The Twelve Kingdoms

Season 4 Episode 1

The God Of The Sea In The East, The Mighty Ocean In The West - Chapter One

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Episode Recap

Gathered at Atsuyu's grave, Shouryuu tells Youko and Rakushun the tale of Atsuyu, an officer of Gen State.
It begins with Itan, one of Shouryuu's officers, finding Shouryuu sweeping the grounds of a brothel. Apparently Shouryuu, in one of his incognito outings, had gambled away all his money that he carried on him and was made to clean the grounds to pay off his debt.
Brought back to the palace, Shouryuu's officers: Itan, Shuko and Seisho, all express their disappointment at the king's irresponsible behavior and his lack of interest at official talks and advices Shouryuu to stop running off. But Shouryuu however tells his officers of an impending rebellion rising at Gen state that he had recently learnt during his incognito visit there. Rokuta on hearing of their discussion, express his disinterest and leaves.
Riding into the sky, Rokuta spots a man working in the fields and begins to recall a boy he had met several years ago, he believes the boy should be the same age as the man by now, and wonders how he is doing. A winged monster suddenly flies past him, and Rokuta notices that the monster has someone riding on it and so he gives chase. There's a flashback to a time when Rokuta met a young boy whom a monster had found and had brought up as it's own. The two became friends during their time together, and Rokuta gave him the name Koya which means 'Late at Night'. Koya had asked Rokuta about Horai and expressed interest in going there because he heard that there were no wars there. Rokuta explains to him that the land is too far, and offers a place for him to stay instead, but Koya declines, expressing concern that his monster would not be welcomed among the humans because the people feared his monsters. The flashback ends.
At Gen state, Ribi, an official, is arrested by soldiers of the Gen state, on suspicion of being a spy for Shouryuu. And standing in the alley watching the arrest is Koya.
Back at the palace, Rokuta receives news of visitors; it is Koya and an officer of Gen state, Reiin. Koya takes Rokuta on a walk in the fields to talk; Koya tells Rokuta that he now works for Atsuyu, Gen State's leader, and as an officer for Gen state, he had been granted immortality. Their walk soon takes them to a group of men and one of Koya's monsters. One of the men brings Koya a baby which he says he found, Koya then places the baby in the monster's mouth and threatens to allow the monster to eat the child unless Rokuta allows himself to be kidnapped. Ekishin, Rokuta's aide tries to interject but is killed by another of Koya's monster hiding in the nearby bushes. The blood spill causes Rokuta to faint and the men carry him away with them.
Rokuta is taken to Gen state capital, and brought to see Atsuyu. The leader explains to Rokuta of his reasons for starting a rebellion against the kingdom. Gen state had been troubled by flood waters ever since Kyo-O, the kingdom's former king, destroyed the river dam that kept the waters out. And due to laws that forbid the state the right to make repairs, they decided to kidnap Rokuta in order to force Shouryuu to listen to their demands. Rokuta on hearing of their reasons tells them that he understands their plight and agrees to be kidnapped by them.
Rokuta is taken down and locked in a prison cell shared with Ribi. Rokuta's horn is sealed to prevent him from calling his Shirei, it is a thread that is also worn by Ribi. Should the thread break or should the wearer escape, the thread worn by the other person would contract and cut through the neck or head of the wearer.
Back at En palace, Rokuta's disappearance is realized and Ribi, their undercover contact is also missing. Dispelling fears that the Kirin may have been killed, Shouryuu tells his officers that he expects that the Gen state rebels will soon be contacting him with their demands.