The Twelve Kingdoms

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Shadow Of The Moon, The Sea Of Shadow - Chapter One

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Shadow Of The Moon, The Sea Of Shadow - Chapter One
Youko Nakajima is an ordinary high school girl. Well, almost ordinary with the exception of her dark red hair. Also, she seems to be cursed by dreams of creatures that she has never seen before. Her parents want her to dye her hair to black in order to fit in better with the rest of her classmates, who already do not see Youko as a friend. Then, life goes from bad to worse when a mysterious person appears before her one day...moreless

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  • A wonderful start to a wonderul anime.

    Youko Nakajima is a normal high school student with dark red hair. Her hair immediately brings many assumptions upon her from her classmates and civilians around her. She really only has one friend, Asano, and another who she briefly talks with, Sugimoto. One day, as school felt normal as usual, a mysterious man with white hair appears out of nowhere, and starts talking to Youko as if she were a queen. Later, birds called konchou appear, and try killing Youko. When the two ran up the stairs, they encounter Sugimoto and Asano, who get involved. They try fleeing to safety, but the next thing they know, they're flying into a twister within the ocean.

    This was a pretty great episode to help set the mood for the rest of the series. You know that The Twelve Kingdoms will be a unique anime because of its mysterious and unique atmosphere. Often times in animes, happy smiles are all over the face of many character's, but this was just different. Just from that tidbit alone, you can only expect great stuff ahead. The transition from angsty high school life to the main story line was played out almost perfectly. It just flowed so well. What I also really liked about this episode is that Youko isn't the usual nice and always cheery high school girls you see every often. Things are just darker, but not on the angst level.moreless
Jamieson Price

Jamieson Price


Guest Star

Mari Devon

Mari Devon


Guest Star

Mari Devon

Mari Devon

Ritsuko Nakajima

Recurring Role

Dave Mallow

Dave Mallow

Teacher Watanabe

Recurring Role

Doug Stone

Doug Stone

Masashi Nakajima

Recurring Role

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    • 'Ganguro' is a modern fashion trend in Japan with typical dyed hair and deep tan.

    • Sugimoto is mentioned only breifly in the novels and does not go to another world with Youko. Asano does not exist in the novels (Youko and Sugimoto go to an all girl's school).

    • Japanese terms, (their definitions) and descriptions:

      Tsuki no Kage, Kage no Umi (Shadow of the Moon, Sea of the Shadow)

      Hinman (Guest+Pride) : A blue-like creature that has the ability to take battle control of the body of the person it possesses, giving the person it possesses better skills in battle. The Hinman losses control if the possessed closes his/her eyes.

      Sekishi (Crimson Child) : Sekishi is the name given to Youko in her dreams.

      Shoku (Eclipse) : A portal that is the gateway between our world and the world of the Twelve Kingdoms.

      Suiguutou (Water Sword of the Long-tailed Monkey) : The name of Youko's sword, given to her by Keiki.

      Taiho (Pedestal+Help) : Keiki's royal title.

    • Keiki's shirei are Hyouki, Hankyo, Jyuusaku and Jyouyuu. His nyokai is named Kaiko.

    • Youko's parents want her to dye her because Youko's hair is a bright red which is not a natural hair color for asians, and it apparently brings unwanted attention to the family.

    • The strange man in Youko's dreams is Auzaru.. He will be appearing alot more in episodes to come.

    • It is revealed in this episode that Sugimoto and Asano are somewhat of an item.