The Twelve Kingdoms

Season 4 Episode 1

The God Of The Sea In The East, The Mighty Ocean In The West - Chapter One

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  • Only a couple more chapters to go.

    When Youko decided to consult King En for some answers, he tells her a story of a rebellion that he had the first years of his reign. When Enki was traveling around the night, he encountered a boy riding a large red youma. He tracks it down and talks with the boy. He seems to have a good relationship with the Youma. Enki names his Kouya. Years later, King En is smelling something suspicious in Gen province, and sends an ambassador to check on the situation. However, she was caught. Kouya decides to visit Enki, and takes him to see his big red youma. He takes a baby that he kidnapped randomly in a near by village, and places him comfortably within his mouth, threatening Enki that if he doesn't co-operate, the baby is gone. Enki, being a merciful kirin, decides to go. Even though he was a hostage, seeing Atsuya's pure intentions, but desperate methods, he plays along with them. King En on the other hand, is fast at work with the situation.

    This is only the first episode of the new arc and it's already this great. Anime introduction arcs normally start off rough, and eventually get good, then great. But right from the get go this is already keeping you strapped to your seat. What's scaring me is that there's only a couple episodes so far, and a lot of people who recommended me to watch The Twelve Kingdoms said that it ended disappointingly. Oh well. It was great how the episode presented its characters, specifically King En and Kouya. Kouya's story and his relationship with Rakuto, whom he named after Enki's real name, was pretty intriguing. And King En's laid back personality is one to cherish. A relaxed leader that is still great.