The Twilight Zone

Season 1 Episode 5


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 04, 1985 on CBS

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  • Curious alien visits earth

    What do I like about this episode? They actually filmed it at a NASA space center and on the space shuttle which gives the episode a lot of good shots and scenes. The story is well told and written but I feel something is missing here.

    A curious alien decides to study earth and humans a little closer smuggling itself to earth on a space shuttle returning home after a mission. When the scientists find out it is a little too late.

    In the end we are given the chance to join this alien and learn from him but we chose not to because we think we are too good for mixing with extra-planetary beings, Yuck. Seriously I don't see any other reason to not have done it.
  • Alien being hitches ride to earth on returning space shuttle

    Alien metamorph with tremendous power arrives on earth, initially disguised as a camera attachment on space shuttle. Incorporates human technician into its structure and is then taken (by robotic handler) to secure room for analysis. This episode is very well scripted and acted, and evokes a sense of wonder in the viewer. This being, travelling through the universe at will, from world to world, is able to assimilate both living beings and inanimate matter, and is probably indestructible, from a human perspective. However, it is still capable of making mistakes, as when it changes from being the technician, into his wife (pleading for his release), within a locked room. This is consistent with the almost child-like quality of the creature's nature and purpose. At the end, when asked why it has come to Earth, the reply is "just curious". The humans it has absorbed, leave their previous lives behind them, in exchange for a mysterious and wondrous journey.
  • Alien life form visits earth

    In the 80's there were lots of space shuttle launchings. I remember watching them in school almost three times a year. This particular episode contains what looks like some real space shuttle footage.

    The actual show consists of an alien life form that absorbs people and radiates blue light. It can take the form of people it absorbs.

    At the end of the episode, a NASA scientist is offered the chance to join this "collective" (think of the Borg, but with blue light instead of assiliation), but he refuses. The question is posed, "What would he have learned had he merged with this life form?" "What galaxies would he have visited?" One can only ask oneself what one would do in that situation?

    Also, the real nuclear threat of the 80's rears its head again in this episode, as the alien life form becomes a nuclear weapon for a few minutes. It seems to be a common theme in this particular series. After all, it was the 80's.
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