and watch the entirety of it in one sitting, although it would be interesting to try, each episode contains vital information to the understanding of that world and how it interacts with ours. I personally appreciate the attention to detail that the creators have put into this series and how I see the characters advance and grow. The only downside to this is that there are only 10 DVDs out here in the states and the story is incomplete and it is killer to wait for the next releases. None the less though you should pick it up and be ready to be engulfed in a world that rivals The Lord of the Rings.