The Twilight Zone

Season 1 Episode 21

Dead Woman's Shoes

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 22, 1985 on CBS

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  • Soul retaining capable shoes found by woman

    Average episode, Lots and lots of fun on this episode as we see out principal character changing from herself to a possessed version. She finds a couple of shoes which retain apparently the soul of their previous owner and to make matters worse whoever wears them is instantly possessed by its spirit.

    The poor woman who found this shoes and wore them for the first time did not know that this pair of shoes were going to put her through a lot of trouble. We can learn from this show that women have poor aiming and can not hit a person from 5 feet away.

    Good episode but not special.
  • Trying a pair of shoes changes a woman's life

    The dramatic skills were so extraordinary on how a woman tried on a pair of shoes and then she turned into a different woman. The pair induced her both a mystified groom and a vengeful soul.

    The setting notoriously changes from such a modest one to a lavish one. While the shoes remain the same, the woman completely changes until she removes them.

    The ending is so depicting because it is the pair of shoes that leads one more woman to execute revenge.
  • A murdered woman lives on and possesses people who wear her shoes.

    Possession was handled quite well on the X-Files a few times. This wasn't a bad effort on the part of the New Twilight Zone folks.

    The show's cultural value (in a time capsule sense) is made apparent by two women dressed in apparel that could only have been acceptable in the 80's. Other than the fact that they are a bit annoying, it shows a bit of historical perspective.

    The minimal use of mirror effects was helpful in not dating this episode. Poor choices were avoided, here.

    The end of the show is quite chilling. Who would have thought that a pair of expensive shoes could drive women to kill?
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