The Twilight Zone

Season 3 Episode 29

Crazy as a Soup Sandwich

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 01, 1989 on CBS

Episode Recap

Arky Lochner, a petty crook, runs through a dark back alley. He wants to escape from a demon, named Volkerps that has come to collect his soul after a deal. The demon finds Arky but he manages to get two days more of life from the demon. Instantly, Arky runs to his boss, Nino, and tells him the whole story. Nino believes Arky and orders him to take him to the place where he met the demon for the first time.

They go to a beauty salon where Cassandra, a medium, works. They ask Cassandra to communicate with Volkerps and she does. Volkerps appears but gets violent and decides to make Cassandra disappear; this makes Nino's two bodyguards run away and hide. Arky follows them soon after. Once they arrive at Nino's office, his secretary and mistress accuses them of abandoning Nino. Moments later, Nino returns with his suit smoking. Nino has a plan to defeat the demon.

Later that night, at around 12, Volkerps enters the office and finds Nino just sitting there. Unexpectedly, he orders Arky, who has been lurking, to close the door and opens up a little Chinese container that holds a magical artifact, which Nino uses to fire a beam at the demon that transforms him from a floating cloud into a flesh-and-blood creature. Once Volkerps is on the floor, Nino continues firing at him with the magical artifact until he transforms Volkerps into a small sphere that he puts inside the Chinese container. Arky is very happy now and cannot stop thanking his boss. Nino grabs Arky by the neck and stares at him. He tells Arky with an evil voice that now he has to do a deal with him, while his eyes flash green.