The Twilight Zone

Season 1 Episode 38

A Matter of Minutes

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 24, 1986 on CBS

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  • my lie basis

    Since I saw this episode, I remind the guys out loud. So they can paint it back in...
  • That's where I left my keys!

    Finally, an episode that explains why I find something I'm looking for in a place I already checked! I loved this episode, and here I am almost 30 years later still remembering and chuckling over its absurd explanation of TBBB79, even in the episode the supervisor challenges the doubters saying ~ (how can you question this) "... this is how time works" (it's not up for debate!). I particularly like the wife's comment when she watched the blue guy place dust on the furniture... ~ "I want to talk to them about that". For a comedic episode, it did tug on some deep philosophical strings though.. the existentialist concept of the void and reality.. does something exist if we are not there to witness it? This is what the Twilight Zone is all about!!!
  • Interesting but nonsensical look at the nature of time

    This episode typically ranks pretty high but while it was a well done episode the amount of absolute nonsense here is too difficult to ignore. The premise, that each minute of time is being "constructed" in advance by a team of temporal construction workers, is one of the more nonsensical ideas I've ever seen and this show is quite full of nonsense. First of all, if time was constructed minute by minute then we wouldn't notice changes that occur between minutes... seconds, fractions of seconds, etc... Secondly, the idea that they just "leave out" areas that "nobody will see" in a particular minute makes no sense. Just because a human might not see it doesn't mean there isn't something that will... an animal or even a bacterium. It's the whole "if a tree falls in the woods does it make a sound if nobody is there" thing... Also how did the protagonists get "behind the scenes" in the first place and why was it imperative they never return to "real time". So what if they tell this story, they'll probably just get laughed at. The performances were good and it was entertaining but it was much more nonsensical then most Twilight Zone stories.
  • Couple discovers that time is already laid before them, well not entirely.

    What an AWESOME idea is this one for a show!. One of the few episodes of the Twilight Zone that I can actually remember from my childhood. This episode is also one of the few that makes me wonder and wonder and wonder. To be able to step out of your time and see what is been done behind the scenes is a great idea which by itself helps this episode to be so great.

    I loved the guys in blue creating the future and the idea that places nobody is going to visit at a certain minute are left blank.
  • Truely unforgetable!

    Unforgetable!!!!! This is the one episode I could not forget! Anytime I have told someone about this episode they would look at me like I was crazy. Even devout Twilight Zone fans. I was so happy to find this recap on the WWW - i even printed it so I can prove Im not (totally) crazy. This is one of those that just sticks with you. Makes you truely wonder about time, life, space, reality etc.... Could this be true - or even partially real? We are only here for a vapor of time - but is time really "here" does it "really" exist as we know it or is it all just a facade. Like the show said - ever lose your keys look everywhere - only to find them in the very first place you looked........ do the blue men forget things or are they just messing with us?
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