The Twilight Zone

Season 1 Episode 15

A Message from Charity

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 01, 1985 on CBS

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  • Love through time, actually through the centuries.

    First of all, this episode is LONG, I think it is the longest twilight zone episode this season, thanks to god for it being a good and enjoyable episode and not some lackluster behemoth. The pace of this episode is fast as we see things developing throughout the show.

    The kind of love this two show for each other is lame to me, they looked as if they were siblings loving each other, there was no passion that's what i mean. Nothing special about this episode, still, it was a good watch.

    My favorite scene is when the witch trial is being held. that Obediah sure had another thing coming!
  • Blew me away

    I remember the joy I felt at watching this total gem of episodic television back in 1985. I remember talking to my friends at college and all of our little group felt the same way.

    Simply put, this was one of the most charming, touching, well written, well acted, well directed episodes I have ever seen on television anywhere.

    Two teenagers, one in Puritan Massachuesetts Bay Colony-the other in modern day Mass., link thier minds over time while combatting fevers. This was a very nice concept that I think was played very well. They find they can see through each other's eyes and feel through each other's senses. Peter introduces Charity to ice cream and even gets her a bit "tipsy" while having wine with his father.

    Of course when Charity starts telling her superstitious fellow Puritans about the colonies becoming indepependent and people flying in machines, you can see where this is leading. Charity and Peter must work together to avoid her being hanged as a witch.

    The actors were all excellent, Robert Duncan McNeil and Kerry Noonan and James Cromwell as Charity's father turn in top notch performances.
  • a message from charity

    An interesting message here, a nice theme and premise, but it ran on for too long. This definitely should have been a half hour and not an hour long episode.

    Chiller is one of the few hidden gems on cable these days. They do not have a lot of quality programming, but when you are bored, The Twilight Zone is pretty good to watch.

    I am interested in history, but I did not like the sappy ending. Would I recommend watching this episode? Absolutely, it absolutely is worth watching, but it was not one of the better ones in this series.
  • Two teenagers communicate telepathically across time.

    I hadn't heard of this particular episode. I'm glad I didn't skip it on the DVD set. Wow! This was great television.

    In this episode, two water sources in the same area are poisoned. One in 1701 and one in 1985. The result is that two teens can communicate telepathically across time. Weird.

    The kids fall in love. The girl lives in early 18th century Massachusetts and is accused of being a witch. This is mostly because of her prophetic revelations about the future courtesy her future boy.

    In the end, she is proven innocent in a witch trial. The two decide not to speak to each other anymore. In the end, she carves their initials in a rock nearby.

    It would be hard for an episode to be better than this one. It's kind of a departure from the creepy, scary Twilight Zone, but still it was good in and of itself.