The Twilight Zone

Season 1 Episode 50

Button, Button

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 07, 1986 on CBS

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  • Killing people pays off, sort of.

    A young couple who I don't know how got together to begin with are offered a device that will kill a person they don't know and at the same time reward them with $200.000 dollars at the push push of a button.

    This episode was entertaining and well produced. No special effects on this one but we are prompted to ask ourselves the whole time when are they going to push the button. I really dislike the role of the evil button pushing woman, she is such a detestable person.

    The ending as usual has a twist that will leave you wondering what will happen to these two.
  • A couple is given a button and along with it an offer. Push the button and collect $200,000, but someone they do not know will die.

    Although this episode is another variation of an age old theme, it presents its moral in a clever and entertaining fashion. Mare Winningham is great as the bitter, chain-smoking wife who faces a life-changing decision. By pushing a mysterious button she will gain a fortune, but also sacrifice the life of someone she does not know. She eventually pushes the button and inevitably learns that her decision comes with an unintended consequence, as greed never goes unpunished in the Twilight Zone. This story upholds the Twilight Zone tradition of presenting its characters with an ethical dilemma and then meting out a reward or consequence accordingly.
  • A poor couple down on their luck are offered a chance to "get rich." All they have to do to get the money is push a button on a small box. They are told that if they push the button someone they don't know will die and the money will be theirs

    Ok, so I'm really a Tales From the Darkside fan but like Twilight Zone a lot. I saw this particular episode once (probably when it originally aired) and it stuck with me. A very simple story, few characters, and a normal everyday setting made it stand out from the usual UFO/sci-fi stuff. Hopefully the 1980\'s Twilight Zones will show up in re-runs somewhere...
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