The Twilight Zone

Season 1 Episode 20

Dealer's Choice

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 15, 1985 on CBS

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  • 4 poker night buddies play with the devil and beat him!

    A group of 4 poker friends are playing cards with who they think is a stand-in. It turns out player number 5 is the devil and he has come to take one of them with him. In the end, our group of clever seniors beat the devil in a game of lowball (the lower numbers win).

    I really enjoyed this episode, good acting by all the guys. One of the players is Jerry Seinfeld's father on the TV show. Morgan Freeman is also a nice surprise in this episode, maybe he was not that famous back then.

    An excellent episode, it is just a little different for the TZ.
  • dealers choice

    This was a stupid premise, it was almost like something from a Funny or Die video, and yet it was highly entertaining. Morgan Freeman did a good job in a role that was beneath him. Freeman does not do much TV, so this was entertaining to see. Dan Hedaya did a great job as the devil too.

    This is very similar to another Twilight Zone episode where a man outsmarts the devil, but it was a great play on words with the expression "deal with the devil" and the fact that they were playing cards.

    I definitely recommend watching this episode.
  • Four men play cards with the devil.

    It's hard to believe that Morgan Freeman was in this episode. It's a great script and good installment, so I can see why he agreed to sign on to this one. It's just that he seems so above TV cameos now-a-days.

    This was a well scripted, classic Twilight Zone tale. This could have been done on the original series...and, it may have been.

    Three men are forced to play the Devil in a game of cards. The winner has to go to hell. As the stakes get higher, it comes down to a one on one game of low ball vs. the prince of darkness. Not a bad choice, for the devil is always delt three sixes.

    It's the innocence of the fourth man (who appears to be very slow) that calls out the deceit of Satan. Isn't that the way it always is. Very well done.